Strabismus - Causes , correction , treatment


1. Strabismus in children under one year

2. Strabismus in Children: Causes, conservative and surgical correction of strabismus

3. Causes and treatment of strabismus in adults

squint (strabismus) - visual disturbances, in which a violation of the parallelism of the visual axes of the eyes, so that it becomes impossible to focus his eyes at one point.There is cross-eyed because synchronism six muscles support and move the eyeball.As a result of this lack of control of muscles a person sees two different pictures.But since our brain does not perceive such a presentation of information, it simply ignores the eye, the image quality which is worse.Thus, the eye is no longer simply to perform its functions.

Strabismus in children under one year

Strabismus in children under one year quite common, it is called imaginary strabismus, as most of it goes to six months without any medical action.The cause of strabismus is that binocular vision is the smallest children in the formativ

e stage, the muscles of the eyeballs weak, to put it simply, a child just learning to "use" eyes.

But if after six months of a baby's eyes continue to mow, it is already possible to speak about true or congenital strabismus.In this case, it is not necessary to delay the visit to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

Causes of strabismus in children under one year:

  • genetic factor (if pathology of organs of vision observed with relatives, then of course, there is a possibility of their presence at the kid)
  • negative environmental influences (poor diet, poorly lit room, the low hangingtoys over the crib)
  • congenital toxoplasmosis in a child
  • transferred the mother during pregnancy, infectious and viral diseases.

Before starting treatment, the physician should rule out or confirm the presence of other eye diseases, to determine the type of strabismus, as well as the angle of deviation of the eyes.Receiving a neurologist and other specialists needed to exclude concomitant diseases.Only after the survey, based on the results, you can start the treatment of strabismus.

Strabismus in Children: Causes, conservative and surgical correction of strabismus

About 2.5% of children suffer from strabismus varying difficulty.Most often the disease makes itself felt in the third year of baby's life (we are talking about the acquired strabismus).

Causes of strabismus in children:

  • hereditary defects of the nervous system
  • eye muscle disorders
  • consequences of infectious diseases
  • complications due to complicated pregnancy or a difficult birth (hypoxia, birth trauma) - the most common cause of strabismus.

is often accompanied by strabismus such as the defects of hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism.In addition, strabismus may be a concomitant symptom of other birth defects baby.

strabismus treatment in children include the following therapeutic measures:

1. Wearing glasses.Treatment 70% of cases of strabismus in children begins to wear special glasses.In many cases it is the only curative measures, as expressed slightly squint glasses successfully corrected.They perform corrective action and selected the child individually with all the features of a particular case of strabismus.

2. Application of the method of occlusion.The purpose of occlusion - the improvement of visual acuity in the squinting eye by artificial deterioration of the second eye.In a healthy eye is put on a bandage or piece of glass is sealed directly to points (okklyudor).When the brain ceases to receive a signal about the image of a healthy eye, that he had no choice but to rely on eye patient, it begins to form a correct neural connection with it, whereby there is the alignment axis of the eye, the correction of strabismus, resumed function eye, improving vision.

Healthy Eyes "free" in 3-6-five months, but it is provided that after some time (3-6 weeks) after the start of wearing okklyudora tended to improve, that is, correction of strabismus.This method is, to put it mildly, do not like children, it is difficult to get used to such a bandage, they tear it, but eventually get used to, especially since the night okklyudor can be removed.

3. Establishing communication binocular eyes and brain.Implemented using medical software ( "Chibis", "flower", "contour", "Spider", "Crosses", "Gamma" "Strabismus" "Eue") and sinoptofora - the device that diagnoses and conducting therapy toto correct strabismus by eliminating the asymmetry of eye axes and restore binocular vision with the help of special exercises for the eyes.

Conservative treatment of strabismus is a long process, in some cases, it reaches two or more years.

When strongly pronounced squint with a view to eliminating or reducing the need surgical intervention.The operation is usually carried out in two eye muscle, its purpose is to adjust the position of the muscles in such a way that the axis of the eye are the most parallel.After the surgery, possible redness, itching, double vision, but in a short time, these effects disappear.

New modern methods of treatment of strabismus - radiowave surgery - is already being used in some clinics.Pros radio wave therapy in her small injuries, as well as the rapid rehabilitation of patients after surgery.In addition, the risk of postoperative infection catch is reduced to zero.

final stage of the treatment of strabismus includes a set of exercises for the eyes, the implementation of which establishes the result.

not to delay treatment to the doctor.Remember that the child's vision can be effectively adjusting to eight years.After eight correction of strabismus requires a lot more effort, but the effect of them is not always expected.

Strabismus - is not just a cosmetic defect, a "miserable" odnoploskostnaya visual perception, is a violation of the activities of the entire nervous system.

Causes and treatment of strabismus in adults

Despite the fact that the strabismus is considered primarily a children's disease, adults are not immune to its occurrence.The pathology occurs when paralysis of the eye muscles, which occurs as a result of disorders of the endocrine system, diabetes, eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma).Strabismus can occur after a sharp increase in blood pressure.

In addition, a very common cause of strabismus in adults - received a head injury.

Methods of treatment of strabismus in adults and children about the same.But doctors often resort to surgical treatment exactly as wearing glasses and occluded method in adulthood ineffective.

operation is more cosmetic in nature (eliminates unattractive looking asymmetry of the eyeballs), that is performed for the visual correction of strabismus.The doctor can not guarantee whether the brain is able to fulfill its function and combine images from two eyes into a single three-dimensional full.In order to fully resume the eye function, need months of training and exercises.

also need to remember that before starting treatment should be to remove the cause of strabismus.


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