Cough in a child - the types , causes, treatment


1. In some cases, a child's cough becomes dangerous?

2. Types of cough and signs

3. Than to treat cough in a child?

Cough in a child - the most common reason for seeking medical attention.In most cases, a cough as a result of short-hazardous and diseases, but it may be a sign of a serious lung disease.It is important to know that cough - a protective reaction of the organism.With it, the body is taken that he did not need to - from microorganisms and dust to relatively large foreign body.What types of cough are?How to treat a cough in a child?On this and many other things you will learn in this article.

In some cases, a child's cough becomes dangerous?

danger may be a cough:

  • emerged suddenly and uninterrupted;
  • night, paroxysmal;
  • with wheezing, audible at a distance;
  • mixed with blood;
  • has developed against SARS and continued for more than three weeks;
  • with green phlegm.

In the above cases, should immediately seek medical attention.Even with minor signs of medical e

mergencies disease needs children with serious chronic disease, all children up to a year, as well as the presence in the child's temperature is above 38 degrees, or shortness of breath.

Types of cough and signs

Dry cough in a child is usually caused by inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, the number of sputum with him slightly.When inflammation of the trachea muffled cough, rough.

sudden severe attack of dry cough in a child can start and completely healthy child, when he is playing or eating.In this case it is necessary to make sure whether it has got into the airways any foreign body.This may be accompanied by cough, wheezing, cyanosis of the skin, shortness of breath.

In the event of sputum, cough becomes wet.A more liquid mucus easier to cough up, so after its release cough stops and after the accumulation starts again.

"barking" cough - inflammation of the throat with a sharp narrowing of its lumen due to swelling of the mucous membrane lining.When barking cough in a child air hardly enters the lungs, it becomes hard to breathe.When such a state is required to urgently call an ambulance.

cough in the morning is usually caused by the common cold as a result of the fact that the mucus from the nose flows into the respiratory tract, located below.

Very kind of cough in whooping cough: most of it is dry, worse at night, and the attacks begin approximately at regular intervals.Cough shock give way to a deep whistling breath, the child may make tears, and may also face blush.Often these coughing leads to vomiting.

Than to treat cough in a child?

In wet or dry cough with thick sputum prescribers designed to liquefy the phlegm, - mucolytics.Very popular variety of cough syrups for children.For the very young is also well suited mucolytics in the form of droplets.

drops or cough syrup for children need to be combined with the conduct of vibratory massage.If you do not have a special Vibro, you can manually carry out such a procedure.This requires to set fingers in the intercostal space of the child and to make the vibrating motion on the entire surface of the thorax over the lungs, except the heart.You can also lightly tapping his hands on the chest.Duration of treatment - 3-5 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Prolonged irritating dry cough doctor may prescribe drugs that suppress the cough reflex.Pay attention to the fact that their forbidden to take with wet cough, and in combination with drugs that contribute to liquefaction of sputum.

If the airway foreign body has got the kid, take the child by the legs and lower the head down and put on his tummy so that the head is below the torso.Palms tap on the back.

infants whose doctor suspected whooping cough, immediately placed the hospital under constant supervision of doctors.

When the barking cough of a child must be:

  • call an ambulance;
  • take the child in his arms to comfort him;
  • attributed to the bathroom, where the hot water is turned on;
  • make a steam inhalation, preferably with an alkaline solution (solution of mineral water or soda);
  • let the kid alkaline water - warm solution of baking soda (1/3 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of water.), Or the warm mineral waters.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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