Kidney stones - symptoms, treatment , crushing


1. symptoms of urolithiasis

2. Treatment of kidney stones

3. removing stones by crushing

4. Treatment of kidney stones folk remedies

presence of kidney stones in medicine called urolithiasis, or refer to "urolithiasis".Stones can be formed not only in the kidney, but also in other organs of the human urinary tract.Stones formed in the kidneys, have the form of a solid, a crystal mass, which consists of salts entering into the composition of human urine in small amounts.Stones can be different in size and shape.These come in the form of small grains, which safely pass into the urine, a major form of complex shape, up to 5 cm. The formation of stones does not depend on a person's age, whether newborn or elderly person.From age can depend only on the type of urinary stone, for example, the older the person, the more formed uric acid stones, but the stones are formed protein is very rare.Also often kidney stones are formed phosphate, then urate and oxalate.Phosphate rocks ca

n quickly grow in size and become a coral stones.There were cases when the stone reaches up to 15cm and weigh several kilograms.Stones can change your location and move along the urinary tract.In this case, even a small stone, which comes from the kidney causes acute pain.

symptoms of urolithiasis

Throughout his life, a person may not be aware that there is a stone in his kidney.It depends on the size and location of the stone.Usually when a kidney stone is large, it will immediately make itself felt.And if the stone, leaving the kidneys, begins its movement along the ureter, a person begin excruciating pain.In humans, renal colic may begin abruptly with urolithiasis, which is accompanied by severe pain in the lower back.Dull pain on the sides can be felt during physical exertion, or a change in body position.The main symptoms of kidney stones is frequent urination with pain, it is said that the stone is in the urinary system.When urinating urine stream may stop abruptly and the patient, in turn, can not even feel it.Doctors call this phenomenon "laying syndrome", that is, with a change in body position urination may continue.As the symptoms of kidney stones include high pressure and temperature increase to 40%, swelling.When physical activity, or severe pain may appear blood in the urine.Severe pain relief may alternate within a few days.While acute pain a person can even feel when coming out of a kidney stone.Depending on whatever the symptoms of kidney stones, strongly or weakly expressed, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Treatment of kidney stones

treatment of kidney stones, doctors determined by the degree of the value of the stone, and the general condition of the patient.If larger size stone, it is removed by surgery.The operation is carried out not only because of the large stone, but also in renal failure patient, purulent pyelonephritis, or obesity.In the presence of stones carried and other treatments, such as medication, laser lithotripsy, the use of traditional medicine, or surgery.

physician can prescribe a drug therapy if the detected composition and size of the stone, if determined inflammatory kidney disease in the patient and when the stone does not exceed 0.5 cm. Also, the treatment of kidney stones must follow a special diet.Proper nutrition in the presence of stones is as follows: should limit the use of salt and animal protein to be wary of products containing oxalic acid and calcium.At night it is desirable to drink at least 2 liters of fluid, as well as the need to eat food rich in protein.Subject to these simple measures can facilitate the removal of kidney stones.

removing stones by crushing

If the stone is larger than 0.5 cm, it is removed by ultrasonic fragmentation.In some cases, the stones can independently exit kidneys.If the stone is moved into the ureter, the pain extends to the lower abdomen, and groin.When is the most powerful attack of pain, then it is likely that the stone was left alone in the urine.But it happens sometimes that the stone for any amount it sits securely in the kidney and is not going to go, then in this case the operation is required.If the stone size of from 1.5 to 2 cm, then crushing kidney stones ultrasound most effective treatment.Crushing stones in kidneys was carried out in guidance ultrasonic instrument to accurately detect their location.Thereafter, the kidney region and make a small incision nephoscope introduced, by means of which carry crushing kidney stones ultrasound.Then carefully remove the pieces.The operation to remove kidney stones with ultrasound is performed under general or spinal anesthesia.

Treatment of kidney stones folk remedies

If stones are found in the kidneys, but they do not prevent you from living a full life without pain, the treatment of kidney stones folk remedies most simple and effective method of treatment.In this method of treatment includes plants such as burdock, St. John's wort, parsley, cranberries, sweet flag, root, madder dyeing and bearberry.Also, get rid of the stones help fennel seeds, birch leaves, horsetail, corn silk and peppermint.Of these components, you can make a decoction.To do this, choose the three aforementioned species of plants account for 2 tablespoons 1 liter of boiling water and insist 3:00.This decoction taken 3 times a day for 20 ml.This decoction should be drunk 2-3 weeks.After that, it is recommended to change the infusion components.The treatment of kidney stones folk remedies - 3- 4 months.


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