Excess copper in the body - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. reasons for excess copper

2. Symptoms

3. Wilson's disease

4. excess copper treatment

In 1998the World health organization declared that the lack of copper carries more harmful to health than its surplus.Copper and really plays an important role in the body - it is part of the 11 enzymes and is involved in the process of hematopoiesis, hemoglobin synthesis and enzyme cytochrome normalizes group vitamins exchange B, A, E, C, F, and the need for intrauterine growth and development of the child.And yet, the excess copper in the body can play a harmful role.Excess copper provoking diabetes, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders.And the more damage causes the copper contained in the vitamins and minerals and water.

reasons for excess copper

Copper contained in various foods - seafood, beef liver, nuts, cocoa beans, pineapple, prunes, blackberry, parsley, mint, mountain ash, etc.But even if your diet will consist exclusively of these

products, you do not threaten the excess copper in the body as a trace element in food that is contained in microscopic doses.The risk of poisoning threatened by eating foods containing high concentrations of copper.

have excess copper may be three main reasons:

- Poison fumes and copper compounds, and copper dust.This situation can arise both in the domestic environment when using copper or copper ware solutions, and in the workplace.Excess copper, which is observed as a result of inhalation of copper fumes medicine called metal fume fever.

- Violation of copper metabolism.An inherited disorder of copper metabolism is called Wilson's disease.

- Multiple sessions of hemodialysis.


When copper poisoning as a result of ingestion of products containing hazardous concentrations of this trace element, and by inhalation of copper poisoning symptoms will be different.

If the excess copper in the body formed as a result of ingestion of products with a high concentration of copper, the victim feels vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, metallic taste in the mouth, pain in the abdomen.During hospitalization the patient's renal failure, liver failure is detected, and a variety of neurological disorders, such as increased salivation, speech disturbances or seizures.

If the cause of the excess copper was acute poisoning in pairs and copper compounds, in addition to general poisoning symptoms (headache, weakness, lethargy, reduced working capacity, nausea, vomiting), will be marked thirst, dry cough.The patient complains of chest pain, chest tightness, will feel the chill.When hospitalization is detected fever, abdominal pain, dilated pupils, increased reflex activity of the brain and other neurological disorders.

Other characteristic symptoms of excess copper in the body include muscle pain, depression and irritability.In this situation, blood hemolysis may occur, which may indicate blood in the urine, and jaundice.However, these symptoms are observed only in the case of acute copper poisoning.

When excess copper can also be observed allergodermatoses, and may increase the risk of atherosclerosis.

Wilson's disease

This disease is also called gepatotserebralnoy hepatolenticular dystrophy and degeneration.However, the essence remains the same.In Wilson's disease there is a congenital disorder of copper metabolism, which can result in severe diseases of the central nervous system and internal organs.

disease is transmitted by a gene located on the 13th chromosome.It is diagnosed every twentieth preschool and school children, patients with liver cirrhosis.This is a rare disease, which most often affects men, common in areas with closely related marriages.

As a result of Wilson's disease excess copper in the body accumulates in the liver, leading to its inflammation, fibrosis and cirrhosis.Furthermore, during illness excess copper into the bloodstream, the free copper is deposited in the renal tissue, cornea, nervous tissue.In this disease pattern reminiscent of chronic liver disease hepatitis and cirrhosis, but is accompanied by damage to the nervous system.

The disease usually progresses, sometimes observed remission and exacerbation, with massive necrosis and hemolysis may be fatal cases.If untreated, death from neurologic disorders occur in 5-14 years.

excess copper

Treatment Treatment of the disease depends on the clinical picture, including the degree of poisoning.

In acute excess copper in the body, appointed by the chelators that remove trace elements from the body.These include Karbosfer, Karbolong, Enterosgel and other drugs.As a rule, they are appointed by the attending physician at the hospital.The patient may also be assigned to a gastric lavage, infusion therapy, diuretics, and symptomatic treatment.If the excess copper has come as a result of inhalation of vapors, the doctor prescribes the antidote, bronchodilators, and expectorants.

In less severe cases and as maintenance therapy is assigned a diet that excludes foods containing copper, gepatoprotektory, cholagogue, preparations containing boron, molybdenum and zinc.


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