Salivary gland cyst - forms , symptoms, treatment


1. cyst parotid gland

2. Other cysts of the major salivary glands

3. Diagnosis and treatment of cysts of the salivary gland

surgeons in practice-stomatologov professionals and oral and maxillofacial surgery is a common pathological condition, a cyst of the salivary glands.In the upper part of the digestive tract and respiratory tract it has a sufficiently large number of glandular tissue that secretes saliva.Large accumulations of the tissue form large salivary glands - the parotid, submandibular and sublingual.A lot of small clusters, which are located directly beneath the mucosa of the mouth, salivary glands, small form - buccal, labial and palatal.Sometimes mucosal injury is likely to disrupt the outflow of salivary secretion, resulting in saliva accumulates in the duct, gradually stretching it, thus forming a small retention cyst of salivary gland.

As a rule, small salivary gland cyst is a completely painless, soft, rounded education, often transparent, slightly bluish

, ranging in size from 3 mm to 5 cm in diameter.With long-term existence, education becomes more dense, whitish, looks very much like a fibroid.

following types of cysts of minor salivary glands according to histological structure:

  • Retention or true cyst - the role of the shell of the capsule formation performs most of the salivary gland;
  • ekstravazatnaya or traumatic - is the result of a mechanical defect salivary duct and out the secret to the soft tissue, further education will be surrounded by granulation tissue;

small salivary gland cyst occurs much more frequently than in the formation of the major salivary glands.Most often, these cysts are localized on the lips or cheek mucosa, rarely on the soft palate.Treatment of salivary gland cysts - a gentle, rapid, and complete excision is not enough just to remove the secret as possible relapses.Removal of salivary gland cyst performed under local anesthesia and does not require hospitalization.The brush is fully husks, with the excised tissue and hypertrophied near the cyst, the wound is sutured, and the patient can go home.

cyst parotid gland

Particularly noteworthy educational largest of the salivary glands - the parotid.Cyst of the parotid salivary gland, fortunately, quite rare, but it gives a lot of trouble, especially if increased so that significantly violates the natural shape of the human face.Some children diagnosed with congenital cyst Salivary parotid gland, which is associated with impaired fetal development.This cyst is a slightly protruding, soft on palpation, a small bump, which may interfere with your child to eat normally.

Most commonly, the cyst parotid gland is found when one begins to feel a painful swelling in the area of ​​the prostate.The color of it is completely unchanged, and clearly be felt by palpation oval or rounded education with a clear elastic limit, painless, and not connected with the skin.Typically, the formation of sufficiently movable, and can be felt by palpation pressure transmission, which indicates its liquid content.Pain appear if the cyst is complicated by an abscess, which may begin to develop as a result of inflammation of the cyst or difficult, traumatic eruption of wisdom teeth.In this case, in chewing, swelling of the parotid region is observed, there is pain, skin redness and limited mouth opening.The process may spread to infratemporal and temporal area.

Other cysts of the major salivary glands

cyst sublingual salivary glands, usually located above the sublingual-jaw muscle, and looks like a bubble filled with liquid.Sometimes a cyst can penetrate into the submandibular area and has a view of the hourglass.Increasing in size, the cyst can move in the direction of the bridle of language begins to interfere with eating and even talking.

cyst of the submandibular salivary gland is very rare.It is characterized by a slowly progressive increase in the submandibular triangle, which is quite difficult to detect.On palpation revealed elastic rounded education, filled with a viscous, yellowish liquid that is obtained for diagnosis by means of a puncture.Expanding cyst goes around the back or perforates sublingually-jaw muscle and extends into the upper floor of the mouth.In this case, the symptoms bulging joins education in the hyoid region, and the salivary gland function of the brand does not suffer.

Diagnosis and treatment of cysts of the salivary gland

First of all, a differential diagnosis of cysts parotid gland with vascular lesions and tumors of the salivary glands of other etiologies.It uses techniques such as ultrasound and laboratory tests cyst contents taken by puncture.Cystography will clarify the topography of Education and the exact dimensions and holding sialography will accurately differentiate between a cyst and malignant tumors.

salivary gland cyst treatment is carried out only by the operative.With the localization of education in the area of ​​the parotid salivary gland cyst removal is carried out not only with its shell, but the excised tissue and the adjacent areas.If struck by the submandibular gland, salivary gland cyst removal must be conducted together with the gland.

Surgery in the parotid gland is difficult, due to the nature of its location.When surgical removal of the cyst, especially for specialist is to avoid damage to the facial nerve, the branches of which are located in close proximity to the prostate, which can lead to paralysis of the facial muscles and the distortion of the face.Therefore, such an operation (cytokinesis) is carried out only in the case where the formation reaches a maximum and is a large cause of serious deformations and disturbances in chewing-parotid region.


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