Symptoms , treatment of eye contusion and brain contusion


1. Contusion eye

2. brain contusion

Contusion - bruise of the whole body or any of his body, which resulted in the victim there is amnesia (loss or memory impairment), and loss of consciousness.

contusion develops as a result of traumatic effects on the human body with extensive bruising, severe vibration, blast wave of great strength.Total concussion happens after man's fall from a considerable height, with heavy rubble dense masses, after hitting the body flat on the water surface.

Required concussion effects - loss of consciousness, amnesia, headaches, dizziness, hearing and speech.

Contusion eye

contusion eye injuries occupy about 30% of eye injuries that result in partial or complete loss of vision.The clinical picture of eye contusion is quite diverse.It may be small hemorrhages under the conjunctiva of the eyelids, and the crushing of the eyeball and the surrounding tissues.

There are direct and indirect contusion.

direct cause of concussions are blunt the impact

of a damaging factor directly on the organ of vision and its appendages.The source of the injuries are injuries to any object or fist fall on protruding objects (stones), blows air wave, liquid jet.

Indirect eye contusion occur after exposure to nearby or distant from the eye of the body.It may be blows to the head, squeezing the body.

Manifestations of contusion injuries do not always correspond to their real severity.For example, the effects of a concussion relatively mild can be severe changes of the eyeball.Damage to tissues of the body depend on the direction and force of impact and the individual characteristics of the human eye.In some cases they are small, and in others can lead to rupture of the scleral capsule.Equally important is the state of the human eye to injury.

There are three degrees of severity of contusion eye.

first degree - the defeat, in which no marked decrease in vision after recovery.The victim observed temporary reversible changes such as erosion and corneal edema, spasm of accommodation (inability to see distant objects clearly), clouding of the retina and others.

second degree - a concussion as a result of which there are deep corneal erosion, narrowing of vision, local cataract (clouding of the eye lens), hemorrhage, lacerations of the sphincter of the pupil and others.

third degree - the defeat, in which the heavy changes develop.This may be a volume increase in the eye, tears sclera (the outer durable skeleton of the eyeball), profound hypotension or hypertension and other serious eye disorders.

After eye contusion its manifestations include signs of damage to the eyeball, the subsidiary bodies of the symptoms change in the general condition of the victim.

signs of a general change in body condition are:

  • dizziness;
  • headaches;
  • pain craniofacial lesions party;
  • slight nausea;
  • infection of the eyeball, which gradually decreases after 3-4 days.

These common symptoms observed in affected during the first days after a concussion.

In case of eye injury is always the possibility of serious damage to its deep structure.Therefore, the victim in any case should be taken immediately to a medical facility.It is necessary to limit the body shake, exercise, pushing, jumping.

eye contusion Treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Mild concussion therapy on an outpatient basis.Immediately after the injury must be applied cold to the damaged eye drops drip disinfectants, such as sulfacetamide.the victim should be given the analgesic for severe pain.Then you need to contact the emergency room.

Treatment contusion of visual organ can be conservative and surgical.

When conservative therapy the patient is usually prescribed drugs hemostatic (stops bleeding), diuretics (reduce tissue swelling), antibacterial agents of local and general action, anti-hormonal and non-steroidal drugs.In addition, the use of physiotherapy techniques - magnetic therapy, UHF.

Surgical treatment is carried out at the breaks of the retina and the sclera, traumatic cataract, secondary glaucoma.

brain contusion

Brain Contusion - severe traumatic injury, which is characterized by the appearance of focal brain disorders.This defeat is very dangerous, because it often leads to many complications that can lead to disability or death.

specialists distinguish the following degrees of brain contusion.

Mild.It is characterized by a temporary loss of consciousness which lasts about 5-10 minutes.After that, the victim appear headache, dizziness, nausea and other neurological symptoms.Often there is anterograde amnesia, in which the patient does not remember how an injury.In some cases, the victim is bradycardia (decreased heart rate) or tachycardia (increased heart rate), hypertension.

moderate concussion.Loss of consciousness at this level lasts 10-120 minutes.The victim appears severe amnesia, which is accompanied by severe headaches.After contusions in humans manifest violation of vital signs, sensitivity disorders.

Severe severity.The victim loses consciousness for a period of 2-3 hours to 2-3 weeks.Man suffers from complex functional disorders of all the organs and body systems.He appeared tachycardia or bradycardia, hypertension, hyperthermia (a temporary increase in body temperature), neurological disorders, temporary paralysis of limbs.In humans after severe concussions can be seizures, massive hemorrhage.

For right choice of treatment of brain concussion doctor holding a CT scan.

In mild and moderate lesion patient requires bed rest.

goal of treatment concussion - correction and elimination of the consequences of defeat.To do this, use conservative or surgical treatment.

Drug therapy is the use of anticonvulsants, analgesics, drugs that enhance metabolism and cerebral blood flow.

With the defeat to crush brain tissue surgical treatment of concussion.

consequences of concussion mild with mild symptoms are sufficiently favorable.With an average degree of injury it is important to timely competent treatment of the patient.In this case, you can avoid dangerous complications of injuries.

Severe injury is very serious consequences concussion.The patient is incapacitated.Thus 30-50% of victims die.


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