Excess iron in the body - symptoms, treatment


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iron overload (hemochromatosis) - a disease associated with severe metabolic disordersiron in the human body.There are two main forms of the disease: the innate (or primary) and acquired hemochromatosis (or secondary) hemochromatosis.


Iron is actively involved in the process of hematopoiesis.None of this trace element can not do most of the biochemical processes in the cells of our body.

main function of iron is the manufacture of hemoglobin - a complex iron-containing protein that carries oxygen to the tissues and the transport of them carbon dioxide.In a healthy person in the intestine is absorbed a small amount of the trace element, and its surplus is simply not acceptable.

When hemochromatosis iron is absorbed in much greater quantities than required by the human body.The excess iron accumulates in tissues and internal organs.But if the information that the deficiency of iron in the body is dangerous to hum

ans, familiar to many, the fact that hemochromatosis is no less dangerous, known not to everyone.

congenital hemochromatosis is a hereditary disease transmitted in an autosomal recessive manner.The disease, unfortunately, is not so rare, the frequency of its prevalence is one case in fifty people.It is dangerous, that's why the disease is also called pigment cirrhosis or bronze diabetes.Annually accumulates "extra" iron in an amount up to one gram of the body of the sick person.When excess iron reaches 20g, the disease makes itself felt.This usually occurs after 20-40 years.Most often manifested in the form of diabetes mellitus (excess iron accumulates in the pancreas), liver cirrhosis (excess of iron in the liver), or arthritis.

acquired hemochromatosis linked to lifestyle and eating a sick person.Most often the disease develops as a result of long-term self-medication patient, accompanied by uncontrolled use of iron-containing preparations.Also, the excess iron can be associated with multiple blood transfusions and excessive consumption of iron-rich foods.

provoke secondary hemochromatosis are chronic liver disease, and hemolytic anemia.Face the risk of iron overload, and people suffering from chronic alcoholism.

Symptoms of excess iron

The main symptom of the disease is a specific skin hyperpigmentation.The skin becomes yellow-brown hue similar to that observed in patients with jaundice.

addition to excess iron symptoms include:

- the accumulation of iron in tissues and organs, including siderosis;

- weakness and fatigue;

- headaches and dizziness;

- weight loss and loss of appetite;

- stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, damage to the intestinal mucosa;

- hepatic impairment;

- decreased sexual drive;

- disorders of the immune system.

The clinical symptoms of excess iron include diabetes, liver cirrhosis, arthritis, chronic heart failure, impaired testicular function.Iron overload in the body increases the likelihood of infectious diseases and tumor pathologies.


As a rule, to rid the body of hemochromatosis patient to apply a range of measures.It includes a refusal to take iron supplements, dietary supplements with iron, multivitamins.When prescribing medication to a patient, and helps to eliminate iron from the body.Assign also a special diet, providing for restriction of use of iron-rich foods - red meat and fish, meat offal, apples, buckwheat, nuts, eggs, chocolate, etc.Under the strict prohibition of alcohol is because it not only negatively affect the work of the liver, but it helps the absorption of iron in the intestine.That is to minimize the effectiveness of the treatment.

greatest effect in the treatment of excess iron in the body helps to achieve a donation.Early treatment is carried out weekly bloodletting, and the patient can take up to 500 ml of blood.With increasing time intervals, the procedure was repeated every three months.Treatment is carried out in such a way as long as the body can not get rid of surplus iron.

If diagnosed in time (before the patient is faced with cirrhosis of the liver or life-threatening arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy), and treatment is begun promptly, the prognosis is favorable.The patient has a good chance of a long life.


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