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cyst urahusa in urology is a fetal malformation of the urinary system.Urahusa - a fetal urinary flow, operating during fetal development and serving the purpose of connection of the bladder with amniotic fluid.Thus, urahusa the fetus is a tubular formation, which usually grows to 5-6 months of development, and then formed the median umbilical ligament.Obliterated bespolostnoy cord in newborns and adults is defined in place urahusa and stretches from the top of the bladder to the umbilical cord between the transverse fascia and peritoneum.

In some cases, by the time of the child's birth duct obliteration may never happen.In this situation, as a rule, in the channel can start their development of different kinds of pathological processes.Full cleft may lead to vesico-umbilical fistula.Obliteration of the distal and proximal ends without a middle seam department may increase the risk of developing urahusa cysts

.Against the background of cleft paravesical department can develop diverticula of the bladder.

urahusa cyst is a residual embryonic formation, filled with mucus, urine, serous exudate, as well as meconium.Over an extended period of time, the cyst can does not manifest itself clinically, and no change in size.This is often the presence of these formations is found only in adulthood.Festering and occurrence sepsicheskih complications can be triggered by infection with cysts.

should be noted that on average, men suffer from this disease is three times more than the fair sex.In some cases, the size of education can reach a man's fist.Typically, the cavity is closed, but there are cases in which the cavity communicates with the bladder, or the external environment via a thin fistulous.Thus, the urine can be released to the outside through the navel.

Cyst Symptoms urahusa

Cysts urahusa small size, usually asymptomatic and not detected on physical examination.The infection and abscess formation urahusa cysts can trigger the development of inflammatory processes.Among the main symptoms urahusa cysts in this case it is possible to allocate a significant increase in the size of the formation, compression of the bladder or bowel, which can cause constipation, dizuricheskie disorders and flatulence.

complicated forms of education is accompanied by symptoms such urahusa cysts as fever, abdominal pain, general intoxication, pain and swelling of the anterior abdominal wall, and flushing of the skin below the navel.Festering cyst can burst into the bladder (with the formation of a fistula of the bladder), abdomen (the development of clinical peritonitis) or through the anterior abdominal wall (with the development of umbilical fistula).Umbilical fistula is usually accompanied by such symptoms urahusa cysts as periodic discharge of pus from the umbilical hole, and skin irritation Moisture and stubborn for omphalitis not treatable.It should be noted that when straining or pressure on the area of ​​the umbilical ring number allocated pus increases.


palpate education sufficiently large size is possible through the anterior abdominal wall in the form of tumor formation, which is located between the navel and the pubis.

It is important to distinguish between a cyst urahusa from umbilical cysts, diverticulum of the bladder and hernia of anterior abdominal wall.For this cyst diagnosis involves performing cystoscopy, cystography, ultrasound of the bladder, CT or MRI.

In order to establish a link between not overgrown urachus and bladder, in a period of calm inflammation spend fistulography.

When suppuration and perforation formation, patients are usually admitted to hospital with symptoms of urahusa cysts, similar to the clinic of acute abdomen.Set the exact diagnosis it is possible only as a result of a diagnostic laparoscopy or laparotomy.

Treatment of cysts urahusa

cleft treatment of symptomatic urinary flow is to conduct operations urahusa cysts.Operation urahusa cyst excision based on Extraperitoneal education.Operation urahusa cyst with abscess formation is immediate autopsy, as well as drainage of the abscess cavity, followed by standard operation urahusa cysts.

In the case of omphalitis or umbilical fistula is assigned a course of conservative therapy (ultraviolet irradiation, antibiotics, dressings).In the period of calm inflammation conduct surgery.


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