Cyst of the cornea - the causes , treatment and removal


1. eye cyst - reasons for the formation

2. clinical picture eyeball cysts

3. Diagnostics

4. eye cyst Treatment

eye cyst is a benign entity which has a specific cavity.This pathology is not a life-threatening condition if his treatment approach in a timely manner and with the utmost seriousness.

eye cyst - reasons for the formation

Today there are many varieties of cystic eye (traumatic, congenital, spontaneous, exudative), each of which has its own causes and requires an individual approach.By origin data neoplasms of the eyeball is divided into congenital and traumatic.

main causes of eye cysts are degenerative, parasitic and inflammatory processes, long-term use of potent ophthalmic drugs, congenital eye disorders.

When cyst traumatic corneal epithelium of the cornea gets into the chamber of the eyeball.This penetration usually occurs during surgery or at the time of penetrating injury.Congenital cyst mainly formed in early childhood - when the iris leaf bundle.

As for spontaneous (serous and pearl) cysts eyes, the reasons for their formation has not yet been identified.These cysts can occur at any age.They are white neoplasm compact shape that is very similar to the pearl.Also, this formation may be in the form of bubble, which is localized in the inner chamber of the eye at the top.

conjunctiva cyst most often develops after scleritis, previous infection, conjunctivitis or a small injury.If we talk about the degenerative and exudative cyst, then its main provocateur considered glaucoma.Pigment cyst usually occurs during prolonged use of potent anticholinesterase agents.If you cancel the treatment of eye cyst may gradually disappear.

clinical picture eyeball

cysts The most common symptoms of this disease are considered harsh haze before his eyes, the horizon limit, the appearance of semi-transparent points and dull pain in the eyes.Vividly these symptoms with high intraocular pressure.


Many years of practice shows that the cyst conjunctiva - the most common cystic eyeball.This pathology detected during the inspection of the patient's doctor-ophthalmologist.Examination of the patient is carried out using a system of mirrors and lenses.The first signs of cysts are small blisters and redness around them.

In short, the diagnosis of a cyst can be only through the eye examination, which should be carried out only eye doctor.

eye cyst Treatment

methods and techniques cysts eye treatment is largely dependent on the location, size and origin of these formations.If the cause of this disease became infectious process, it is best to resort to an anti-rate, which is usually prescribed for conjunctivitis (allergy medications, anti-inflammatories, drops, emulsions and so on.).

As for the running stage of the cornea or conjunctiva of cysts, in these situations, you need immediate surgical intervention.For small scale removal may be accomplished with a laser eye cysts, eliminating possible anomalies wall.If education has reached large dimensions, the eye cyst removal is best performed under general anesthesia, which ends with a long healing and recovery.

to postoperative period, patients are required to come up with the utmost responsibility and seriousness, as the consequences can be very negative.The first three months of people who have had surgery on the eyeball, should refrain from severe psychological and physical stress - stress, nervous tension, weight lifting, sports exercises, and so on.

Very often, doctors recommend the use of various alternative treatments of cystic eyeball.The most practical and popular way of treatment of these tumors is the everyday washing of the patient's eyes decoction of algae.Another practiced Urinotherapy (if properly pick up the dosage, this method can be very dangerous), the use of the morning dew, the Hindu version of the special treatment of the clay and the like.


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