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cornea - one of the mostimportant and sensitive components of the eye which is affected by the light rays, extreme temperatures, microorganisms and often foreign bodies.Therefore keratitis - inflammation of the cornea - is one of the most common eye diseases.Outwardly, it appears as pain, redness, ulceration of the eyes, tearing, photophobia, behind which can develop severe complications, including decreased vision and cataracts development.Keratitis requires immediate treatment.


disease Depending on the degree of damage to the cornea, the eye keratitis can be superficial or deep.In the first case, it may occur as a complication of conjunctivitis or dacryocystitis.After treatment, corneal scarring is usually not.Deep keratitis eye touches the inner layers of the cornea, which can cause scarring, and they, in turn, can reduce and visual acuity.In order to avoid scarring during

steroid treatment using eye drops.

In clinical practice, the diagnosis most often used term that refers to the origin of keratitis.For example, the term vernal keratoconjunctivitis implies inflammation of the cornea, cause allergic reactions.If the affected eye front and rear sections, and exudative-proliferative process leads to sclerosis of eyes, a doctor makes a diagnosis onhotserkozny keratitis eye.When the surface of the cornea trauma small foreign bodies occurs purulent inflammation of the lacrimal sac with severe, this phenomenon is called creeping ulcer of the cornea.If the cause of the inflammation was the ultraviolet light after long exposure to the sun or, for example, when working with a welding machine, this form of the disease called photokeratitis.If no epithelial edema, corneal ulceration occurs, for example, gram-negative bacteria in contact with contact lenses, such inflammation is called neyazvennnym keratitis.In rare cases, eye keratitis caused by parasitic fungi, it affects the deeper layers of the cornea and can even lead to its perforation.Such a complex in the diagnosis of fungal keratitis type of call.The most common form of the disease - it is certainly a viral keratitis and herpes species.Viral

keratitis caused by various viruses, it is 70% of herpes viruses.Herpetic keratitis, in turn, is caused by different strains, but mostly - herpes simplex or herpes zoster.The main features of herpetic keratitis is a long course with exacerbations and remissions.Amazed, usually one eye, but the sensitivity is reduced or absent in both eyes, and a rash emerges in the form of bubbles.This vascularization of the cornea is not available, it may be infiltration of gray come trigeminal nerve and produced specific antibodies.Herpetic keratitis is a primary, poslepervichnym, tree and discoid.Viral keratitis can be a point, vesicular, tree-metagerpeticheskim, discoid and diffuse keratouveitis.

symptoms of keratitis

The main symptoms of keratitis include the following features: the cornea swells, formed by infiltration, infiltration of the epithelium and exfoliate exfoliated appear erosion.The cornea loses its smooth shine and becomes rough.

What symptoms of keratitis, patients often complain?As a rule, it's a pain in the affected eye, tearing and photophobia, visual acuity drops, the eyes redden.The patient feels as if sand has got into the eyes, instinctively shrinks forever, but this is not a relief.Sometimes the pain and the feeling of "sand in the eyes" is so strong that you can not even open my eyes.Additional symptoms of keratitis are infiltrates of different sizes and shapes.Depending on the composition of infiltration may be gray or yellow.


Sometimes it seems that the symptoms of keratitis are so characteristic that one can himself put a diagnosis.However, the treatment is necessary to establish the exact type and origin of the disease.Doctor holds an external examination, scans the patient for symptoms of keratitis, check visual acuity and examining the eyelids to prevent foreign body.However, the main role in the diagnosis of playing microscopy (eye study under a special microscope) and crop prints cornea.


keratitis keratitis Treatment is usually complex.It includes measures of both general and local effects.Common treatments include keratitis detoxification therapy, the appointment of antiviral, antifungal or antibacterial agents.Also appointed desensitizing therapy and multivitamins.

Local treatment of keratitis include antiseptic or antibacterial drops.If the epithelium is intact, it can be assigned to a hormonal drug.Viral keratitis requires treatment with interferon.Besides anti-inflammatory drops, means extending the icons can be assigned.

Herpetic keratitis requires treatment Zovirax ointment, and with prolonged duration of use cryotherapy, laser photocoagulation, or diathermocoagulation lesions.

keratitis treatment should be timely, or inflammatory disease can lead to serious and irreversible complications such as perforation of the cornea, secondary glaucoma, corneal opacity, loss of the eye.


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