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1. cause kidney cysts

2. Clinical manifestations of the disease

3. Diagnosis and treatment of renal cysts

4. People's treatment of renal cysts

kidneys - a unique and amazing organs of the human body.For three or four minutes through the kidneys passes a full blood volume and this is where the complex processes that maintain a constant electrolyte-water balance in the body.Kidneys are involved in metabolic reactions play an important role in regulating blood pressure and removed from the human body and foreign proteins slag.

quite common, especially in older people, is the presence of kidney cysts.In most cases, a patient at the same time does not even suspect the existence of entities as the kidney cyst symptoms can manifest themselves not and it does not affect the health.This diagnosis has acquired epidemic proportions only after modern medicine began to use innovative research methods - ultrasound, CT, MRI.

kidney cyst is an abnormal, fluid collection, a limited thi

n capsule of connective tissue.Distinguish congenital and acquired cysts which may be single or multiple.If struck by one kidney, it is about multikistoze, pathology called polycystic kidneys of both.

cysts are divided according to their content on hemorrhagic, serous and infected.Serous cyst fluid in a transparent, slightly yellowish color.Cyst haemorrhagic formed by hemorrhage cyst cavity, and a liquid which was taken for analysis of infected cysts necessarily contain pathogens.As a rule, single cysts do not require any additional treatment, and removal of the kidney cysts performed only as a last resort, if struck by an extensive area of ​​the body.

cause kidney cysts

Let's see what are the causes of kidney cysts.In the first approximation, the kidney is a unique system of pipes in which a constant fluid flow occurs to form urine.If for any reason one of the microscopic tubes blocked, the high pressure in this area creates an extension of the tube.Since the inner cavity of the living cells consist of cells that produce a fluid having no outflow cavity filled with liquid is formed, which is converted by the kidney cysts.More often than not, and thus formed a solitary or a simple renal cyst.Also causes kidney cysts may be lurking in some diseases, such as disease Von Hippel-Lindau, kidney tumors, tuberous sclerosis.These diseases, one way or another, can lead to the closure of the renal tubules and the formation of cysts.These diseases are the causes of kidney cysts.

Clinical manifestations of the disease

cyst wall does not have pain receptors, so the vast majority of the anomaly does not manifest itself.However, if the cyst begins to grow and more to stretch the capsule, develop small pains that soon may be called simply uncomfortable and there is heaviness in the lumbar region.Sometimes there is pain associated with the pressure of cysts on muscle waist.The most characteristic symptoms of kidney cysts as originating in the lower back or upper quadrant dull pain, worse after exercise.

In the event of the accession of infection kidney cyst symptoms appear brighter and more resemble the symptoms of pyelonephritis.There is a general weakness, aching lower back pain, fever, painful frequent urination, joint and muscle pain.In this laboratory study identifies leukocytes in urine, erythrocytes and cylinders.

further development of cysts leads to chronic renal failure.Next manifest such kidney cyst symptoms: general weakness, increases the amount of urine, urination becomes more frequent, man thirst, blood pressure rises, and in the urine detected a large number of red blood cells.

Diagnosis and treatment of renal cysts

For correct diagnosis carefully collected history and take into account all the complaints of the patient.When multiple entities, with palpation of kidney increased in size and are characterized by uneven surface.

main diagnostic methods are ultrasound, CT or MRI.Laboratory tests include blood and urine tests.If there is a need for additional methods of research used x-ray contrast method - excretory urography and angiography.These diagnostic methods are needed to differentiate a cyst from a kidney tumor.

Often, kidney cysts treatment is a normal follow-up.If education does not manifest itself and asymptomatic, no effect on overall health, and cyst size is less than 4 cm, as a rule, patients are advised to arrive at a scheduled scan every six months, in order to make sure that the cyst becomes larger,urine flow is not disrupted, and the cell structure is not changed.Great popularity received gentle folk treatment of renal cysts with herbal preparations.

Symptomatic treatment is given in the case of accompanying diseases - renal failure and pyelonephritis.Adequate therapy aims to compensation arising deviations and restoration of organ functions.Removal of kidney cysts shown at large cysts with a diameter greater than 5 cm, which compress the kidney tissue.In the case of hydronephrosis, renal hypertension, hemorrhage in the cyst wall, the presence of cyst formation or rapid growth, clearly shows the complete removal of the kidney cysts.

People's treatment of renal cysts

those people who have not yet shown the removal of kidney cysts, certain, simple food regulations must be observed.

should limit your intake of fluids, salts and proteins.This is particularly true of patients diagnosed with renal insufficiency, edema occur, the pressure increase is observed and there are signs of heart failure.

People's treatment of renal cysts is quite effective, and contributes to a drastic reduction in the size of the cyst, which allows completely avoid surgery.Prolonged treatment herbal remedies not only stops the growth of cysts, but also suggests its complete disappearance.

Here are some simple effective recipes:

  • milk and green tea are mixed in equal proportions.Then add honey to taste (at least a tablespoon).This cocktail should be taken several times a day;
  • good drug acts aspen bark.This is not so good as a tea with milk, but quite effective.The ground into powder aspen bark is taken before each meal in an amount of 1 tbsp.spoon.The course of treatment lasts two and a half weeks, and after the break, the course must be repeated again;
  • the most effective method of national treatment is the treatment of cysts using burdock.To do this, all employed the liquid should be replaced by a decoction of the roots and leaves of burdock.Pre burdock root should be crushed.


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