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1. Causes of Bartholin's gland cyst

2. symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Bartholin gland cyst

3. Traditional operative therapies

Among the huge numberwomen's diseases can be singled out is a pathological condition as Bartholin gland cyst.It is benign, which arose as a result of blockage of one of the excretory ducts of Bartholin's gland, due to accumulation of secretions generated by it.

got its name in honor of the cancer doctor Caspar Bartholin, who first described them.Bartholin's glands are located on both sides of the vestibule in the interior of the labia, at their very foundation.It is this steam iron, there is the necessary hydration of the vulva, at the expense of development of high-protein, viscous gray secretions.Iron with its size is less than half a centimeter.Causes of Bartholin's gland cyst associated with obstruction of the output channel as a result of a number of adverse factors.

Excretory duct located on the inner surfaces of the labia minora, so th

ere is a certain amount of diversion generated viscous secretion to the vestibule.If the outflow of secretion due to blockage of ductless impossible, fluid begins to accumulate in the lumen of the canal, stretching its walls and forming a cyst diameter of 3-9 cm, which looks like a swelling labia.Adequate treatment of Bartholin's gland cysts will depend on various factors and does not always require surgery.

When infected cysts, or any other adverse factors, can develop a complication in the form of an abscess, and Bartholin's gland cysts require surgery.

Work Bartholin glands is directly related to hormonal fluctuations that occur in a woman's body.In large quantities secret generated during sexual arousal and premenstrual period in the normal cycle shown secret number is greatly reduced.During menopause or after surgery involving the removal of the uterus and appendages, iron can completely stop the production of mucus, which adversely affect the vaginal mucosa.

Causes of Bartholin's gland cyst

cyst formation in these glands may be associated with a number of different factors:

  • in most cases, the pathological formation occurs on the background of chronic bartholinitis, ie, Bartholin's gland inflammation;
  • some cases of cysts may be associated with infection of the excretory ducts of sexually transmitted diseases means (gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis, candidiasis, ureaplasma, etc.);
  • development in the iron non-specific pathogens (E. coli, streptococci, staphylococci);
  • decrease the body's resistance;
  • gland infection may occur in the event of non-compliance with the normal personal hygiene, a constant irritation or mechanical injury of the skin tight synthetic underwear;
  • cause tumors can serve a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases of the body (tonsillitis, caries, sinusitis, pyelonephritis, and others.);
  • sometimes the appearance of cysts can be provoked abortion, or other gynecological and surgical interventions.

Whatever the reason Bartholin's gland cyst, there is no doubt that it plays an important role in a woman's body and it is desirable to maintain without resorting to surgery.Operation Bartholin gland cyst is carried out only in the case of recurrent relapses.

symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Bartholin gland cyst

magnitude of Bartholin's gland cyst can vary from size to less than the diameter of a small pea to the size of a large formation of a goose egg.Uncomplicated cyst looks virtually painless, round education, which is located in the lower part of the labia majora.

small cyst can absolutely not have any pain, and occur completely asymptomatic.This kind of education is most often detected gynecologist during a routine examination of women.After the formation begins to grow in volume, additional symptoms appear Bartholin's gland cyst - a feeling of discomfort when walking, pain during intercourse, when equipped with a close or tight fitting underwear and clothes.

When suppuration and development of abscess, Bartholin's gland cyst symptoms become brighter pronounced:

  • rapidly deteriorating overall health;
  • increased body temperature;
  • showing symptoms of intoxication (nausea, fatigue, vomiting);
  • cyst sharply increased in diameter up to 12-13 cm;
  • appears a sharp pain in the perineum and bloating;
  • pain is greatly enhanced when any movement;

If the cause of genital infections were abscess, the Bartholin's gland cyst symptoms are complemented symptoms of urethritis, vaginitis or endotservita.

Diagnostics Bartholin gland cysts include pelvic examination, which actually allows you to find education.In the absence of expressed symptoms and the inflammatory process, the skin of the labia remain fully discolored.On palpation in the thick labia detected cystic flexible education.Microscopic examination of the resulting smear and bacterial seeding material allow to identify the cause of bartholinitis development.In some cases, using such diagnostic methods, such as ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to determine the causative agent of genital infections.

Treatment of Bartholin's gland cyst depends on many factors.If this is the formation of small, asymptomatic and does not cause discomfort, often, no active treatment is not applicable.Sometimes this cyst goes away completely, due to the establishment of a secretory outflow.That is, these cysts are usually removed only with the cosmetic purpose, or with frequent recurrences of the disease.

traditional operating methods

traditional method of therapy for the treatment of retention of education is marsupializatsiya cysts.This method allows you to fully preserve the gland and restore its function.Cyst cavity is opened and remove accumulated in the channel secret.Then, a new mouth of the output channel.There is also a new method of treatment, with a special word-catheter.At the time it is impossible to carry out operational activities, such as during pregnancy, the patient, perform the cyst puncturing needle with suction accumulated contents.

However, none of these methods can not guarantee a complete cure, and at constant recurrence of the disease have resorted to surgical removal of the entire gland.

Operation Bartholin's gland cyst extirpation implies, that is, the complete removal of the cyst, with the excretory duct and directly by the gland.Postoperatively necessarily conducted physiotherapy and immunokorrektsionnye event.


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