Small cysts endocervical - symptoms, treatment


1. Causes and symptoms of cysts endocervical

2. Diagnostics

3. Treatment endocervical cysts

endocervical cysts are extended endocervical gland.Endocervical - is the mucous membrane lining the cervix.In the shell at the cervical canal cysts are formed.For the disease characterized by the appearance of single or small structures that are found throughout the channel.Availability of education is determined by ultrasonic method.Statistics show that the formation found in almost all women aged 35-40 years who already have children.There are cases of the formation of cysts in the place of young women who did not give birth early.

Causes and symptoms of cysts endocervical

muscular wall of the uterus should have a uniform structure.In nulliparous women allowed to have in the muscle wall of the uterus and anehogennoe hyperechoic inclusions.Over time, hyperechoic inclusions can develop into cysts.As a rule, small cysts endocervical and single endocervical cysts may occur as a resu

lt of the healing of cervical erosion, blockage of ducts of the glands, which leads to the formation of secretions in the glands.Typically, cysts are benign tumors that do not require surgical treatment.However, the emergence of symptoms of cysts endocervical is a reason to undergo a detailed examination.

In some cases, women have small cysts covering the entire endocervical mucosal surface of the cervix.Even in such an amount of education does not represent a danger, a woman loses the ability to conceive, gestation.

Among the main reasons that lead to the appearance of formations, isolated obesity, cervicitis.Also, the disease develops as a result of cervical erosion and its treatment.

Diagnosis If you have symptoms of cysts endocervical woman should undergo the sound cervix.Ultrasound is the most simple and affordable way to identify entities.Informative method is extended colposcopy.This method provides for examination using a special microscope.Thus, the physician may carefully examine for the presence of mucosal entities.Extended colposcopy is used if an ultrasound is a suspicion of the presence of small cysts, endocervical, or the endocervical of single cysts.

effective method of diagnosis is to conduct research onkotsitologicheskogo smear.To conduct the procedure recommended in the second half of the menstrual cycle.Clarify diagnosis also allows the PAP smear.These smear allows to recognize the early stages of pre-cancerous changes in the cervix.For an accurate diagnosis it is recommended the woman to pass all stages of the survey.

Treatment endocervical cysts

In case of single endocervical cysts that are benign in nature, no treatment.Treatment of cysts is carried out endocervical if education can be easily seen during the inspection at the gynecologist in special mirrors and are close to the vaginal cervical area.

endocervical cysts treatment is carried out by the following methods:

  • Radiosurgical provides cysts puncture with subsequent outflow of secretions;
  • Cryotherapy is used in the case of deep cysts location.This technique involves the use of low temperatures and liquid nitrogen.It is carried out after the end of menstruation.Cryotherapy is contraindicated during the flow of any inflammatory processes;
  • Radio wave method;
  • Surgical treatment of cysts, endocervical be held if there are inflammatory tumor formation.

Traditional medicine offers the following treatment: Mix 1 part grass succession tripartite, Viola tricolor, nettle, wormwood, marjoram, walnut leaves, fruits zhostera, roots valerian roots of sorrel horse, 4 parts Helichrysum arenarium flowers, burdock roots, herbs centaury small, knotweed, 6 parts herb St. John's wort.3 tablespoons of the mixture pour 500 ml boiling water, leave for 12 hours and filter.Take 30 minutes before eating 0.5 cups 2-4 times a day.


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