Skin rash - skin rash types , causes, treatment


1. Causes

2. Types of skin rashes

3. treatment of skin rashes

Leather - quite sensitive organ, which responds to the slightest change in anyin humans, as well as the environment.Skin rash is a typical reaction of the organism to external and internal factors influence.It can occur for many different reasons, but the most common of all - any dermatological disease.


rash may appear when:

  • intimate hygiene non-compliance;
  • presence of vascular diseases and blood;
  • presence of parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • allergic reactions of various etiologies.

Depending on the cause, the rash can take many forms, it is often difficult to diagnose the disease.Only the comprehensive survey will identify the disease accurately and to choose the right tactics treatment.

As in adults, skin rashes in children can occur for the same reasons.When any skin rashes in children should immediately consult your pediatrician, because some of the many diseases can be really dangerous f

or the child.

Types of skin rashes

Bubble - a cavity in the skin filled with serous-hemorrhagic or serous contents.Bubbles are divided into single and multi-chambered.They often opened with the formation of erosions, weeping, does not leave marks on the skin healing.These rashes can talk about the following diseases: herpes, dyshydrosis, allergic dermatitis, eczema.

abscess - an element filled with purulent contents.There are several types of pustules: deep, superficial, follicular, nefollikulyarnye.They differ in size, color, and depth of penetration.Formed in diseases: furunculosis, folliculitis, sycosis vulgaris, impetigo, various types of acne, ulcerative pyoderma.

blister - type of skin rash that occurs most often due to an allergic reaction of immediate type.The process is accompanied by acute inflammatory edema of the papillary dermis.Blister runs independently in a few minutes or hours after the onset.There hives, insect bites, toxicoderma.

Spots - change the color of certain parts of the skin.There has been such a rash with dermatitis, syphilitic roseola, toxicoderma, vitiligo, leucoderma.Freckles, moles, pigmented spots are tan.

Nodules - are located in the epidermis and papillary dermis.They are characterized by a change in topography, color, skin texture.Dimensions nodules ranging from 1-3 mm to 1-3 cm in diameter.Sometimes there is a bubble on their surface.Nodules may be a sign of psoriasis, lichen planus, papilloma, eczema, atopic dermatitis.

node - the node of different sizes (up to 10cm in diameter) and location (located deep in the dermis or hypodermis).After the disappearance of the skin it usually remains scar.

rash Treatment

Many people mistakenly believe that any skin rash is treated with iodine, green fodder and similar medications.In fact, the treatment of skin rash depends on the disease, because of which she appeared.

If the rash - the result of interaction with an allergen, it is necessary to calculate and remove.In addition appointed antihistamines.

If the rash has appeared as a result of an infectious disease, the patient is isolated, and prescribed him anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal drugs.

But if the rash is caused by failure to comply with hygiene, the patient in addition to medical treatment is chosen set of hygiene measures to prevent recurrence.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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