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1. Forms cysts

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spinal cyst - a cavity filled with blood and formed inhypodynamic hemorrhage and bone disorders.Cysts can be located in different parts of the spine from the cervical to sacral and localize in the region of the roots and arcs, at least - in the body of the vertebrae.Cysts can cause a chronic pain that does not remove the no anesthetic and does not give itself over many years.

Forms cysts

There are many types of cysts, which determine the symptoms, the size, shape, location, presence of epithelial tissue, and many other factors.

Cysts can be true and false.True cyst - a cavity lined with epithelium.False cyst has no epithelial lining.Cysts can be congenital or acquired.Congenital are formed as a result of defects in the development of embryonic tissues.Acquired develop on the background of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the spine, and trauma and stress.

There are also specific types of cysts

of the spine, which include para-articular cyst (sometimes ganglionic and synovial), arachnoid cysts, or cyst Tarlova and perineural and aneurysmal cyst.

para-articular cyst localized in the intervertebral joints in the cervical and lumbar spine.Ganglion cysts is not a kind of synovial lining and loses contact with the joint cavity as the form.Synovial same kind of represents a continuation of the bursa of the intervertebral joint.Para-articular cysts arise both because of congenital defects of the fetus, and because of stress, trauma, inflammation and degenerative changes of the spine.

arachnoid cysts, or cyst Tarlova - a tumor located between the arachnoid and cerebral spinal substance.Arachnoid cysts can be primary (congenital) and secondary (acquired).The most common cyst has no symptoms, and even if it is accidentally discovered, the doctor recommends not to remove a cyst of the spine.

Perineural cyst - a congenital disorder in which there is protrusion of the bag from the spinal nerves to the spinal canal.Cyst small size has no effect on human well-being, but with the growth may compress the nerve tissue and causes back pain during movement.Most often localized in the tumor sacral, but can also be found in the lumbar.Depending on the size of the tumor, treatment of spinal cysts can be conservative or operative.

aneurysmal cyst - a rare form of disease, which is found in children and leads to extensive spinal lesion to produce paralysis.This cyst is growing rapidly, causing an increase in the size and width of the bone, but is benign.At risk children from 5 to 16 years of both sexes.Cyst may occur as symptoms, and acute painful form.Conservative methods are most often used for the treatment of spinal cysts of this type.

Symptoms of spinal cysts

spinal cysts - a phenomenon quite varied.Some of them may be for life so never not show, others can become a cause of serious disorders and require immediate diagnosis and treatment.What symptoms of spinal cysts need to pay close attention to?

para-articular cyst often worried about the elderly - after 60 years.Symptoms of spinal cysts such as para-articular long time absent.But as the growth of cysts develop adhesions, leading to compression of the nerve tissue.During this period, there are complaints of such spinal cyst symptoms, local pain in lumbar radicular pain syndrome, intermittent claudication, in 2% of cases may develop acute pain, which suggests hemorrhage into the cyst cavity.The examination may reveal other symptoms of spinal cysts - motor, sensory disturbances and loss of reflexes.

arachnoid cysts requires little or no treatment.The lifelong spinal cysts symptoms of this type can never disturb the patient.

Perineural cyst appears depending on the size - small cysts do not cause pain or any other concerns.Problems begin when the cysts grow up and begin to put pressure on the fiber.Symptoms of spinal cysts are perineural type - it's a pain at movement, pain when sitting duty, pain, sacrum and buttocks, headaches and abdominal pain.Neurological disorders - "corona reception" perineural cysts.The patient may also complain of such spinal cyst symptoms like tingling and tingling in the legs and feet, constipation, bladder disorders.

aneurysmal cyst - one of the most insidious forms of cysts.The development of a cavity in the bone thickness causes the spine ceases to cope with stress and increases the risk of vertebral fracture over time.Symptoms of spinal cysts are not characteristic of this type - the patient concerned aching pains, which are sometimes sharp.Pain is amplified at a voltage motion load, cough, and sometimes persists for a long time, localized in the affected area or sends abdominal organs.In some patients, the first symptom was swelling, and in some cases, the disease begins with sudden paralysis that does not have any reason or emerging from an insignificant injury.

spinal cysts Treatment

method of treatment of spinal cysts is determined depending on the type and form of manifestation of symptoms.For example, treatment of spinal cysts periarticular type - a conservative.Appointed by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, bed rest, and the injection of steroids, but the efficiency is only 10-40%, and the course of therapy brings relief to a maximum of six months.

Further treatment is to remove the spinal cysts surgically.Sometimes it is used for minimally invasive intervention, but it, in turn, also does not guarantee the long-term effects, since liquid may again start to accumulate with time.Therefore, the main method of treatment - is a complete surgical removal.And the wall of the cyst is completely removed.

spinal cysts Treatment of perineural type is recommended when the tumor is greater than 1.5 cm in size.Removal of the spine cysts is that the surgeon reveals cyst wall, fluid pumps and does fibrin glue which prevents the formation of cysts.Sometimes the cyst is removed and the root of the vertebral lamina.Perhaps and conservative treatment of spinal cysts - anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy, that only relieves the symptoms.

When aneurysmal cyst species spine treatment mainly radical.In cases where it is impossible to remove cysts spine is assigned a course of radiotherapy or radiation therapy.From the conservative methods of fixing bandages are used in plaster for two or more months in combination with hormonal treatment and course of punctures.


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