Itching of the skin of the body and hands - causes, treatment


1. Causes itching skin

2. Treatment

Skin Itching - enough frequent unpleasant phenomenon, characterized by a desire to comb the affected area of ​​the body.There are acute and chronic itching, as well as local (felt at a certain area of ​​the skin), and generalized (itchy skin of the body).Note that itch is not a separate disease, and acts as a rule, as one of several symptoms of skin diseases.In addition the occurrence of pruritus can be the result of dysfunction or internal organs of the nervous system.It is often very difficult to make a seemingly ordinary itching, and sometimes it brings more misery than even the pain.

recommended to refrain from scratching the affected area of ​​the skin, as it can only increase the discomfort.Also in the process of combing in the injury site can get an infection that can thereby contribute to the development of pustular skin diseases.

body skin itch can bring a lot of discomfort and discomfort to the owner.In some cases, the body skin i

tching persists, and at night, disrupting the normal human sleep.

Itching skin of the body is more difficult to treat than the local.In some cases, in the area marked symptoms of pruritus affected areas, where there are blisters, bumps, redness and other skin deformations.Modification of skin itching skin of the body may indicate the development of serious diseases such as scabies, ringworm, eczema and others.When the manifestation of the first signs of pruritus should immediately consult a dermatologist as may need urgent medical attention.

Itching of the scalp - a localized form of itching, which is manifested as a symptom in some pathological states of the organism.Constant scratching of the skin with itching of the scalp can provoke soak, ie eczema, sores and dermatitis.Often, itching scalp dandruff develops and weakened root system, so that the hair begins to fall gradually.Thus, it is essential that the root cause of itchy scalp and begin its immediate treatment.It is recommended that external means symptomatic therapy, helps to alleviate the patient's condition.

Skin Itching hands can develop as a result of various factors.Among the most common causes of skin itching hands can distinguish the presence of skin diseases, severe psychological stress, as well as the use of certain drugs.Besides hands itchy skin can be triggered by mechanical, chemical and thermal irritant effect.Vnekozhnye Some diseases can also cause itching of skin of hands.Among such diseases can be identified jaundice and diabetes, which can be expressed not only in form but in a hidden.Vegetative-vascular dystonia can also contribute to the emergence of itching hands.

Causes itching

should be noted that the pathophysiology of pruritus is difficult enough.The main cause of itching is a cascade of neuro-reflex and humoral responses, which can be run a number of different factors.Thus, among the most common causes of itching are its dryness, the presence of atopic, allergic and contact dermatitis, i.e. allergic reactions of human organism to a number of drugs, certain chemicals, biting insects, plants, etc.Infection of the upper layer of the skin, such as impetigo and folliculitis may also cause itching.

childhood infections such as chickenpox and measles, can provoke itching, characterized by rash on the skin.Parasitic infections such as lice (mostly itching of the scalp), pinworms (itching in the anal area for children), as well as itch mites (itching coupled with moves itch on the skin) may also cause itching.

itching in the genital area predominantly affects women.The cause of pruritus in the art may make abundant leucorrhoea, trichomoniasis, candidiasis and irritant effect of urine in gout, diabetes, inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, sexual neuroses.Among the main causes of body itching can be distinguished endocrine diseases (hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism);liver disease, characterized by jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia;Some blood disorders (polycythemia, iron deficiency anemia, and others);xeroderma;mental disorders;a number of cancers.

"old man's itch" - quite an intense itching that develops in people over the age of 70 years with no apparent reason.


As noted above, itching is a symptom.Thus, the presence of itchiness, the physician first conducting thorough diagnosis to determine the primary disease, and after that assigns appropriate treatment.Diagnosis based on clinical manifestations and the specific situation may include a variety of studies.

For the treatment of skin itching are various local media, among which are the lotion with camphor and menthol, which have local anesthetic effects, as well as a soothing and cooling effect on the skin.The cold is also a very effective tool used in the treatment of itching.It is recommended to take a cold shower, do a cold compress on the affected area apply a towel soaked in cold water.It should be remembered that prolonged exposure to moisture can have an adverse effect on the skin in the presence of allergic disease.Furthermore, in the treatment of skin pruritus applied antihistamines topical (creams and ointments).Antihistamines for oral administration, and ointments containing steroids in their composition, can be taken only after consulting a doctor.


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