Sciatica - Symptoms , treatment of traditional and folk remedies


1. Causes and symptoms

2. Traditional treatment

3. People's treatment of sciatica

Sciatica (sciatica, sciatica) - complexsymptoms caused by compression of the sciatic nerve.In other words, sciatica - is sciatica.

Causes and symptoms of the disease

The sciatic nerve is the longest and fat in the human body, it is formed by five (six) of the nerve roots, namely, a few roots sacral spine and two in the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra area.

Entrapment of the nerve leads to strong, "shooting" pain that is felt in the back and through the buttock, hamstring goes to the bottom of the left or right foot.

Pain - the main symptom of sciatica.But with the cause and nature of the need to understand.

1. Reflex pain - the safest and short kind of pain with sciatica.There is compression of the sciatic nerve due to edema.The swelling, in turn, is formed as a result of spasm of the muscles and circulatory disorders.

Such a symptom of sciatica pain as a reflex occurs after too inte

nse exercise, uncomfortable position during sleep, hypothermia, etc.It is moderate and, typically, takes a few days.Namely, after the swelling in the region where the sciatic nerve descend and thereby stop it (nerve) jam.

2. The pain caused by a herniated disc.The reason for hernia - an excessive load on the spine, so that there is protrusion of the cartilaginous bodies (disks), located between the vertebrae.Rupture or tear called an intervertebral disc and (intervertebral) hernia.It compresses the nerve, which leads to severe disruption of the blood supply to the pelvis and legs.Herniated discs - one of the most common causes of sciatica.

symptoms of sciatica with intervertebral hernia:

  • pain is pronounced "shooting" in nature, it interferes with sleep, sit, walk
  • patient feels tension and spasm of the lumbar muscles, pelvis, legs
  • pain increases when sudden movement, changing positionbody and even coughing and sneezing
  • impaired sensitivity legs and pelvis in the future may develop muscle atrophy, which leads to weight loss of one leg
  • trend to increased pain

3. The pain caused by spinal stenosis or osteochondrosis.When osteochondrosis of vertebral deformity occurs, the violation of their mobility, the intervertebral discs can not cope with its functions, there is sciatica.

Symptoms of sciatica osteochondrosis:

  • pain is poorly defined aching in nature
  • patient feels stiff muscles
  • pain migrates in the buttocks, the back, then up

Spinal stenosis occurs as a result of narrowing of the channel in whichis the spinal cord, it is associated with the aging process, so this condition occurs in people older than 60 years.Symptoms of sciatica in spinal stenosis with similar symptoms in osteochondrosis and characterized by mild pain, tingling, numbness in the back, buttocks and legs.

4. Also sciatica symptoms may be observed in the tumors of the spine, degenerative diseases of the intervertebral disc, piriformis syndrome, dysfunction of the sacroiliac joints and other less common diseases.

Traditional treatment

Since sciatica is not a disease, but only symptom complex, then the words "the treatment of sciatica" refers to the treatment of the disease, which it provoked.

In many cases, the symptoms of sciatica can take themselves, and it happens for one, maximum of two weeks.This is possible if the causes of sciatica are not related to a specific disease, and are a natural "response" to the spinal hypothermia, weight lifting, etc.

But if the cause of sciatica or a herniated intervertebral osteochondrosis - treatment is necessary.To get rid of the pain, you need to take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that has analgesic, antipyretic effect.This medication diclofenac, ibuprofen, indomethacin, and others. We must understand that anesthetic only temporarily relieve sciatica symptoms but not cure the disease.

Therefore it is necessary to address to the neurologist, it is better if it is a chiropractor.The doctor begins to treat the patient after reviewing his X-rays and the results of imaging (computed or magnetic resonance).

for the restoration of normal metabolic processes in the disk, the release of nerve endings with vertebral hernia and osteochondrosis, for the correction of spinal manipulation techniques are used, to massage and physiotherapy.But in advanced cases of vertebral hernia treated surgically.

People's treatment of sciatica

It is worth remembering that the treatment of sciatica folk remedies is only possible if the cause of his symptoms allows you to do it.Determining the cause can only be a doctor.

People sciatica treatment is carried out with compresses, infusions, massages, baths.


1. Compress horseradish.Make a cake of shredded horseradish, potatoes and honey.Gauze wrap, put a compress on the waist, wrap yourself with a warm blanket.Horseradish perfectly warm, but it can burn the skin without potatoes.

2. Compress wax.Heat to ductile piece of wax, put it on your waist, wrap yourself with a blanket.This procedure is useful to do at night.Wax - one of the best folk remedies for sciatica.

3. Compress of turpentine.Mix turpentine and water in approximately equal quantities, pour the mixture on the cut pre-crust of rye bread.Attach the bread to the sore spot, fix bandage.

4. Poultice of cabbage.Take a leaf of cabbage, scalded with boiling water, apply to the affected area.The time during which to hold the wrap is not limited.Cabbage applying are considered very effective folk remedy for sciatica, they reduce pain and warm.

5. Compress of rye dough.Knead the dough on the water and rye flour to make a cake thickness of 1cm, to impose on the lower back, better at night.

tinctures for the national treatment of sciatica:

1. Tincture of dandelion and cologne.It can be done only during the period of flowering dandelions.Collect flower heads, pour their triple cologne.A day can be rubbed tincture to the affected area.

2. Tincture of the herb St. John's wort.2-3 tablespoonsherb St. John's wort pour half a liter of boiling water, let stand for two hours.Take half a cup for 15 minutes before eating.

3. Tincture of calendula or elecampane.It is used to treat sciatica in its chronic form.It is necessary to take 1 tbspmarigold flowers (or elecampane roots), pour a glass of water (nard should be boiled in a glass of water), to insist, to use before eating a couple of hours.

People sciatica treatment is also carried out with the help of massage.It is necessary to pass a minimum of ten massages, which are sometimes very painful.For the treatment of sciatica massage should begin with the tips of my toes and finish blades.

very useful to make honey massage.300 grams of honey melt in a water bath, add 50 grams of alcohol, stir.Preparation of the mixture for half an hour to do a back massage.This procedure is well warms up, improves blood circulation, soothes.

Another effective folk remedy for sciatica is a warm bath with a decoction of pine.For its preparation must take 1 kg of young shoots of pine, add 3 liters of hot Vod, boil for a few hours to insist, added to the bath with the calculation of 1 liter infusion of 15 liters of water.If

to national treatment of sciatica in an integrated manner, that is, combining massages, tinctures, compresses, the effect is likely to will not take long.But if the treatment of sciatica folk remedies combined with manual therapy, the effect will be visible from the first days of treatment.

But in any case it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it.For the prevention of sciatica should observe posture, doing physical exercises, not to lift heavy objects, avoid hypothermia.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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