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1. Symptoms corpus luteum cyst

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cyst yellowbody - one of the types of ovarian cysts, which is a good-quality education, formed from the ovulated, the follicle has ruptured.cyst formation occurs as a result of pituitary hormones LH.

process of forming the cysts begins immediately after ovulation.During ovulation at rupture of the follicle is bleeding into its cavity.The blood in the process of resorption becomes yellow.This formation at the site of the follicle to ovulate, having a yellow color, is called the corpus luteum, it produces the hormone progesterone, necessary to maintain pregnancy, in case of attack.This process is controlled by the pituitary hormone LH (luteinizing hormone).

Sometimes at this stage and there is an excessive development of the corpus luteum, which leads to the formation of cysts.Causes of corpus luteum cysts are unknown.Presumably, it is the result of rupture of the fol

licle with a vessel shell of small caliber.At the same time, depending on the diameter and type of the vessel, the state of the blood coagulation system and the physical activity of a girl or woman at the time of ovulation, the amount of blood varies, streamed into the cavity of the follicle, and therefore the size of the brush.It is believed, moreover, that the factors that cause the corpus luteum cyst can be stress, excessive exercise, overheating or hypothermia, inflammation, disruption of the functioning of the hormonal system, and others.

brushes are an increase in the corpus luteum diameter greater than 3 cm. The average education Diameter- 6 - 8 cm cyst growth and sometimes stretching its walls provoke the rupture of blood vessels and bleeding in its cavity..

This education can develop between the ages of 16 to 50 years, while its occurrence is independent of sexual activity.Cysts may also develop during pregnancy.In this case it serves to produce the hormone progesterone.At the same danger to a pregnant woman or the fetus it is not education.

Symptoms corpus luteum cyst

Symptoms corpus luteum cyst is weak.In most cases a long time of the corpus luteum cyst does not hurt and does not detect themselves, and after 2-3 months there is its spontaneous involution, that is, the opposite development and disappearance.Sometimes the presence of this formation is accompanied by disturbances of the menstrual cycle, menstruation delay (no more than 14 days), too heavy, or vice versa is very scanty, prolonged menstruation.Also it can be felt pulling abdominal pain, feeling of heaviness, discomfort, bloating in the abdomen or groin.

Possible complications

cyst development may be accompanied by complications.In most cases at the stage of development of the corpus luteum is bleeding into the cavity of the cyst, which is accompanied by profuse bleeding.This gives rise to acute abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting followed.Abdomen tense and painful on palpation.In the future, the condition worsens.Hemorrhage in the ovary leads to disruption of its integrity and bleeding into the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity.This condition is called ovarian apoplexy.At the same time as a result of blood loss, complication is accompanied by weakness and lethargy, confusion, shock, pale skin, palpitations, hypotension.Provoke bleeding in the ovary can be an unexpected drop, tumble, sudden movement, intense sexual intercourse, etc.The risk of ovarian apoplexy is not dependent on the size of the cyst.

Another, more rare complication of the corpus luteum cyst is a cyst torsion legs.In the case of sudden changes in body position in space can occur partial, 180 ?, or full, 360?or 720?torsion of ovary with cyst.This is followed by compression or torsion of the vessels and nerves that nourish the ovary.At the same time there is a pain in the groin or lower abdomen, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, cold sweat.Sometimes the temperature rises and there is intestinal paresis (cessation of activity and fecal retention).

also complications that education relates rupture cysts.This phenomenon is very rare, as it has thick walls.This complication is accompanied by the following symptoms: a sharp, stabbing pain in the abdomen, and sometimes nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness, fainting.

Diagnosis For diagnosis requires a pelvic exam, including a pelvic examination.The final diagnosis is based on ultrasound data.


corpus luteum cyst When a small brush size, no more than 4 cm in diameter, and there are no external manifestations, we recommend periodic surveillance by a gynecologist and ultrasonic testing over 2-3 menstrual cycles.During this time, it usually resolves on their own and without any consequences for the organism.

Repeated formation, pain when the corpus luteum cyst and other symptoms, as well as in the case of large cysts recommended conservative treatment of the corpus luteum cyst.At the same time anti-inflammatory therapy is carried out with the appointment of hormonal contraceptives, laser therapy, mud packs, electrophoresis, phonophoresis, magnetic therapy that promotes the resorption of cysts.Treatment is recommended to accompany the limitation of physical activity and refusal of sex.

If after a month of therapy cyst persists, it is removed promptly.Also, surgical intervention is required in the event of complications.At the same time, depending on the severity of the case, conduct laparoscopic suturing husking cysts and its walls, ovary resection or oophorectomy.

For prevention of this formation is proposed elimination of hormonal imbalance and timely treatment of inflammatory processes of genitals.


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