Ovarian Cysts - Causes, Symptoms , rupture , treatment


1. Causes of ovarian cysts

2. Types disease

3. Symptoms of ovarian cysts

4. Possible complications

5. cyst rupture

6. ovarian cyst treatment

ovarian cyst - a benign ovarian without going beyond its limits, and is a kind of cavity filled with liquid or semi-liquid content.The disease is most common among women of childbearing age, much less - in women older than 45-50 years.

Causes of ovarian cysts

are the following causes of ovarian cysts:

- hormonal imbalance.It may occur because of the stress, or as a complication of other diseases.Often, hormonal disorders associated with improper use of hormones;

- violation of follicular maturation.Often marked by stress, sudden weight fluctuations, with anovulation in premenopausal and adolescence;

- pregnancy;

- ovarian cancer and ovarian metastases;

- obesity.Typically, overweight leads to ovulation disturbance, which in turn may cause ovarian cysts;

- smoking;

- decrease in thyroid function.


diseases There are these types of cysts as the corpus luteum cyst, follicular cyst, dermoid cyst, a cyst parovarialnaya and endometrioid cyst.

Congenital cysts are very rare.Rhesus immunization or diabetes, which affects the mother during pregnancy, can cause ovarian cyst in a newborn girl.

most common cysts in young women of childbearing age and young people are the follicular cysts.Remarkable fact that almost every woman at least once in his life faced with a follicular cyst, but most of them of this fact is not even suspected: no pronounced symptoms of ovarian cyst of this type do not have.

follicular cyst grows from produced by the ovaries during ovulation patterns.Most often this condition is not accompanied by any symptoms cysts and requires immediate treatment.It is necessary to monitor the functional gynecological cyst over two or three menstrual cycles, after which the cyst usually disappears.

Symptoms of ovarian cysts

The first symptoms of ovarian cysts are dull pain, feeling of heaviness and a certain pressure from the inside in the lower abdomen.Bloating and increased its size can also indicate the presence of cysts.It may also be the clinical manifestations of the disease as a sudden and sharp pain in the lower abdomen as a result of physical exertion or during sexual intercourse, vomiting and nausea, frequent urination, fever, tachycardia, weight gain.

However, not always the disease manifests itself so clearly.The most common symptom is irregular it painful periods.But not every woman, faced with menstrual disorders, gynecological visits, writing off problem on external factors such as stress, fatigue, unhealthy lifestyle, and so on.However, only six out of ten cysts referred to as follicular varieties able to disappear without surgery.Other types of cysts are a serious danger to the health and lives of women, cause complications and are in need of urgent treatment.

Any of the above symptoms of ovarian cysts - a reason to immediately consult a gynecologist.

Possible complications

cyst growth as a result of lack of treatment or inefficiency can lead to complications like:

- festering cysts, occurring with abdominal pain and fever.Ends surgery;

- cyst degeneration into a malignant tumor;

- twisting of the cyst legs, leading to disruption of the blood supply to the tumor.The result of such complications become necrosis cysts and risk of peritonitis.Urgent surgery to remove an ovarian cyst;

- rupture of ovarian cysts.

The last paragraph should elaborate.

cyst rupture

main symptom of ovarian cyst rupture is a severe pain in the lower abdomen (the patient noted that the pain makes it impossible to even move).In addition, there are uterine bleeding, fever, nausea and vomiting, weakness, loss of consciousness, decreased blood pressure and pulse irregularities.

As a result, ovarian cyst rupture all of its contents into the abdominal cavity.This condition is dangerous peritonitis, which in turn can become a direct threat to the life and health of the woman.

Consequences of ruptured ovarian cysts can have a negative impact on future pregnancy.In some severe cases, in addition to the removal of ovarian cysts also have to be removed.For women, this operation does not pass without leaving a trace.The process of conception of the child is much more complicated or even impossible.

Treatment of ovarian cysts

Treatment of the disease is carried out in two ways - either surgical or medical.Selecting a method for treating ovarian cysts depends on the type of cyst, its size, the physical health of the woman and her age.Take into account women and plans relating to the future childbearing.

A single cyst of small dimensions is observed doctor for several menstrual cycles.If education does not resolve spontaneously, prescribed medical treatment of ovarian cysts.

ordinary women prescribed hormones for tumor resorption.Also, the gynecologist may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs.During medical treatment, the patient is monitored for 3-4 menstrual cycles.If there is a positive dynamics, the tumor does not change size and does not resolve, make a decision about how to remove an ovarian cyst.

optimal method of surgical treatment of ovarian cysts consider laparoscopy.This operation involves the use of special surgical tools and allows you to save genitals.Removal of ovarian cyst occurs gentle method, the risk of ovarian injure healthy tissue is minimal.Postoperative treatment is aimed at preserving the possibility to conceive, carry and give birth to a healthy baby.


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