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liver cysts called benign, which is a cavity filled with fluid.Its diameter can vary from 1.2 mm to 25 cm or more.Cysts can be formed into various fractions, and ligaments liver segments, located in the depth or body surface.Inside this formation is covered by a layer of cubic or columnar epithelium.Typically, a cyst filled with clear liquid is colorless and odorless, it may contain less brownish-green liquid or jelly-like mass.As a rule, the disease occurs in adulthood - among those aged 30-55 years.At the same time women's cyst occurs in 3-5 times more than that of males.

What are

liver cysts Based on etiological feature, parasitic and non-parasitic distinguish liver cysts.

Parasitic cyst is a bubble larval stage of tapeworms and is formed after the introduction of parasites in the human body.Parasitic cysts are hydatid and alv


non-parasitic cysts types are classified into true (congenital) and false (acquired).Among them are true cysts are the most common.Congenital cysts are the result of abnormal development of the bile ducts and false - formed in traumatic rupture of the liver.The causes of liver false cysts can also be the treatment of liver abscess and removal of echinococcus.

In addition, liver cysts are single and multiple (two or more education, located in different parts of the liver).


The vast majority of experts believe that the reasons for the formation of non-parasitic cysts are complications during fetal development.Also, modern scholars point to the relationship of the cyst with regular hormonal drugs.

impetus to the development of the disease can be mechanical damage to the liver, as well as tumor necrosis.

Regarding the parasitic cysts, they appear as a result of human contact with sick animals.

Symptoms of liver cysts

Solitary cyst of small size usually do not have any clinical symptoms.Asymptomatic period can last long enough, and the cyst is often found by chance during an ultrasound examination.But sometimes these structures begin to grow in size, while squeezing the surrounding organs liver.

When single cyst in diameter up to 7 cm, or multiple cysts affect at least 20% of the liver volume, may occur following a liver cyst symptoms:

  • feeling of heaviness and pain in the right upper quadrant, worse during exercise, a brisk walk or vibration duringwhile driving;
  • enlargement of the liver;
  • dysfunction of organs adjacent to the liver;
  • nausea, vomiting, bloating, belching.

Among non-specific symptoms of liver cysts noted shortness of breath, general weakness, increased sweating and loss of appetite.

If the cyst is enormous, the patient exhibits the following symptoms of liver cysts: asymmetrically enlarged abdomen, emaciation, hepatomegaly and jaundice.

Traditional treatment of hepatic cysts

liver cyst is not a serious disease, but it does not mean that it is not accompanied by any risk.Therefore, even with the slightest suspicion of this pathology and the presence of vague pain in the liver is necessary to address to the gastroenterologist.

cysts less than 3 cm in diameter usually just observed the doctor.Medication treatment of liver cysts do not exist.Patients with this disease have revealed, first and foremost, you must stick to a special diet.From his daily diet will have to rule out all fatty, fried, salty, smoked and canned.Also banned spicy foods, spices, sauces, ice cream, sugary soft drinks and strong coffee.

If the cyst size reached 3-9 cm, the doctor may suggest removal of the patient liver cysts.This dangerous disease the following complications: bleeding, rupture and abscess.In these cases it requires immediate surgery to remove a liver cyst.Operative intervention is necessary and when the cyst grew to giant size (10 cm or more in diameter), excessively compresses choleretic tract, or is accompanied by severe pain and digestive disorders.Surgical removal of liver cysts are also subject to and parasitic cysts.

To remove liver cysts traditional open techniques used or laparoscopic operations, which are carried out through a small hole.Doctors always try to carry out a laparoscopy, but there are times when the only solution may be only open surgery.


treatment of liver cysts Traditional medicine has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of liver cysts folk remedies.

For the treatment of this disease, you can use the juice of burdock.To do this, you need to pick the young leaves of burdock in May, thoroughly rinse them under running water and mince.Then squeeze the juice from the leaves and using folded in three layers of gauze, drink it in 2 tbsp.l.before eating.Means stored on the lower shelf of the refrigerator up to 3 days.Duration of treatment - a month, then it is necessary to conduct a survey of cysts.If necessary, repeat the treatment.

Another effective way of national treatment of liver cysts is the use of celandine juice.Young recently torn, plant rinse thoroughly, not cutting off the roots, mince and squeeze the juice.Wait half an hour and strain it.Take receipt of funds as follows: The first day - a drop of juice to a teaspoon of boiling water, the second day - 2 drops + 2 tsp..Water, the third day - 3 drops + 3 tsp..water and so on.Daily added 1 drop of juice, while the number of drops will not reach 10. After that, it is recommended to make a 10-day break, followed by 1 hour. L.juice has taken 4 h. l.pure water.The course of treatment also is 10 days.

Another good remedy on the basis of celandine.Squeeze juice from the plant (as in the first recipe), then pour the juice 1 part 1 part vodka or spirit.The resulting infusion is useful to drink before breakfast - 10 drops to 1/2 cup of milk.Every day, add 1 drop means until its volume is equal to 20 drops.Thereafter, for 10 days of 20 need to take the drops of infusion 1/2 cup milk.Then pass the course in reverse order every day, reducing the amount of funds to 1 drop and eventually reaching up to 10. Now, within 10 days of drink 10 drops of to half a cup of milk.After a ten-day break, the course is repeated.

Healers claim that liver cysts help to get rid of quail eggs.To do this, every morning on an empty stomach is recommended to drink 5 raw eggs.In the course of treatment will take at least hundreds of eggs.

Do not forget that the national treatment of liver cysts is effective only when it is of small size, and large and complicated cysts can only be treated promptly.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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