Keratoconus - symptoms , treatments , surgery


1. Causes and symptoms of keratoconus

2. Conservative treatment of diseases

3. Surgical treatment of keratoconus

4. Keratoconus Treatment folk remedies

5. forecast

Keratoconus - a degenerative eye disease in which there is konusopodobnoe protrusion of the cornea due to its thinning.Keratoconus should be differentiated from Keratoglobus when the protrusion of the cornea is globusevidny character.

Causes and symptoms of keratoconus

Despite some blurring the causes of disease, we can identify the factors coincidence that contribute to keratoconus:

  • mechanical damage to the eye (for example, in their frequent friction)
  • internal diseases (allergy, asthma, low immunity, liver disease)
  • long stay at the computer
  • effect of ultraviolet (sun, solarium)
  • incorrectly matched lenses
  • genetic predisposition
  • features of the structure of the cornea
  • young age (mostly sick people under 30 years of age)

keratoconus Symptoms are similar to symptoms of other diseases o

f the eye.Furthermore, the degree of their manifestation in each case is different and depends primarily on the stage of the disease.

classic symptom of keratoconus - blurring the outlines of objects.Over time, in the eyes begins to divide in two, flicker, one sharper images join a few more blurry.Against this background, deteriorating visual acuity (especially at night), your eyes get tired, itch, and when you try to look at the light there are unpleasant sensations of spasm and pain.

differ symptom of keratoconus is the fact that the decrease in visual acuity is not related to a distance (as in myopia or hyperopia), which exists between the eye and the object under consideration.

Conservative treatment of diseases

main goal pursued by doctors in the treatment of keratoconus, - stop the disease process.To achieve this, run conservative therapeutic measures, which include:

1. Wearing cylindrical glasses or soft contact lenses of two-layer

2. Wearing hard contact lenses

3. Medication

4. Physiotherapy

5. Applicationcrosslinking method

Cylindrical glasses and soft two-layer contact lens does not cure the disease, they must be wearing to remove some of the symptoms of keratoconus.

good way to correct corneal degenerative changes are rigid gas permeable contact lenses.For the purpose of correction is not used for conventional contact lenses because they are soft and virtually the same shape as the cornea, thus not performing any medical and corrective actions.

why rigid lenses are used to treat keratoconus.Their action is their rigidity that they "reduce a" cornea to its original position.Moreover, thanks to the tear fluid which accumulates between the cornea and the lens is a uniform refraction of light, and this helps eliminate symptoms of keratoconus.This treatment can only be used at an early stage of the disease, when the bulging cornea is more amenable to correction.

Also completely rigid lenses, there are lenses with smooth edges and a solid center, using them your eyes "feel" more comfortable, but such lenses are not suitable for all.

Medication (namely vitamin drops) and physiotherapy (magnetotherapy, phonophoresis) play the role of adjuvant treatment of keratoconus.

Corneal crosslinking - a procedure in which with the help of ultraviolet radiation effects on the cornea increases its elasticity.This new and modern method in certain cases replace surgery for keratoconus.After the treatment stops the disease, the patient improved vision.

Surgical treatment of keratoconus

In case of failure of conservative treatment, and in the last stages of keratoconus surgery is used, which is a full or partial corneal transplantation (penetrating keratoplasty or partial).

Operation keratoconus require every fifth patient, and, as a rule, patients whose vision is not amenable to any correction, the only way out for them - surgery.

partial keratoplasty is performed in some cases, mainly children.Carry it can only experienced surgeon, as this procedure requires special skill and subtlety.

For this reason, most often carried out sequentially (full) keratoplasty.Setting the surgeon to remove the lenticular corneal layer and replace it with the same donor.

Do not be scared keratoplasty, surgery for keratoconus, a condition of their competent, always end happily, and donor cornea in 95% of cases successfully take root.The healing of the cornea lasts no more than six weeks, and the full stabilization of vision takes place throughout the year.

Another type of surgery used to treat keratoconus, is implanted into the cornea of ​​two layers of transparent thin arcs.Dougie put pressure on the cornea, and thus contribute to its subsidence.At present, this type of surgery for keratoconus rarely used, because of possible complications, such as accidental penetration of post-operative infections and blurred vision.

Keratoconus Treatment folk remedies

carry out the treatment of keratoconus folk remedies can be, but it is better to do it at a very early stage of the disease, in order to prevent, or in the period of rehabilitation after conservative (or surgical) treatment.Of course, there are traditional medicines, which favorably affect the cornea of ​​the eye, but to straighten it, they will not.

Below are traditional medicines, which, when combined with traditional treatment of keratoconus will help solve the problem:

1. Lotions decoction of chamomile, sage, mother and stepmother bad keratoconus relieve symptoms such as burning, itching, "sand in the eyes".

2. Often used folk remedy in the treatment of keratoconus is aloe.Its aqueous solution is useful to bury his eyes at many eye diseases.

3. Also good honey dripping eyes water solution.

4. In addition, eat carrots, blueberries, strengthens the immune system by means of the use of honey.

5. Do gymnastic exercises for the eyes.

is important to remember, if in the course of treatment of keratoconus folk remedies the desired effect does not occur, you should immediately resort to traditional treatment.

Weather Forecast for keratoconus is usually favorable.With the advent of the above methods of treatment of keratoconus, he is no longer a serious problem.In the case of timely diagnosis of the current methods of therapy and microsurgery able to cope with the disease.The same applies to diagnostic itself.Modern devices will find even the smallest changes in the cornea.

The main task of the person who has the symptoms of keratoconus are observed, do not ignore them, and in time to seek treatment.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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