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Cystbreast - a disease accompanied by the formation of cavities in the chest where the fluid collects.Among the main symptoms of breast cysts can distinguish dense, spherical and immobile formation, which can deliver a certain discomfort.There is a one-sided (solitary) and multiple (affecting the entire breast) cyst.It should be noted that not always the presence of cysts can be detected by palpation.

Tumor size may be from several millimeters (in this case the presence of the tumor determined by ultrasound) to several centimeters (presence of cysts is determined by palpation of the breast).A large cyst is considered, which can be detected by palpation.


Basically this type of cyst affects women between the ages of thirty to forty years.Further development of the disease not previously exposed to the woman giving birth.It should be noted that every woman there is a cer

tain risk of cysts.The main cause of breast cysts is a hormonal disorder.Thus, among the main causes of breast cysts can be identified oral contraceptives or thyroid disease.Another cause of breast cyst can be transferred in the operation area of ​​the body.Genetic predisposition can also cause cysts development.Strong tension can provoke the development of disease.

risk of cysts growing over very low in oncology education.In most cases, the cyst cured through timely and appropriate treatment initiated.Also widely used treatment for breast cysts folk remedies.

symptoms of breast cysts

palpation - one of the methods for determining the cysts.Among the main symptoms of the cyst can be identified nagging pains that become more pronounced in the premenstrual period.This circumstance is due to the increase in the volume of breast tissue, which is squeezed cyst.

Since breast cyst symptoms are not so many, and they may not be sufficiently pronounced, the availability of education can be determined with the help of a professional examination.It is noted that women with breast cyst are more susceptible to cancer than uninfected women.It is for this reason cyst needs proper and timely treatment.

Since in most cases, the skin over the cyst does not warp, is quite difficult to determine the availability of education.Only the running form can be marked retraction or modification of the nipple, but such cases are extremely rare.

Treatment In most cases, breast cyst treatment costs without surgery.In the first place in the treatment of cysts puncture doctor conducts education.For this purpose, a fine needle is pulled out of the cavity accumulated liquid, after which the air is injected into the capsule that promotes cell coalescing.In some cases, to ensure rapid accretion formation is introduced into the cavity of alcohol.This scar that occurs after removal of breast cysts on mammography resembles breast cancer.

presence of cysts during pregnancy has no negative impact on a woman's body.In addition the formation of the small size does not cause any discomfort during breast-feeding.

cyst treatment based on the use of appropriate drugs, contributing to the normalization of hormonal levels of women, as well as strengthen its immunity.As a rule, the re-emergence of cysts were observed in patients.

If your doctor suspect a tumor, usually appointed by the removal of breast cysts.Breast cyst removed and if it did not give proper puncturing result, and re-formation was showed.However, as noted above, the re-occurrence of cysts rarely observed, so in most cases it is possible to avoid surgical removal of breast cysts.

breast cysts Treatment folk remedies

In the treatment of cysts used burdock tincture and St. John's wort.To prepare the tincture of burdock necessary to ten grams of ground plant root pour a glass of boiled water, then tightly close the dishes and push its content for over three hours.Infusion is recommended to take three times a day before receiving food to 15 ml.To prepare the tincture of St. John's wort must be twenty grams of dry grass plants pour 200 grams of boiling water, then cool the vehicle to a warm state.This tincture is recommended to moisten a cotton swab and apply to the place of location of the cyst.It should be noted that they are very effective compresses and ointments used in the treatment of breast cysts folk remedies.

In order to eliminate cysts folk remedies applied a compress of red beet, for the preparation of which is 200 grams of grated beet pulp is heated in a water bath.Thereafter gruel should add two tablespoons 9% vinegar.Compress recommended to impose on the night for ten days.

Cabbage - one more effective tool in the fight with a cyst.It is recommended to grease the sheet of white cabbage with butter and night to make it to the breast.Top you must put a thick cloth or wear a bra made of natural fabrics.

In the treatment of cysts is also used carrots.Its Grate, and applied to his chest like a bandage.Change this bandage should be several times a day.

Among the most common methods of treatment of cysts using folk remedies can be distinguished from the application of the ointment of celandine and ghee mixed in equal proportions.This ointment is necessary to rub the affected area and leave it for four hours.

also recommended to take one teaspoon of sunflower oil with garlic each time before meals.The duration of treatment in this case is one month.

the treatment of cysts many use freshly cut Chaga mushroom.It must grate and cover with water in a ratio of 1: 5, after which the broth should stand for two days.The resulting tool is recommended to drink three cups a day.

It should be noted that traditional remedies can be an effective complement to conventional treatment, but in any case should not self-medicate, and before the application of traditional medicine is recommended to consult a doctor.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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