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cervical cyst is a cyst, otherwise Nabothian or retention cyst - a fairly common pathology which develops against the background of inflammatory diseases or hormonal imbalance.According to statistics, this illness affects one in five women aged 23 to 45 years, and more often - have already given birth.However, despite the high degree of proliferation, it practically does not cause discomfort.

Origin cysts

cysts, which are located in the cervical area, not accidentally called Nabothian, their origin, they are obliged to Naboth glands that normally produce mucus to protect the inner surface of the cervix.When work Naboth glands for one reason or another is broken, their lumen is closed, the content is stored, and themselves glands swell.At gynecological examination it looks like a bump on the cervix, like a tiny pouch or eel.The most common is the inflammation o

f painless and does not degenerate into a malignant tumor.But when in the cervical area of ​​the cysts are large, they can cause discomfort.Let these tumors and not degenerate into cancer, in isolated cases at the time of birth the cyst may burst.

there are three significant reasons for the appearance of cysts in the cervical region of today.The main reason - a postpartum cervical injury.After birth, a woman's body begins a powerful restorative processes, but they can also affect the glands malfunction Naboth.In this case, the duct gland becomes clogged and forms a cyst.Another risk factor - it's menopause.During this period, cervical mucus becomes thinner, and the glands become vulnerable to the influence of the stimulus.Fires compensation mechanism and Nabothian glands begin to vigorously develop the slime, and when she does not have time to leave the duct cyst is formed in the cervical region.Finally, the third reason - it's an infection, sexually transmitted diseases.Pathogenic microflora causes inflammation in the glands of Naboth, and leads to the formation of cysts.


Individual and small cervical cysts are asymptomatic.The first signs begin to manifest themselves only when the cyst becomes large enough to cause discomfort.The main symptoms of cervical cyst - is the appearance of bleeding, do not coincide with the period of menstruation.But, since this symptom may indicate not only on the hands, but also to cancers, it is a reason for immediate treatment to the oncologist.Another symptom of cervical cyst - pain during sexual intercourse.Some patients complain of pain below the navel, and vaginal discharge.The last symptom of cervical cysts can indicate the presence of infection.When you see any signs of the disease need to see a gynecologist for treatment.

During gynecologist survey finds have characteristic symptoms of cervical cysts using a speculum or colposcopy.A cyst is a round white-yellow kupolopodobnoe education.Consistency is usually dense and size varies from several millimeters to two centimeters.In most cases, some women develop cysts resembling acne, which often are in the cervix transformation zone.

Forms cysts

When the blockage affects only one duct Naboth gland cyst is called a single.But more often clogged duct of several glands are called multiple cysts.Sometimes gynecologists have resorted to the term "Nabothian cyst" to describe multiple cysts.Multiple cysts are much more common, but they themselves can be the consequence of self-healing of cervical ectopia.

Besides single and multiple cysts, endometrial cysts are distinguished, which accumulates in the cavity the blood in addition Nabothian secretion glands.They are characterized by a bluish color, the occurrence of bleeding zones that increase before menses.

Treatment of cervical cysts

Many doctors tend to believe that if a cyst the size of its small and the education itself does not bother the patient, then do not need anything from him.Although sometimes the facts suggest otherwise.For example, cervical cyst, compressing the cervical canal, could be mechanical factor infertility, and even if the sore today Nabothian iron does not manifest itself, there is still a risk of purulent infiltration.Therefore, in most cases it is recommended to remove all cervical cysts.Modern methods of surgical treatment of cysts is almost painless and does not cause inconvenience to patients.Initially appointed puncture, resulting in chronic inflammatory cyst content is cleaned, then assigned a course of antibiotics.In the treatment of cervical cyst is aware of the risk of cervical endometriosis, so puncture and drainage procedures is not necessary to spend the last three days before menstruation and during menstruation itself.

addition to surgical removal of cervical cysts radio-wave method can be used, laser therapy, chemical cauterization, electrocoagulation, diathermocoagulation, cryosurgery.The most preferred procedure is considered cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen, since after the cervix is ​​usually not formed scars.Laser therapy is considered to be the most painful, because to stop the bleeding and held still burning vessels.This method can be recommended only for women who have not had children.

during pregnancy cyst treatment in cervical region is not carried out for two reasons.The cyst does not prevent the carrying of pregnancy and usually resolves without complications.Removal of cervical cyst is appointed for a period when completely stopped postpartum discharge - lochia - and this happens around to the fortieth day after the birth.

removal of cervical cysts do not require hospitalization.Before the operation, the analysis of a smear on flora and latent infection, if such is found, appointed preliminary treatment.Within a few days after the operation the woman can feel the typical pain in the abdomen.Ten days after the operation can be assigned a candle like Depantola that accelerate the healing process.

physiotherapy, homeopathy, regular checkups at the gynecologist and ultrasound can be assigned to prevent a recurrence.

Folk remedies of treatment of cervical cysts

From the national treatment of cervical cysts are known methods such as the use of pumpkin and potato juice, broth hips branches, leaves, plantain, dandelion, burdock stalks and other anti-inflammatory drugs.Some recipes recommend a daily basis to take a tablespoon of tincture of raw walnuts.According to other methods of traditional treatment of cervical cysts helps 30-day course of infusion of raisins.However, the real old recipes the treatment of cysts does not exist, because to reveal the disease itself has been possible only since 1925, when the first colposcope was created.


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