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Rubella - an acute viral infection that manifests specific rashes andmoderate intoxication.

virus that causes rubella, belongs to the genus Rubivirus.It is able to remain viable at room temperature for several hours, but resistant to environmental influences (heat, UV radiation).

rubella infection occurs from a sick person.The virus begins to stand out for a week before the rash appears and is active 5-7 days.In the case of congenital rubella infection in the child virus excreted in the urine, a secret mucous nasopharynx.

Most often rubella is transmitted by airborne droplets.Sometimes it is possible infection through utensils, toys.

person's susceptibility to infection with the virus is high, especially among women 20 to 29 years.

Entrance gate viral infection - the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, damaged skin.Rubella virus accumulates and multiplies in the regional lymph nodes.Then he

spreads the bloodstream, deposited in the skin and affects the other lymph nodes.In response to the virus generated antibodies of the body that are being attacked, and detoxify the body.In humans, rubella, formed proof lifelong immunity.


disease incubation period is usually 10-25 days.Rubella in adults begins with weakness, malaise, headache, fever (often quite large).Often patients have photophobia, lacrimation, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose.In addition, there is irritation of the conjunctiva, the posterior wall of the pharynx and pharyngeal redness.These symptoms of rubella usually noted within one to three days.

Onset is characterized by yet another symptom of rubella - development of lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes).Most often inflamed srednesheynye and occipital lymph nodes.Lymph nodes increase in size, become painful.Limfodenit usually occurs within two to three weeks.

After a period catarrhal symptoms appear itching and, then, the main symptoms of rubella - rashes.Usually, on the first day of the disease rash appears on the neck, face, under the hair behind the ears.During the first day it spreads to different parts of the body except the palms of the hands and soles.A special feature is the appearance of the symptoms of measles rash on the extensor surfaces of the extremities, back, buttocks.Sometimes small unit rash on the mucous membrane of the mouth.The rash of rubella is small, it does not rise above the skin surface.The spots have smooth edges, pink or red.When rubella in adults rash elements often merge.

On stage rashes in patients with a body temperature may increase slightly.You may experience dyspepsia (indigestion), arthralgia (joint pain), myalgia (muscle pain).Women are often symptoms of polyarthritis.The rash usually disappears within four days.

Rubella in adults is more severe and long duration than rubella in children.In adult patients, it is more pronounced rash, but less inflamed lymph nodes.

When rubella in adults complications are rare.They are mostly associated with the addition of a bacterial infection.The patient may develop otitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, arthritis, encephalitis.

Rubella in children

Most often this disease are children aged between 2 and 9 years old.Infection can occur through airborne droplets or through shared toys, bed.

especially dangerous congenital rubella in children, infection which occurs in the womb.In this case, the disease often has dire consequences.A child up to one year may be deafness, heart defects, cataracts.

main symptoms of rubella in children - pale pink rash that first appears on the face and then quickly spread throughout the body of the child.In addition, the symptoms of rubella in children is enlarged cervical and occipital lymph nodes, a slight increase in body temperature, a slight fever.The child feels the weakness may cause coughing, runny nose, inflammation of the oral mucosa.

But sometimes it happens that the only symptom of rubella in children is rash, no other signs of disease.Rashes on the body disappear in about 4-5 days.

Usually rubella in children treated at home.The child is prescribed drinking plenty of fluids, bed rest, calcium supplements, diet.

rubella Treatment is carried out in the hospital with severe disease.In this situation, the patient receives child analgesics, sulfa drugs and, if necessary, antibacterial agents.

Children rubella complications are rare.The most possible consequences of the disease - angina, arthritis, otitis media, meningitis, encephalitis.

Vaccination against rubella

most effective protection against the disease is vaccination against rubella.The vaccine against rubella is prepared based on live attenuated viruses.The effect of the use of up to 95%.

Vaccination against rubella put children under the age of one year.Re-vaccination is carried out in a child six years of age.Typically, minor side effects from the vaccine.The most common injection site is marked redness, swelling, and mild redness.Perhaps a slight increase in the lymph nodes and the total fluctuation of body temperature.For children with allergies spend prevention of allergy taking antihistamines.Furthermore, after the vaccinations against rubella is necessary to protect the child from contact with patients of communicable diseases within two weeks.

rubella virus is very dangerous for the baby of a pregnant woman.This virus is able to penetrate through the placental barrier and hit the fruit.It can cause deformities, child pathology, and even contribute to his death.Therefore, before planning pregnancy should be vaccinated against rubella, if there is no immunity to the disease.Check whether there is immunity to rubella, it is possible, by passing an antibody test.Vaccination is recommended for 3-6 months before the planned pregnancy.

Timely vaccination against rubella is able to protect women from the disease, minimize the risk of miscarriage due to infection.In addition, it will provide immunity against rubella unborn child.


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