Symptoms and treatment of thoracic kyphosis


1. Types of kyphosis

2. Causes of kyphosis

3. Symptoms

4. Diagnostics spine kyphosis

5. methods of treatment of kyphosis

disease in which a person is diagnosed curvature of the upper spine with a visible bulge ago, called the thoracic kyphosis.This disease can be congenital or acquired during life.

Types of kyphosis

are two types of spinal kyphosis:

1. Physiological if the spine tilt angle of 20-30 degrees.

2. Pathological, which has four different degrees of severity.The first degree is observed in the patient spine tilt of 30-40 degrees, at the last fourth-degree angle is 70 degrees or more.

addition, spinal kyphosis are distinguished by etiology:

  • tuberculosis;
  • innate;
  • youth;
  • paralytic;
  • rachitic and others.

Causes of kyphosis

main causes of the disease are:

  • psychological stress, which leads to incorrect posture;
  • abnormal intrauterine development of the fetus;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • paralysis of the muscles of the bac
    k as a result of cerebral palsy or polio;
  • serious spinal injury;
  • tumors or infectious diseases of the spine;
  • back surgery.


kyphosis caused in the thoracic spine, outwardly manifested as slouching or gibbosity patient.The shoulders usually fall down, chest significantly narrowed.At the same time the top of the torso leans forward, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles weaken.Very often, in the long course of the thoracic spine kyphosis observed wedge deformity of the vertebrae, the destruction of cartilage in intervertebral disc and stretching of the muscles of the back.Appears decrease ribs mobility due to changes in the anatomy of the thoracic cavity.

When the last degree of this type of kyphosis angle of the back is very big.This leads to an increased load on the internal organs of a person, which will certainly affect their operation.There are heart disease, kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract, the lungs can not fully serve its purpose.Patients often develop ulcers, bowel obstruction or cholecystitis.Also, blood circulation of the neck, begin headaches.On the joints of the feet is a big load, which provokes the destruction and deformation as the spine and lower limbs.

more serious degree of kyphosis, striking thorax, the patient is more difficult to move and perform various exercises.Obvious symptoms of spinal kyphosis considered:

  • curvature of the spine;
  • pain in the neck and back;
  • reduction feet sensitivity, fast their fatigue;
  • fecal incontinence and urine;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • disorder of sexual function.

Diagnostics spine kyphosis

diagnose disease doctor must surgeon.To do this, carry out X-ray, tomography and ultrasound are sometimes intervertebral discs.After identifying the primary causes of thoracic kyphosis and its extent prescribed treatment.Timely treatment to the expert and appointment of adequate treatment of kyphosis can completely rid the patient of the disease and prevent complications of the disease.

methods of treatment of kyphosis

only in the most advanced cases of thoracic kyphosis when the spine is severely and irreversibly deformed, sick doctor prescribes painkillers and anti-inflammatories.These patients needed bed rest, they need constant care and maintenance.However, for most people with kyphosis of the thoracic spine is not so hopeless.

kyphosis Initial treatment is aimed at reducing the load on the spine, eliminating the spasms and tension in the muscles, removing pain due to pinched nerve, improve blood circulation and restore the body's metabolic processes.It can be physical therapy, including massage, Vacuum therapy and body wraps, as well as physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Treatment of kyphosis using a variety of exercises is useful in that well strengthens back muscles and the press, as well as forming a correct posture.Of course, when kyphosis sport is quite effective.But sometimes in the last degrees of the disease it can worsen the patient's condition.In these cases, surgical treatment is prescribed spinal kyphosis, which allows to restore its normal curvature.But it is worth noting that surgical intervention is possible only in adults as in children and adolescents the body's growth still continues.


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