Carbuncle - treatment , causes and symptoms


1. development of the disease and its symptoms

2. Causes carbuncle

3. treatment carbuncle

Carbuncle - inflammation purulent necrotic nature, characterizedthe defeat of several hair follicles with the rise of the drain of the inflammatory infiltrate, which is localized in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, as well as several necrotic cores.

Carbuncle arises from the introduction of staphylococci in the hair follicles.The infection is able to penetrate into the lymph vessels and the subcutaneous tissue of the dermis deep divisions, and provoke the formation of purulent necrotic inflammation.Thus, there is a painful infiltration, which gradually increases and can reach the size of children's hands.

skin at the edges of the infiltrate becomes purple-red hue, while the central part - a bluish tint.Moreover, infiltration is usually surrounded by pronounced edema.After a few days there to infiltrate a few holes through which stands out thick pus mixed with blood.These allow y

ou to see skin blemishes deep foundation necrotic mass of greenish tint, which are beginning to stand out, along with pus.

After rejection of necrotic tissue appears deep ulcer that can in some cases reach the fascia or muscle.Over time filled with granulation and ulcer healing.In place of the ulcer a dense, adherent to the underlying tissues scar.The general condition of the patient is accompanied by high fever, headache and chills.In some cases, may develop sepsis.

development of the disease and its symptoms

first stage of the disease takes an average of 8 - 12 days and is accompanied by the formation at the site of inflammation of the hair follicle infiltration of small size, which quickly increases.During this period, there are swelling and thickening of the skin at the site of the lesion.Infiltrate becomes bluish-purple hue, and then there are formed openings (fistulas), from which stands out a thick greenish pus and necrotic mass with blood.During this period, the carbuncle is growing, forming deep ulcers, in some cases, extends to the muscles.

duration of the second stage is 14 - 20 days.This step is accompanied by suppuration and the formation of necrosis.Fistulas in the affected area of ​​the skin gradually merge and eventually reduced toxicity.At the final stage, the second stage of the disease plague is filled with granulation tissue and then in its place formed a large scar.

For carbuncle characteristic manifestation of persistent pain in the area of ​​inflammation, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, tachycardia, insomnia, and delirium and unconsciousness.

Carbuncle is accompanied by an extensive purulent process.It is important to early treatment, as the disease can be quite serious consequences.Among the complications can be identified purulent meningitis, regional lymphadenitis, lymphangitis, sepsis and thrombosis.

Causes carbuncle carbuncle

When most commonly affects the skin of the back, neck and waist.In some cases, you may face a carbuncle, which is the most dangerous type of the disease.Direct role in the spread of blackleg play endogenous predisposing factors, diabetes, and transferred severe common diseases.

Among the most common causes of a carbuncle can distinguish skin pollution, skin trauma, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, as well as metabolic disorders.Moreover, the cause of the disease may become staphylococci, streptococci, enterococci, and other bacteria belonging to the group.

treatment carbuncle

Today carbuncle treatment often is the use of antibiotics and sulfa drugs.This therapy is typically used in small carbuncles occurring without causing severe symptoms, as well as carbuncles occurring at locations which is highly undesirable for aesthetic reasons, the presence of large scars remaining after the surgery.

carbuncle Treatment then consists in the combined therapy with streptomycin, penicillin, biomycin, Terramycin, and other broad-spectrum antibiotics.Sulfa drugs are often used, and in fairly large doses.

When treating carbuncle penicillin administered intramuscularly.Furthermore, injecting conducted affected body parts at a total daily dose of up to 10000000 units.The course of treatment carbuncle penicillin continues until the complete disappearance of symptoms of disease, as well as inflammation subsided.For 7 - 10 days it is recommended to take streptocid 0.5 g of 4 - 5 times a day or 1g norsulfazol for 4 times per day.

In the early stages of the disease can be used radiotherapy.It is noted that in combination with radiotherapy may be used and other methods of treatment, except for local.

On a more serious stage of carbuncle patient is usually hospitalized.In this case the surgical removal can be accomplished.The main indications for hospitalization and operations can be identified formed foci of necrosis, large enough sizes carbuncle, progressive nature of the disease and the presence of diabetes.

operation is performed under local anesthesia.Carbuncle is necessary to cut up and remove the viable tissue.After the operation the patient daily change bandages with proteolytic enzymes to the complete rejection of purulent necrotic mass.Moreover, after the operation should continue to antibiotic therapy and physical therapy.

speedy recovery depends on the timely treatment carbuncle based on antibiotic therapy, professionally executed operation, as well as proper care for the sick.


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