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Of all tumor entities vaginal cyst is considered one of the most harmless.This formation never degenerates into a cancerous tumor, rarely reaches the size of more than 10 cm, does not prevent pregnancy and childbirth, and almost does not cause discomfort.The cyst grows with the accumulation of liquid contents and, in rare cases, may interfere with sexual activity or fester.Therefore, if a cyst on vaginal wall causes concern women, it is removed by surgery.

Causes of vaginal cysts

The origin of the cyst on the vaginal wall are divided into congenital and implantation (traumatic).Also recovered vestibule cyst or Bartholin's gland cyst.

Congenital cysts in the vaginal wall are detected in the middle or back of the vagina and develop as a result of defects of fetal development.The cyst may be formed from the remnants of parauretalnyh and M├╝llerian duct and Hartmann moves.Congenital vaginal wall cyst is a tumo

r with thin walls filled with a liquid.Typically, it reaches a size of 1-2 cm, even large congenital cysts usually less than 5 cm in size and have little or no symptoms.Congenital cyst of the vagina is usually detected during a survey in the gynecological chair.

Implantation cysts on the vaginal wall, are less common congenital.As a rule, they are formed by epithelial elements that penetrate the thickness of the fabric of abortion, birth injuries, the surgical treatment of vaginal fistulas, as well as the elimination of obstetric tears and scars.Implantation vaginal cysts are usually located in the rear wall of the lower vagina departments, much lower than congenital.

Cyst Bartholin's gland cyst or vestibule is manifested in the form of swelling at the base of the labia and causing real anxiety when walking, urinating and physiological sexual intercourse.This cyst vagina develops as a result of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland vestibule and its ducts, which most often occurs in infections, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, candidiasis, chlamydia, and so on, and when released into the gland tissue opportunisticmicroorganisms (E. coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus).Infection of the prostate tissue may occur when non-compliance with personal hygiene, skin injuries, mechanical irritation of the genitals tight underwear and so on.


Congenital cysts in the vaginal wall do not have symptoms and are detected by chance during a routine gynecological examination.If the cyst vaginal still attains a large size, it can cause a foreign body sensation, discomfort during intercourse, as well as capable of causing disturbances and dizuricheskie defecation disorders.

Main symptoms when infected and festering cyst contents.This woman complains of leucorrhea, pain and other symptoms of vaginitis.

When cyst vestibule main symptoms include discomfort when walking, and painful intercourse.On inflammation of the vagina Bartholin cyst say the body temperature 38-39 ┬░ C, intoxication and sharp deterioration of health.Sometimes the abscess opened spontaneously.

vaginal cysts Treatment

Do you want to delete the vaginal cysts or tumors leave alone?The answer depends on the size of the tumor and its behavior.As a rule, small cysts of the vagina does not cause any inconvenience, but the gynecologist must still observe the patient's health and prescribe treatment if necessary.

large vaginal cysts treatment requires surgical intervention.Radical removal of vaginal cysts performed a longitudinal section with the imposition of catgut sutures.The operation could complicate the risk of damage to the wall of the rectum or bladder.If the removal of the vaginal cysts transvaginal method can not be applied laparotomy.

Sometimes the treatment of vaginal cysts may be used to puncture the cyst contents pumping.However, this measure provides a temporary result.If the cyst is once increased, its contents will accumulate again.However, this method is justified in pregnancy, when major interventions under the influence of anesthesia is undesirable, and the further growth of cysts can prevent labor, and is an indication for caesarean section.

The easiest and safest way to treat vaginal cysts - a marsupializatsiya.In this case, the doctor does not remove the vagina cyst, just dissecting it and empties the contents of the cyst wall hemming to the mucosa.


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