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Hypochondria - a mental condition characterized by the absolute conviction of the person in the presence of hisserious or incurable diseases.This condition is not a disease in the truest sense of the word, depending on the degree of its manifestation refers to the symptoms of various mental disorders and is characteristic of individuals.


Due to the fact that hypochondria can not be considered independent mental illness, and signs and symptoms of hypochondria is too diverse, the exact cause of this medical condition can not be called until now.Typically, psychologists tend to think of hypochondriacal thought processes of reflection:

- distorted perception of the cerebral cortex impulses coming from the internal organs;

- various violations of the work of the cerebral cortex;

- malfunction between the cerebral cortex and the autonomic division of the nervous system;

- the presence of a person

delusional disorders.

hypochondria exposed to emotional and suspicious person, easily influenced mass media.Accessibility of health information, the hype of various drugs that literally have to buy one, sensational TV about new diseases and unexpected manifestations of pre-existing conditions - all this led to the fact that the number of hypochondriacs in modern society is constantly increasing.

Most suffer from hypochondria elderly.Affected hypochondria and adolescents due to the fact that their mental state is not stable.Young people tend to like a sponge to absorb the unnecessary negative information.

among patients of physicians almost all clinics and hospitals encountered hypochondriacs both sexes.Independently set itself nonexistent diagnoses are equally inclined to both women and men.Such patients are sufficiently well-read, they watch the news in medicine, read the medical sites and watch TV programs about health.

complaints of these patients, of course, exaggerated - a slight headache or migraine seems to them a harbinger of a brain tumor in the cold light they suspect tuberculosis, etc.But a hypochondriac can not control their feelings and frankly admit themselves artificiality problems.This is the main difference from a mere hypochondria hypochondria or anxiety about their health.

Most often hypochondria seen in patients suffering from a variety of neuroses and psychoses of different shapes, the elderly deny your age, patients with delusions, people experiencing communication problems, and sexual life (the presence of these problems are blamed on various diseases).

symptoms of hypochondria

anxiety for his health from time to time you may receive from any person, since the human body is not eternal, and sometimes may fail.But the real hypochondriacs such anxiety turns into a morbid obsession.

Conventionally, this mental state is divided into three types: intrusive, overvalued and delusional hypochondria.

obsessive form is characterized by the following symptoms of hypochondria:

- increased mistrust and anxiety;

- permanent analysis and incorrect evaluation of all the physiological processes in the body.Example: stab in the heart - heart attack, irregular chair - a dangerous disease of the digestive system;

- panic not only in detecting alleged violations in the body, but in their absence.Example: if you have no pain, the disease occurs in a latent form, and thus is still more dangerous than it looked.

hypochondria attack can be triggered by a stressful situation, the loss of a loved one (especially if he died of an incurable disease), an ambiguous phrase doctor, transmission or viewing medical advertising, etc.

When overvalued form of hypochondria symptoms are similar, but more pronounced.Also, they are joined by the characteristic mental and behavioral reactions.

Patients "sick" the idea of ​​perfect health.Begin actively, but not always well tempered, use Statement on numerous diets, taking a variety of vitamins, supplements and medicines.Such people tend to consider that the doctors treated them wrong.Often served lawsuits to doctors and clinics.

also occurs in patients with an acute emotional reaction in response to the slightest physical discomfort - panic, tears, hysterics.This form of mental state could be a harbinger of incipient schizophrenia or psychopathy.

Crazy form of hypochondria is the heaviest.It requires immediate treatment and is characterized by the following symptoms of hypochondria:

- a strong belief in the presence of a very incurable disease;

- the belief that all are aware of the disease, but do not tell the truth.The man does not believe in the results of the analyzes, according to which he is healthy.He believes that doctors conceal the diagnosis, announce false results and other studies;

- patients having hallucinations, delusions, depression;

- there are frequent attempts at suicide.

Treatment of hypochondria

Before starting treatment hypochondria doctor should exclude the presence of the real health problems of the patient.To do this, it carried out a standard set of studies (general analysis of urine, blood and feces) and additional patient studies, on the basis of his complaints (ultrasound of internal organs, ECG, etc.).If the conclusion of the therapist and specialists a person is healthy, but it is showing signs of hypochondria - he issued a referral to a therapist (mild cases) or a psychiatrist.These specialists and are treating hypochondria.

often with the question "how to get rid of hypochondria?" Doctors do not treat patients themselves and their friends or relatives.Since these people deliver a lot of trouble to others.They require greater attention, are always in a depressed state, to impose their way of life to others (using diets, food supplements, etc.).Often family members are going to doctors because they fear suicide attempts.

Unfortunately, the universal answer to the question "how to get rid of hypochondria" does not exist.Treatment is determined by its hypochondriasis views.

patients with mild bout of reporting mental state caused by a stressful situation or loss of a loved one in a position to help family and friends.We must listen carefully to the person who is not trying to persuade him too active in the absence of disease.Do not give any advice, do not keep the conversation on these topics neither a positive nor negative evaluation.This behavior should be compulsory for every member of the family.From the house you need to remove any medical literature.Try to find a hypochondriac greater variety of activities: walking, socializing, creativity.Create a calm atmosphere at home.

Treatment of hypochondria depressive nature carried out with the use of antidepressant drugs (diazepam, sertraline, amitriptyline, trazodone).

the presence of neurotic disorders in patients treated hypochondria carried tranquilizers or neuroleptics, helps get rid of the manifestations of neurosis.

Powerful antipsychotics prescribed for the treatment of hypochondriasis as manifestations of schizophrenia.In this case, the patient is placed in a hospital, treatment should be administered under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

Unfortunately, completely to save people from hypochondria is impossible, since this state is more characteristic of the individual.Therefore we can not completely exclude the possibility of relapse.For as little as possible to wonder "how to get rid of hypochondria?"hypochondriac is necessary to limit access to medical information.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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