Cardialgia - description of the symptoms , treatments


1. disease characteristic

2. Causes cardialgia

3. Symptoms cardialgia

4. Treatment cardialgia

5. Conclusion

disease characteristic

Painful sensations in the heart, or rather on the left side of the chest in medicine are called false angina.Causes different cardiac pain, is a major disease of vessels through which oxygen and blood to the heart to various departments.In medicine, it is believed that such unpleasant pain as cardialgia, are potentially dangerous for the patient's life, as they may be symptoms of such serious diseases such as stroke, myocardial infarction and angina pectoris.Often there are situations when the pain is not associated with coronary vessels.In such cases, doctors say that the patient is cardialgia that does not threaten human life.

Causes cardialgia

  • osteochondrosis;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • inflammatory processes in the body - myocarditis, pericarditis;
  • heart disease, excluding vascular lesions;
  • diseases of the spine and ribs;
  • certain hypertrophy of the heart;
  • ported chest injuries;
  • violation of the metabolic processes of the body

As can be seen from the above, such disease as false angina can occur for a variety of prichinam.Vazhno know what that appeared false angina symptoms we have described, is not necessarily a harbinger of serious complications, but, nevertheless, engageself-treatment is not recommended.The best option, if you have a discomfort in the left side of the chest, which is a symptom of cardialgia, is to appeal to an experienced cardiologist, who will conduct the necessary examination and to determine from which emerged cardialgia represent whether the symptoms are life threatening for the patient and what should be doneto get rid of unpleasant sensations.

Symptoms cardialgia

As you may have guessed, any pain in the left side of the chest, until a definitive diagnosis is set, regarded as false angina.Consider the most common symptoms and causes cardialgia its occurrence.

Quite often in medical practice cardialgia patient is a sign of neuro dystonia.The disease characterized by fatigue, prolonged pain in the heart, feeling of inferiority inhalation.It is also possible to have a constant headaches and anxiety of any minor subject.Admission of nitroglycerin in such cases is useless, it does not relieve the patient from pain, as cardialgia not associated with vasoconstriction, and medicine here will be in vain.

Cardialgia can be caused by herniated intervertebral disc and osteochondrosis, and the intensity of the discomfort does not depend on physical activity.Their amplification takes place at a certain position and movement of the head or hand.The most unpleasant sensations occur during sleep, when the sleep reflex removes his hands to the side or under the head.Such false angina, the symptoms of which are described above, in no way associated with heart disease.The reason for its occurrence is to eliminate an experienced orthopedic surgeon, which is necessary as soon as possible to ask for help.

cervico-brachial syndrome leads to the fact that there is compression of the subclavian artery and vein.As a result, people with burdens and raising hands up feeling pain in the left side of the body.It is also observed in patients with low blood pressure, low body temperature, swelling of hands seen.Afraid this is not necessary, as this is a description of symptoms cardialgia which indicate pathological hypertrophy.

cardialgia often appears as a result of intercostal neuralgia, shingles, or neuromas roots.The latter can cause disease in a patient such strong cardialgia that help can not even morphine.This fact is one of the key at a definitive diagnosis.

If you are overweight, do not be surprised if you find yourself cardialgia symptoms.Subject to this disease and people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.Unpleasant sensations arise immediately after a meal, they are often confused with angina.Correct diagnosis - cardialgia you or not, you can postavittolko after careful preparation history.

Aching and stabbing pain in the left chest area, and appear in such diseases as pleural effusion, pulmonary hypertension, myocarditis and pericarditis.They are often confused with symptoms cardialgia.To identify the exact diagnosis requires examination and consultation of the competent doctor.

Treatment cardialgia

If you have at least one of the symptoms of the disease description cardialgia, scientific medicine recommends to use any immediate sedative -valokordin, Corvalol or Korvaldin.If the pain does not stop, you should take analgin, sedalgin or pentalgin - 1 tablet into the wash down with warm water, put under the tongue validol.The patient should be free access to fresh air.If within half an hour there is no positive effect, the pain does not stop, you should immediately call an ambulance.


unpleasant feeling of tightness in the chest inherent digestive system disorders, menopause in older women, various infections, injuries and other diseases.In all these situations, the patient feels pain in the heart, depression, anxiety and fear.He feels that his main "engine" needs serious treatment.Do not rush to conclusions!As practice shows, with a description of symptoms cardialgia disease doctor puts a preliminary diagnosis, and sends the patient to additional consultation to other specialists.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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