Cardiosclerosis - types , symptoms and treatments


1. Types Cardiosclerosis

2. Symptoms Cardiosclerosis

3. Diagnosis and treatment Cardiosclerosis

4. Prevention Cardiosclerosis

Cardiosclerosis- a pathological condition of the heart muscle, in which there is overgrowth of connective tissue of the heart in place of dead muscle fibers.As a rule, the disease is asymptomatic.Therefore, it is difficult to detect at an early stage, before it manifests itself more serious consequences, such as heart failure or cardiac aneurysm.

Types Cardiosclerosis

There are diffuse and focal cardio.In diffuse affected the entire surface of the heart muscle.Focal (scar) is characterized by lesions separate cardio infarction area (heart muscle).

Depending on the causes of the disease following its types can be distinguished:

1. Atherosclerotic cardio.This diffuse kardiosklerosis which arises due to ischemic heart disease.She, in turn, is a consequence of atherosclerosis and coronary artery arises from the lack of oxygen supply to the he

art.When atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis narrowed lumen of blood vessels, oxygen-rich blood does not flow to the heart in the right amounts.There is a lack of oxygen, the heart is hard work, it is overgrown by connective tissue, increases in size and begins to shrink unevenly, cause heart rhythm.

Very often in the patient's medical record can be found, the term "cardio coronary artery disease."This is one of the types of atherosclerotic Cardiosclerosis.

Ybbs cardio (ischemic) develops on the background of coronary heart disease is very slowly over many years and, as a rule, such a diagnosis is elderly.

2. Postinfarction cardio - a focal (scar) change, often a natural consequence of myocardial infarction.Myocardial necrosis leads to a certain portion of the heart muscle, which is formed in situ scar.In the rumen occurs proliferation of connective tissue.Since overgrown scars do not have the elasticity as opposed to healthy tissue, contractile function of the heart is reduced, hypertrophy of the heart muscle, increasing heart chambers.To prevent the development of myocardial infarction, the patient must comply with bed rest, to control blood pressure jumps.Otherwise, you may bulge, enlargement, increase cardiac muscle wall (aneurysm), which often leads to death.

3. Postmiokardichesky cardio - usually the result of myocarditis - infectious or non-infectious inflammation of the heart muscle resulting from rheumatic fever, flu, sore throat, tonsillitis, diphtheria and other diseases.Myocarditis accompanied by destructive changes of stem cells of the heart muscle.Thus, when postmiokardicheskom cardiosclerosis occurs coarsening of the stroma of the myocardium, the heart is surrounded by a dense rough bars in cells which are closely muscle fibers.Disrupted cardiac activity, the heart loses the ability to contract normally.

Symptoms Cardiosclerosis

One of the main symptoms of any kind Cardiosclerosis - cardiac arrhythmia.The presence of other symptoms of the disease depends on the size of the lesions of the heart muscle and / or coronary vessels.

When atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis sick, usually first no symptoms.But eventually, when the lesions increased, shortness of breath may occur, increased sweating, palpitations, edema.It lets you know about yourself heart failure.

Man, myocardial infarction, should be aware that previous myocardial infarction, it will likely not be avoided.Such patients should always be under the supervision of a physician, undergo a periodic inspection.Postinfarction cardiosclerosis patient usually gets tired quickly, it contains heart pain, tachycardia, edema of the whole body, increases blood pressure.

postmiokardicheskogo Cardiosclerosis symptoms are mild.Possible rapid pulse, low blood pressure, a heart murmur, and his poor permeability.

Diagnosis and treatment Cardiosclerosis

diagnosis of "cardio" doctors put on the results of an electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography (ultrasound of the heart), and other studies of the myocardium.Through these studies, one can observe the heart muscle scarring, increasing its size and the presence of an aneurysm etc.

Speaking of atherosclerotic infarction, and his "CHD cardiosclerosis" varieties, as a rule, in its initial stage no specific treatment is required.You just need to revise your diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Postinfarction cardio requires medical treatment, which is to receive funds, improves metabolic processes in the myocardium and reducing the partial oxygen supply to the heart muscle.

In severe forms of the disease (severe damage to the coronary vessels, significant heart rhythm disturbances) may Cardiosclerosis surgery.

completely impossible to cure a disease, it is impossible to convert the connective tissue in the tissue healthy.It is also not possible to completely clean out the vessel from atherosclerotic plaques.For this reason, treatment Cardiosclerosis reduced to eliminate the symptoms, such as arrhythmia and cardiac insufficiency.With antiarrhythmics eliminated cardiac arrhythmia, and through diet, moderate physical activity, diuretics eliminated symptoms of heart failure.

Today there Cardiosclerosis treatment with stem cells, but its effectiveness is open to question that.

To improve the heart to normalize its rhythm and the elimination of symptoms of the disease is allowed to use the popular treatments.Good results in the treatment of Cardiosclerosis give infusions and decoctions, based on fruits and roots of hawthorn, elecampane, mountain ash bark, lemon balm leaves, herb rue, and others.Patients helpful to eat cottage cheese and eat at least one lemon per day.

Prevention Cardiosclerosis

To minimize the risk of post-infarction and atherosclerotic Cardiosclerosis need to limit in your diet, animal fats, to enter into the diet of protein foods, quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption.It is important to avoid excess weight.Being overweight is one of the causes obstruction of blood vessels and a huge load on the heart muscle.To improve the metabolism, better blood supply to the heart is necessary moderate exercise.It is important to keep the pressure under control and prevent it from shocks.

Prevention postmiokardicheskogo Cardiosclerosis includes timely treatment of existing infections in the body, so they do not become chronic form, and so by not contributing to the development of the disease.


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