Foreign body in the eye - symptoms , body removal


1. Classification

2. Signs of a foreign body i

n the eye

3. The dangerous ingress of foreign bodies in the eye?

4. first aid in case of eye foreign body

5. Diagnostics

6. Treatment and removal of foreign body from the eye

7. Prevention

Foreign bodies in the eye- it is superficial or deep-seated foreign particles orbit, eyeball and the various departments adnexa eyes.Contact with the eyes of a foreign body - is a serious and widespread problem of modern ophthalmology.


eye Foreign body are superficial or intraocular if they penetrate the membrane of the eye and are delayed in its internal departments.Depending on the foreign particles enter the body distinguish between foreign places eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva of the eyeball and eye socket.

The composition of foreign bodies in the eye is divided magnetic (iron) and non-magnetic (glass, wood, earth, sand, consisting of copper, aluminum and other metals, etc.).

Signs of a foreign body in the eye

Symptoms of contact with a foreign body eye can range from minor discomfort to intense and unbearable pain.It depends primarily on the type of fault localization and damaging the object.

Usually the ocular surface damage is characterized by discomfort, pain and foreign body sensation in the eye.It may also be accompanied by tearing, redness, burning, scratching in the eye, increased sensitivity to light, problems with opening the eyes, swelling of soft tissue, blurred vision and bleeding from the eyes of superficial vessels.

In very rare cases when small and acute foreign particle gets into the eye, damage or symptoms may be entirely absent, or be minimal.If the patient does not bother, but it is suspected that inside the eye could reach an object, it is necessary to urgently seek help from a specialist.Place a foreign body penetration into the eye is sometimes extremely difficult to determine with the naked eye.

The dangerous ingress of foreign bodies in the eye?

foreign body in the eye may cause mechanical or toxic damage to the organ of vision, inflammatory reactions (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, uveitis, keratitis), hemorrhage and secondary complications (retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts and other diseases).

dangerous to a foreign body to the eye or eyes, depending on its form and nature, as well as on how it got into the eye where it is located and in what amount.

safest considered the presence of foreign bodies in the conjunctival sac.However, if the subject is sharp, it can penetrate the cornea or sclera.And if a foreign particle in the eye flew at high speed, it can damage the cornea or sclera, as well as to get inside the eyeball, in the lens, the retina or into the vitreous.

If the foreign body is made of copper or iron, may be metallosis - a dangerous chemical reaction with the tissues of the eye.Metallosis is characterized by a decrease in visual acuity, blindness twilight, circular narrowing of the field of vision and other symptoms.

Prolonged exposure of a foreign body in the eye can lead to very serious complications - purulent ulcers of the cornea, inflammation of the inner eye membranes, blindness, and removal of the eyeball.

first aid in case of eye foreign body

If glass particles, wood, metal or other foreign material gets into your eyes, keep the following guidelines:

  • In no case can not touch or rub your eyes - this can lead to a deepeningforeign body in the eye tissue and cause additional injury.
  • as long as possible keep the affected eye closed, as blinking only increases the irritation.
  • Put blindfold on, make sure that it does not press on the eyeball, and seek medical advice.


survey includes the procedure of checking and thorough inspection of superficial eye membranes using a slit lamp.If you suspect a superficial foreign bodies doctor gently turns the upper eyelid and checks their presence underneath.

According to the testimony of the victim can be carried out inspection of the inner layers of the eye to the presence of foreign particles using an ultrasonic device, ophthalmoscope and X-ray eyes.

Treatment and removal of foreign body from the eye

First of all, you need to take a mirror and examine carefully the eyeball.If you see the speck, take a cotton swab or clean handkerchief and gently remove it from the eyes of a foreign object.You can also wash the eye with clean water at room temperature.Keep your eyes open and rinse it until then, until it stops stinging.Sometimes the sensation of a foreign body in the eye persists after the mote extraction, but it is less pronounced.

In some cases, effective and natural way to cleanse - tears.Carefully lift the upper eyelid with your fingers and hold as long as the eye will not tear.The cornea of ​​the human eye can boast of powerful protective reflexes that are rapidly removed most of the small particles of surface enhanced blinking and tearing.

If all else fails, and foreign body sensation in the eye persists, visit an ophthalmologist.Sometimes a foreign body reaches the mucosa and submucosal layer of the eye, and removing it therefrom is prohibited in the home.If a foreign object is in the cornea, sclera and conjunctiva, it should be removed only by a specialist.Attempts to make the removal of a foreign body from the eye is dangerous and could lead to intraocular infection or the formation of rough scar, which may adversely affect the visual acuity.

superficial foreign bodies are usually removed from the eye right in the doctor's office.First Specialist digs painkillers drops, then carefully remove the foreign object using a special microscope - slit lamp.After this procedure, the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ointments or drops to prevent the development of the inflammatory process.

As for intraocular foreign bodies, they are removed in the operating room using a microscope, special equipment and tools.Such injuries are serious, they threaten not only visually, but also the preservation of the eyeball, so must be operated urgently.

If a foreign body in the eye led to a slight superficial damage to the cornea for the treatment of this disease recommend antibiotic ointment.When more serious damage to the cornea needs additional treatment.The pupil must always be extended - this effect can be achieved by the use of special drugs (atropine 1% solution).In addition, the damaged eye drops was instilled with antibiotics and bandage to completely exclude penetration of light.Fortunately, the epithelium that covers the eyeball, very quickly restored - even serious damage to heal under a bandage for 1 - 3 days.


use special protective glasses with plumbing, carpentry, agriculture and repair work is an excellent prevention of a foreign body entering the eye.


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