Thyroid cyst - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


1. Causes of thyroid cysts

2. Symptoms

3. Treatment

4. Folk remedies for thyroid cysts

Cystthyroid - nodal entity having an inner cavity filled with fluid.The formation of such nodes in the thyroid gland - a fairly common phenomenon.Most often, this pathology is common in women, and the older the woman, the greater the likelihood of developing the disease.

What are the causes and symptoms of thyroid cyst?What are the folk remedies used by the thyroid gland cyst?On this and many other things you learn from this article.

Causes of thyroid cysts

By what reasons might be a cyst of the thyroid gland?

  • thyroiditis;
  • lack of iodine in the body;
  • effects on thyroid toxic substances (poor environment);
  • thyroid injury;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • heredity;
  • acquired or congenital disorders of the thyroid gland.


cyst thyroid gland for a long time, asymptomatic and is manifested only with a significant increase and the associated feelings of the patient.And all b

ecause she cyst usually does not affect the function of the prostate gland.Any functional disorders occur as a result of influence on it of other thyroid diseases.

One of the features of thyroid cysts - undulating course.That it grows, then suddenly disappear and then formed again.When the cyst reaches a considerable size, the patient begins to feel the following symptoms:

  • develop a hoarse voice;
  • feeling sore throat;
  • difficulty in breathing and swallowing;
  • soft formation in the thyroid gland;
  • deformation appearance of the neck (with large volumes).

Treatment Conservative treatment of thyroid cysts are usually used when the cyst is small and the overall condition of the patient is not getting worse.If the cyst is less than one centimeter in diameter, it is a minimally invasive biopsy punctuation and dynamic observation.

In some cases, treatment can be complete emptying of the thyroid gland during fine-needle biopsy.At relapse is often a repeated fluid removal and sclerotherapy (in the cyst with alcohol is introduced, burning out of its walls).Most often on the site of a cyst formed scar.

also used in the conservative treatment of thyroid hormones and iodine.To be able to monitor the effectiveness of treatment, once every three months performed thyroid ultrasound and bimonthly determined TSH levels.If the amount of antibodies in the blood is higher than normal, the intake of iodine-containing drugs should be stopped.

If the cyst occurs inflammation, antibiotics are written.But before their appointment it is very important to determine the cause of the inflammatory process, and find out how the pathogen is sensitive to antibiotics written out.

By resorting to surgery if the cyst of the thyroid gland has reached a significant size.The operation removes only a portion of the gland, so the gland functioning of the patient is practically not disturbed.

Folk remedies for thyroid cysts

most effective herb for the treatment of thyroid - white bloodroot.It helps with any violations of this body: hypothyroidism, Graves' disease, endemic goitre, hyperthyroidism.After several courses of therapy root tincture Potentilla white thyroid activity to normal, often there is a full recovery.Resorbable cyst and units, a decrease in thyroid gland, and for the treatment of hyperthyroidism Potentilla disappear all the symptoms - tachycardia, trembling of the hands, protruding eyes.Even in severe forms of thyroid diseases has been a clear improvement.

The most common treatment for thyroid uses infusion from the root of cinquefoil white.To prepare it, you need to pour 50 g.Root 500 ml of vodka and put infuse for three weeks in a dark place, not forgetting periodically shake.Drink infusion should be 30 drops 3 times a day before meals.You can also apply and the infusion of this plant: 1 tbspPotentilla pour cup of boiling water.Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day.Course duration - 30 days after a break of 15 days and a new course again.

Traditional methods of treatment of thyroid cysts, and include the use of walnuts, which contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein and iodine.For the preparation of the national funds need a glass of nuts, buckwheat, buckwheat honey.All the chop, mix and take in during the day, repeating the course of a week.The resulting mixture can be stored in the refrigerator.


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