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Gastrointestinal bleeding - this is a painful process that can be a sign of more than a hundred diseases and pathological conditions.In most cases, the cause of the bleeding can be a gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, gastritis, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis, vascular injury, blood disease and many other ailments.Gastrointestinal bleeding related to an acute condition that requires immediate medical care.

cause bleeding

In most cases, the cause is bleeding gastric or duodenal ulcer, stress ulcer, erosive gastritis.In rare cases, bleeding occurs when Mallory-Weiss syndrome, when there is a longitudinal gap of the gastric mucosa due to repeated vomiting.

In rare cases, gastrointestinal bleeding ulcer leads Delafua, which arises from the arrosion large vessel in the wall of the stomach, then the patient requires emergency surgery.In 3-10% of cases, bleeding o

ccurs when portal hypertension due to esophageal varices.For other causes include benign and malignant tumors of the stomach, diverticulum of stomach and duodenal ulcers and other diseases.


On pathological condition may indicate symptoms such as sudden weakness, dizziness, palpitations, hypotension, the patient may faint.When the stomach is full of blood there is vomiting blood, and then the black tarry stools (melena).Gastrointestinal bleeding is profuse vomiting continued at short intervals, and the chair is clearly detected maloizmenennaya blood.The appearance of melena has a more favorable prognosis than hematemesis.

When the cause is bleeding stomach ulcer, pain increases before the attack, and at the time of bleeding backs, because the blood is partly neutralize the hydrochloric acid.

patient is experiencing fear and anxiety, the skin becomes pale or cyanotic, wet, cold.Pulse and rapid breathing.When severe blood loss sufferer feels thirst and dry mouth.

Treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding

The first suspected victim bleeding should be delivered to the surgical department.Waiting for admission, you can provide the following assistance in the affected gastrointestinal bleeding: lay the patient on the bed without a pillow.It is desirable that his feet were raised.For further help with gastrointestinal bleeding should have a doctor.

to suppress the gag reflex, the patient is injected 2% diphenhydramine solution intramuscularly and 5% novocaine solution inside.The priority of this to stop the bleeding, bleeding to fill, normalize heart function, eliminate hypoxia and strengthen the overall condition of the patient.

Treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding such as massive blood transfusion is carried out by means of, and the infusion of hemostatic therapy.If the reason was the bleeding esophageal varices, performed surgery to endoscopic hemostasis by alloying or hardening of blood vessels.When gastric surgeon conducting the operation, and sews the bleeding area or removes part of the stomach.

Gastrointestinal bleeding in children

When bloody vomiting, melena or bloody stool in a child, parents should consult a doctor immediately.Before the arrival of the ambulance can not drink or feed the baby, do gastric lavage or enema.The best thing parents can do with gastrointestinal bleeding in children - is to ensure complete peace, putting into place the proposed bleeding ice pack.Vomiting is necessary to raise a child, his head turned to one side.

cause of gastrointestinal bleeding in children up to three years may be the vices of bowel tumors, diaphragmatic hernia.At the age of three years, a possible cause of the bleeding can be a colon polyp.But it is not excluded and other diseases - Crohn's disease, hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, hemorrhagic vasculitis, volvulus, foreign bodies, etc., and infectious colitisThe exact cause is to establish a physician during examinations and laboratory tests.


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