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tailbone cyst is a defect of the epidermis, which becomes a cause of incomplete reduction of the former tail muscles.This formation is a narrow epithelial tubule, not related to the coccyx and sacrum.Tailbone cyst is also called epithelial coccygeal course, fistula tailbone, dermoid cyst and pilonidal sinus.

Epithelial coccygeal course formed in the subcutaneous layers of the epithelium, dermoid sinus - near the skin surface, pilonidal cyst develops when abnormal hair subcutaneous introduction and coccyx fistula is a mature stage cysts inflammation.Tailbone cyst diagnosed mainly in people younger than 30 years.At the same time it manifests in men 3 times more often than those of the fairer sex.

Causes cysts coccyx

Experts say that the reason for the coccyx cysts are congenital anomalies or rudimentary anatomical specificity of the body, due t

o which in the subcutaneous tissue sacrococcygeal region is formed by a cavity - Capsule oval or irregularly shaped.

In this cavity by epithelial tubules epithelium layer fall particle separation glands, hair and so forth. This accumulates in the cyst capsule then enters the skin surface via one or more microperforations.

In the case of an inflammatory process, these ducts become clogged and stagnate in these organic "garbage" rot and fills the cavity of the cyst and the associated channels in the epithelium.The inflammation can be triggered by trauma, hypothermia, diseases accompanied by fever, etc.It turns out that the impact of these factors on the human body in the presence of a congenital defect of the epithelium and causes tailbone cyst.

symptoms tailbone cyst

This disease is congenital, so for a long time until the disease is triggered by the above factors, the patient does not notice absolutely no symptoms tailbone cyst.

Later in the primary hole can be observed pain and redness.These features indicate that the disease is in an acute stage entered.The factors that give impetus to the aggravation of the disease, and injury are mechanical blockage of holes.With the development of the inflammatory process in the first to suffer the fatty tissue that provokes the appearance of painful swelling, gradually increasing in volume.If the number exceeds a critical amount of pus, a breakout occurs secondary outlet cyst, abscess and fistula is formed.

With regard to the mature stage of the disease, it is accompanied by such a symptom tailbone cyst as a throbbing pain that binds the movement makes it difficult or unbearable lying on your back or sitting.At the same time the patient is constantly experiencing a severe psychological discomfort.

Complications such a state can become a skin eczema and high body temperature.In some cases, running form the dermoid sinus may trigger the development of malignant tumors.

tailbone cyst symptoms are sometimes similar to the symptoms of serious diseases such as colon fistula or osteomyelitis, so any discomfort and suspicion of proctology problem should immediately contact a specialist.


To distinguish a cyst from osteomyelitis of the coccyx and rectal fistula, it is necessary to carry out sensing speed and sigmoidoscopy.For the most accurate diagnosis doctor may prescribe X-rays of the sacrum and coccyx.

Treatment of cysts coccyx

Remember tailbone cyst treatment in any case must be accompanied by surgery.All sorts of ointments, poultices, and other folk remedies are powerless.Constant penetration of infection in long and thin subcutaneous canal, which is due to the close proximity of the anus, making it necessary to delete the tailbone cyst.

It tailbone cyst surgery and the removal of all its branches becomes a guarantee of full recovery from the disease.To prevent the development of acute inflammation, it is necessary to open the cyst cavity and clear it of pus.Thereafter, the patient passes the rehabilitation period, during which he is required strict adherence to a set of recommendations.

Open wound management after surgery requires regular visits to the doctor, timely dressings, as well as special care and the regime.First of all, the patient should limit itself to the heavy lifting and motor activity, to avoid too cold and hot temperatures, as well as constantly monitor the duration of static and dynamic position of his body.

If the inflammatory process does not stop, the doctor conducts re cyst cavity cleaning procedure.Usually the entire recovery period after surgery cysts coccyx outpatient occupies 6 weeks despite the fact that the total working capacity is returned to the patient no later than 3 weeks after surgery.

Radical removal of the coccyx cysts, scar tissue and fistulas is performed only after the stop the inflammatory process and the cavity cleaned of pus.Surgical procedures are carried out under anesthesia.

The only way to prevent the development of inflammation recurrence is surgery to remove the cysts coccyx and all its holes and branches.So if you have found a cyst, which at the moment you can not even bother, the right decision will still seek medical advice and treatment plan tailbone cyst.

patients who underwent radical surgery cysts coccyx should implement the following recommendations:

  • Within 3 weeks after surgery, and you can not sit with caution - lie on your back.
  • After removal of cysts coccyx during the month of prohibited lifting weights and practicing physical overload.
  • After withdraw seams need to be thoroughly washed every day mezhyagodichnoy area only hygienic shower.
  • Within six months should be done in the area of ​​hair removal surgery.
  • After surgery cysts coccyx need to see a doctor regularly until complete healing of the wound.

Complications of cysts coccyx

complications of the disease can become festering abscesses, fistulas and skin eczema.Stage of acute inflammation accompanied by constant pain and fever.In the chronic form of the disease (fistulas), and there is remission A small amount of pus from the holes of epithelial coccygeal.


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