Constipation in adults and children - Causes, Treatments


1. Causes of constipation

2. Types disease

3. Treatment of constipation

Constipation - this is a rare, difficult or incomplete bowel movements.According to statistics, it affects about half the population of developed countries.

In the past, physicians have called daily rate of human stool at one and the same time.Now experts do not consider the frequency of acts of defecation and human health, the absence of uncomfortable sensations.When this is considered normal stool frequency from 3 times a day to three times a week, if defecation occurs and extended without tension straining.

Stool frequency depends on the type of food eaten.When used vegetable products defecation generally occurs 2-3 times per day.When cereal ration - 1 times a day, in the use of meat and egg meals - 1 every 2-3 days.

Causes of constipation

cause of constipation is a violation of the formation of stool and move them through the intestines.It occurs in many people, after the stress of operations i

n the long travels and stops after returning to the usual human life.

But there are causes of constipation, which require treatment:

  • stomach ulcer, colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, dysbacteriosis, chronic pancreatitis;
  • diet with small amounts of plant fiber, an insufficient amount of fluids you drink;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • anus diseases that are accompanied by pain and do not allow to completely empty the bowel (abscess, hemorrhoids, anal fissures);
  • clusters "fecal stones" (hardened stool) in the intestine;
  • endocrine diseases - diabetes, hypothyroidism and others;
  • neurological diseases - multiple sclerosis, tumors or spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease, stroke;
  • taking certain medicines;

Some of these causes of constipation can provoke persistent violations of the gastrointestinal tract.As a result, chronic constipation may occur.

In addition, the cause of constipation in adults often neuroses, depression, mental overexertion.Frequent anxiety, vanity, anger or fear contribute to the compression involuntary muscles of the anus.To relax and open up, gut it takes time, and often suppress the urge to defecate contribute to the fact that he refuses to work.

Unlike constipation in adults, the most common cause of constipation in children is the immaturity of the functioning of the intestines and enter the new wrong foods.


diseases There atonic and spastic constipation.

atonic constipation occurs when bowel tone reduced.In this sluggish bowel motility, stool move through it very slowly.defecation usually occurs with great difficulty, painfully.Because of cracks in the anus stool blood streaks may appear.Fecal with atonic constipation have a dense consistency kolbasovidnoy form.

reason atonic constipation are usually irregular eating foods low in fiber, a sedentary lifestyle, a habit to suppress the urge to defecate.Furthermore, atonic constipation often elderly due to age-related changes and bowel sphincter tone.

Spastic constipation in adults develops with increased intestinal tone on a background of stress or endocrine disruption.Thus there are muscle cramps in certain areas intestine.Fecal "sandwiched" between them and can not move downward.Spastic constipation often causes colic, flatulence, bloating, and severity of flatulence.Fecal lumps out, but the pain is usually absent.

regularly for a long time, difficulties of promotion and release of stool is called chronic constipation.The diagnosis of "chronic constipation" put the patient at a frequency of stools less than three times per week and at a certain voltage defecation.After defecation man has no sense of complete emptying of the bowel, stool has a dense, lumpy consistency.

cause of chronic constipation in adults and children is a violation of the process of formation and promotion of stool through the intestines.Such a condition causes disorder intestinal motility muscle weakening urges to defecate, changes in intestinal structure.Symptoms of chronic constipation depend on the cause of this condition.defecation frequency can be less 1-3 times a week.Fecal are dry, dense structure as dry lumps, pellets, sometimes ribbon-like or bean form.In many patients, constipation accompanied by abdominal pain, gas formation.Condition improves after defecation.Some people suffering from chronic constipation, is the so-called stop-diarrhea.This occurs as a result of thinning mucus stool, which is formed during stimulation of the gut wall.This happens for a sufficiently long delay emptying.

Treatment of constipation

Surgical treatment of constipation is applied only if they are caused by a tumor of the intestine.

In cases where constipation is a symptom of the disease, it goes after the treatment of the underlying disease.

usually complex therapy of constipation in adults include a special diet, cleansing and medicinal enemas, physical education, the abolition of the drugs that weaken the intestinal contraction.

From the human diet, suffering from constipation, meats, pastries, sweets, eggs, cocoa, chocolate should be avoided.It should be every day, eat foods rich in dietary fiber and fiber, which are able to rid the body of toxins.This is especially cereals, vegetables and fruits.Fruits and vegetables have good raw, meals must be steamed, boiled or stewed.In spastic constipation is better not to eat cold food.

For the prevention of chronic constipation is necessary to observe drinking regime, drinking daily at least two liters of fluid.With a lack of liquid faeces are very hard, hard pass through the intestines, causing cracks and pain when emptying.

very important for constipation do not overeat, get up from the table a little hungry.Well from time to time to carry out fasting days.

to relieve symptoms of constipation can be performed medicinal enemas with sunflower oil, fish oil.

The most effective prevention of constipation - regular physical education classes.Especially good in this case, pay attention to walking, which improves bowel tone and promotes healing of the whole body.

Laxatives for constipation should be used with caution and only on prescription.


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