Diseases of the ear - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. non-inflammatory disorder of ears

2. Inflammatory diseases of the hearing aid

3. Fungal diseases of the ears

4. Preventive measures

Earis sufficiently complex organ which is responsible for the perception of sound and balance (since the human ear - and it is also the vestibular apparatus).Therefore, some ear infections lead to disorder and disturbance of orientation in space - motor function.

ear - is a complex structure, which consists of the external auditory canal and the ear.The hearing aid includes inner and middle ear.The function of the middle and outer ear is the capture and holding of sounds.The inner ear has two kinds of receptors responsible for the position of the body in space and sound reproduction.

Currently, ear infections are very common and are quite diverse.Medspetsialisty distinguish between non-inflammatory, inflammatory, fungal diseases of the ears, as well as traumatic illnesses (they usually occur in athletes).


ear disease Noninflammatory disorders of hearing aids - frequent enough phenomenon that is accompanied by a mass of unpleasant symptoms and sensations.The reasons for non-inflammatory diseases of the ears are the following diseases:

  • Meniere's disease, which affects the inner ear.The main symptoms of this disease are: nausea and vomiting, bouts of vertigo and tinnitus.For this disease is characterized by an increase in the volume of fluid in the inner ear.The accumulation of fluid puts pressure on the cells that regulate the vestibular processes.These symptoms of ear infections can be eliminated, but this complication is progressive hearing loss - is inevitable.
  • Otosclerosis is a hereditary disease in which the bone is affected ear capsule.This disease can be an agent provocateur of hearing loss.
  • neuritis vestibulocochlear nerve is also a fairly common disease of ears.This disease leads to permanent hearing loss.This symptom is considered one of the most dangerous since it can accompany a person had been ill throughout his life.

As for the treatment of diseases of the ears of non-inflammatory nature, it is, thanks to modern techniques and technologies, is carried out by means of ultrasound, laser, endoscopy, radio wave and cryosurgery.Modern medicine is helping even those patients who are at the moment the disease is completely lost their hearing.

Inflammatory diseases of the hearing aid

Inflammatory processes (otosclerosis, otitis (inner, middle and outer) and the labyrinth) - the most common cause of ear diseases.Diseases of the ear are often the consequences have transferred infectious or viral diseases.

Otitis - the most common inflammatory disease of the ear.The disease can manifest itself as a boil (abscess in the body clear a certain area), and to involve in the pathological process of the entire hearing aid.Otitis media can be acute or chronic.If treatment is started promptly ear disease, the inflammatory process is eliminated rather quickly.In this situation, no otitis can become chronic.But when patients self-medicate or take belated action, the disease gives serious complications, treatment of which is delayed.In such cases, the disease often becomes chronic ear.

Itching and pain in the ear canal are the first symptoms of disease ears inflammatory.At times, the onset of the disease is accompanied by a decrease in hearing.In cases of serious inflammatory process observed redness and suppuration of the ear.

inflammation of the middle ear has the clinical symptoms, such as high body temperature and a significant hearing impairment.In addition, patients experience severe shooting pain in the ears.When purulent otitis may receive another unpleasant symptom of ear disease - pyo-spotting.Ignoring the treatment of this disease can cause chronic disease and damage to the eardrum.

symptoms of ear disease, when in the pathological process involves the inner ear are: "Run Games" eyes (patients can not fix the eyes), rapid hearing loss and severe dizziness.

Otitis external ear often goes to the inflammation of the middle ear.Also, it is possible the development of labyrinthitis (usually with deferred treatment of diseases of the ears).In severe cases, inflammation in the ear can lead to meningitis, brain abscesses and blood poisoning.

As for acute otitis media, it is the result of contact with bacteria in the middle ear from the nose or nose of infectious processes.If the treatment of the disease is carried out in a timely manner or not properly, then there is a risk of paralysis of the facial nerve, as well as deafness.

to self strictly prohibited When the first symptoms of inflammatory diseases of the ears.Patients should seek emergency audiologist who will be able to correctly diagnose, determine the stage of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Fungal diseases of the ears

Diseases of the ear can also be caused by fungal infections.Pathogens most fungal diseases of the ears are opportunistic fungi.These diseases occur quite difficult and may provoke the emergence of sepsis.Otomycosis usually develop as a result of injury and after surgical intervention.

Fungal ear infections accompanied by the following clinical signs: constant itching, noise isolation and discomfort in the affected ear.Depending on the type of fungus, the pathogen and the organs affected, the disease progresses with different symptoms and intensity.The fungus can affect both the outer and the middle and inner ear.

As for chronic fungal diseases, they require long-term therapy.Very often there are fungal diseases of ears on a background of a weak immune system, with a variety of chronic diseases and metabolic disorders.Often fungal infections occur in diabetics.Therefore, before the treatment of diseases of the ears of the doctor determine the main reason that caused this pathology in order to develop the right tactics treatment.

diagnose fungal diseases of the ears without some practice ENT doctor will be very difficult.So, at the first symptoms of any disease process associated with the ear, it is necessary to address urgently to the highly professional audiologist for the correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

Preventive measures

Preventing ear disease (especially inflammatory) is a careful hygiene of the ear and of personal hygiene, proper and timely treatment of diseases of other organs (especially the nose, throat, sinuses), the fight against chronic infections and hypertrophynasal cavities, and also, the hardening of the body.

When any of the symptoms associated with a hearing aid, you should immediately consult your doctor in order to prevent serious complications (meningitis, sepsis, brain, deafness and so on.), Which can lead to unexpected results.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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