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cyst of the pineal gland- it is a rare benign tumors that occurs in a fraction of the pineal gland.Only 1.5% of the cases of the brain disease is diagnosed, this cystic formation.

pineal gland (epiphysis) - is one of the structures of the brain, is a small red-and-gray formation located in a place mezhtalamicheskogo seam between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.Due to the small size of the features and functions of this arrangement the gland is not thoroughly understood.At the same time it is proved that the pineal gland synthesizes melatonin - a substance that affects the operation of the hypothalamic-gipofiziarnoy system and actively participates in the regulation of human daily rhythms (sleep-waking).In addition, the functions of the pineal gland include:

- regulation process of puberty;

- slowing down the production of growth hormone;

- slowing down or speeding up the growth of tumor formations.

presence of cysts of the brain by the pineal gland rarely affects the functioning of the pineal gland and does not affect the other adjacent brain structures.This cystic formation does not differ fast dynamic growth.

Causes There are two main causes of the pineal gland cysts:

- hydatid disease - a disease caused by worms and leads to the formation of parasitic cysts in various human organs.Once in the pineal gland through the bloodstream, it forms Echinococcus kind of capsule that is a parasite on the body's immune defense attacks.Over time, the capsule is filled with waste products echinococcus, which consequently leads to an increase in the size of the pineal gland cysts;

- outputting valve blockage, resulting in prostate secret is not displayed, but accumulate within the cystic formation.

Due to insufficient knowledge of the epiphysis is still set any valid cause of the cyst of the brain by the pineal gland is not possible.

symptoms of cysts of the pineal gland

generally regarded cystic formation is not characterized by any specific symptoms.Symptoms of pineal gland cyst or similar to the symptoms that are characteristic for a number of other diseases of the brain, or non-existent.In most cases, cystic formation diagnosed by chance during a MRI of the brain.

the presence of cysts of the pineal gland, patients may complain of symptoms:

- causeless and unsystematic headache, not provoked by factors such as stress, changes in blood pressure, fatigue;

- nausea and vomiting associated with bouts of severe headache;

- pain when trying to throw up his eyes;

- blurred vision function (smudged, double vision);

- development of hydrocephalus and the violation of the current CSF.This symptom occurs when the cysts increase in size when the formation of putting pressure on other parts of the brain.Cystic formation of critical dimensions is able to completely block the movement of cerebrospinal fluid, which leads to extremely negative consequences;

- disturbance of gait and coordination of movements.

symptoms of cysts of the pineal gland parasitic nature are somewhat different.To the above is added to the clinical picture of a number of mental disorders: delirium, depression and dementia.In rare cases, may experience epileptic seizures.


In the overwhelming number of cases, MRI scan does not clearly define the nature of cystic formation.To this end, resorting to a biopsy - the biopsy is carried out laboratory testing to determine the etiology of neoplasms and check it for the presence of cancer cells.Cystic formation epiphysis should be mandatory differentiated with malignant brain tumors.

cysts Treatment of pineal gland

If cystic echinococcus education is not provoked, does not increase in size and asymptomatic - no treatment is required.Patients demonstrated: every six months to be screened using MRI to monitor the dynamics of cystic formation.

cysts Treatment of pineal gland large exceptionally surgery.Surgery is carried out on the basis of the following indications:

- increased risk of hydrocephalus;

- irregularities in the functioning of the structures of the brain and cardiovascular system, provoked by the influence of cystic formation;

hydatid cyst etiology amenable to medical treatment in the event of detection of the disease at an early stage.Otherwise, the decision on surgical treatment of cysts of the pineal gland by its complete removal.


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