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1. Types splenic cysts

2. Causes of splenic cysts

3. symptoms and the clinical picture

4. Diagnostics

5. splenic cyst Treatment

6. cyst of the spleen in a child

splenic cysts are large groups of diseases of various origins, which are combined in the following feature - the formation in the spleen of one or more cavities filled with fluid.This disease affects 0.5 - 1% of the population, mostly between the ages of 35 - 55 years.When this disease occurs in women 3-5 times more often than men.In 50% of patients diagnosed with a cyst by chance, in the framework of a planned survey.

Types splenic cysts

There are three main types of splenic cyst:

  • true cysts (congenital), caused by pathological processes in utero;
  • false cyst (acquired), developing after surgery, injury and complications of severe diseases;
  • parasitic cysts caused by a hit in the spleen of parasitic microorganisms.

Causes of splenic cysts

appearance of congenital cyst caused by a breach o

f the embryonic development of the fetus, which resulted in the spleen cavity formed unnatural.

False cysts are formed when spleen pathological genetically determined body tissue response to inflammation, the cause of which was the injury with rupture of the spleen, surgery, infectious diseases, heart spleen, taking a number of drugs and other factors.False cysts also can occur after treatment of an abscess of the spleen, and after removal of the spleen cyst parasitic type.

Parasitic cysts, usually are caused by a parasitic worm Echinococcus vital functions, affecting the brain, spleen, liver and kidneys.The larvae of this parasite are found in the grass, ponds and animal fur.

symptoms and the clinical picture

clinical picture of the disease depends on the size, nature and location of the cysts.Usually, the cyst of the spleen in a child and an adult with a diameter less than 2 cm asymptomatic.The appearance of the first signs of the disease is due to a sharp increase in the size of the formation and inflammation in it.

For many people, the presence of cysts does not affect your overall health, it does not cause discomfort and seizures.In some cases, the first symptoms of splenic cysts are paroxysmal spasms and dull pain in the left upper quadrant, fever, dizziness and nausea.

If the cyst becomes large, the patient begins to accompany the pain in his left shoulder and scapula, there is an unpleasant sensation or heaviness in the left upper quadrant after eating, vomiting, he becomes apathetic.In some cases, the patient also noticed symptoms of the respiratory system: tingling in the chest with a deep breath, shortness of breath and cough.

When single cyst reaches a diameter of 7 cm or multiple cysts affect at least 20% of the spleen volume, there is a significant increase in the body, the patient appears belching, nausea, impaired function of the stomach and other abdominal organs.With the development of inflammation in the cyst and the decay of its contents, except for severe pain syndrome there is a general weakness, chills and fever.

major complications of splenic cysts are:

  • severe course of the disease to hit the cyst contents into the abdominal cavity;
  • bleeding in the cyst cavity with further break open and bleeding into the abdominal cavity;
  • cyst rupture with the outflow of its contents into the abdominal cavity, so that the picture of "acute abdomen" severe intoxication and peritonitis;
  • cyst abscess with the development of severe intoxication of the whole organism.


main method of diagnosis of splenic cyst is ultrasound.Furthermore, for the detection of the disease is carried out procedures such as MRI scans of the spleen and urine and blood.cyst growth can be controlled through planning ultrasound.Systematic Survey will help the doctor determine the most appropriate period of surgical treatment of spleen cyst.

splenic cyst Treatment

In uncomplicated non-parasitic cyst diameter less than 3 cm Specialist actively monitors the patient, spending 1 or 2 times a year a control ultrasound.If the cyst increases in size or change its structure, is assigned to a computer tomography of the abdominal cavity (to rule out the presence of malignancy in the cyst wall).The operation of the spleen cysts in these patients do not practice.

Indications for surgical treatment of splenic cysts comprise 3 groups of pathologies:

  • absolute indications: rupture, bleeding, festering cysts;
  • shareware - absolute indications: cyst of huge dimensions (diameter 10 cm), the cyst with severe symptoms (persistent pain in the hypochondrium, dyspeptic symptoms, and others.);
  • relative indications for surgery: cyst is large (diameter of 3 - 10 cm), recurrent cysts after failure of other treatments;

Surgical treatment of splenic cysts today is the best option to eliminate the causes of the disease and patients return to normal life.The main types of surgical operations at the spleen cyst are:

  • removal of most of education with all enclosures and surface treatment of cysts argon-enhanced plasma;
  • resection (partial resection) of the affected part of the spleen along with the cyst;
  • removal of the spleen cyst and affected body areas with subsequent autologous splenic tissue in the greater omentum;
  • puncture the cyst and the introduction of its cavity sclerosing solution.

most efficient operation for splenic cyst recognized by laparoscopy.This method allows you to completely eliminate the cause of the disease.Removal of the spleen cyst during laparoscopy is performed by ultra-precise tools and the introduction of a special camera.The duration of operation is not more than two hours.After laparoscopy for some time been pain, but after a short rehabilitation course of the patient's health is completely restored.

cyst of the spleen in a child

As a rule, the presence of a child's spleen cysts are also found during the ultrasound.The method of treatment depends on disease education sizes.If the cyst diameter less than 3 cm, the child put on the account to the doctor.In this case, parents need to be 2 or 3 times a year to do a CT scan of the abdomen and spleen ultrasound baby.

Removing the spleen cyst do in identifying cysts medium or large in size, as well as its growth, inflammation, or rupture.If the doctor realizes that to save the spleen does not work, the body is completely removed.


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