Cyst transparent partitions - symptoms, treatment


1. Causes of cysts transparent partitions

2. Clinical manifestations and symptoms

3. Diagnosis and treatment of cysts transparent brain partitions

human headbrain - this is one of the most complex organs, which is not thoroughly studied until now.Modern medicine and continues to actively explore more features of its functioning and structure.In this body there are so many departments that perform a specific function.All these departments are very closely linked.Therefore, if one is suffering - impaired function and some others.

Recently, such a diagnosis is a cyst transparent brain partitions, is very common in the conclusions of magnetic resonance therapy.Approximately 25% of patients who underwent an MRI, you can see this post.

transparent partitions - it is the medulla, consisting of two very thin plates.These plates separates slit-like cavity which is located between the front part of the brain and corpus callosum.

cyst transparent partition is accumulation of fluid

between the plates of the medulla (in the slit-like cavity).Most medspetsialistov cyst transparent brain partitions belong to varieties of the arachnoid cyst.

Modern medicine claims that these cysts are not a pathological deviation - this is just an anomaly of development, which poses no danger to the life of the patient.

Causes of cysts transparent partitions

above cyst origin are primary (congenital) and secondary (acquired).The main causes of acquired brain cysts transparent partitions can be a variety of injuries, inflammation of the brain membranes, past illnesses, concussion and hemorrhage.

Regarding localization data cysts, they are formed in the safest place, in a certain part of the brain.All patients who have a cyst of this, it is desirable to go through a consultation with a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Clinical manifestations and symptoms

In most cases, congenital cyst transparent partition is a variation of the normal anatomy of the brain.Similar cysts occur usually asymptomatic, without requiring special treatment.

If the cyst has not innate, but acquired (due to various injuries or diseases), it can be accompanied by symptoms such as tinnitus, sensation of squeezing the head, hearing loss, severe headache, and the like.

The main danger of such formations is considered the possibility of their uncontrolled growth.This leads to increased pressure on one of the parts of the brain, which hinders its full operation.In such situations, brain cyst transparent walls requires constant monitoring with magnetic resonance therapy.Doctors recommend that patients with acquired cysts periodically (every six to twelve months) to pass MRI studies.

Diagnosis and treatment of brain transparent partitions cysts

If the results of magnetic resonance therapy showed that the cyst increased in size, then it suggests that the damaged factor and further continues to have a negative effect on the brain.In such cases medspetsialisty looking for the cause, which is the main agent provocateur emergence and growth of tumors.

Magnetic resonance therapy only allows you to see the location and size of the cyst, but not to establish the cause.In order to find the main provocateur of this abnormality, doctors resort to a thorough examination of patients for infectious processes, autoimmune diseases and circulatory disorders.Patients are conducting a study of blood flow in the cerebral vessels on Doppler ultrasound, of the heart on the echocardiogram and ECG, blood pressure monitoring, blood test for cholesterol tests for various infectious processes, as well as analysis of blood clotting.

When cysts cause of occurrence identified, was already beginning to its treatment.Often neurologists prescribe drug treatment cysts transparent partitions.In such cases resort to absorbing and neuroprotective drugs.

More than 50% of these cysts do not require any treatment, but doctors can prescribe treatment to address that disease, which contributed to the development of education.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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