Types of spinal dorsopathies , Symptoms and Treatment Methods


1. Causes and symptoms

2. dorsopathies cervical spine

3. Lumbar dorsopathies

4. Treatment of diseases

dorsopathies- a common name for many diseases of the spine and soft tissues of the back.

Different types of spinal dorsopathies combines synthesis symptom - pain in the area of ​​the body (waist, back, cervical spine), which is not associated with visceral disease.This disease has a chronic course with periodic aggravation of pain.

Depending on the localization of the disease are the following types of spine dorsopathies:

- lumbar spine;

- the cervical spine;

- thoracic spine.

Causes and symptoms

illness most commonly cause dorsopathies experts called osteochondrosis.In this disease develop degenerative processes in the intervertebral discs, which resulted in the deformation of adjacent vertebral bodies (spondylosis), intervertebral joints (spondylarthritis), spinal cords.Another common cause of spinal dorsopathies - myofascial syndrome, characterized by pain i

n the muscles.

There are factors that trigger the disease:

  • violation of posture - slouching, kyphoscoliosis, scoliosis;
  • lack of exercise, the body stays for a long time in a physiologically uncomfortable positions, such as prolonged sitting, hunched over the table;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity, frequent colds, excessive consumption of products with the purine bases (soup, coffee, strong tea, kidney, liver);
  • smoking, alcohol abuse;
  • continuous operation at low temperatures in combination with high humidity;
  • uneven load on the spine under the influence of various factors;
  • back injury, sudden changes in physical activity;
  • genetic predisposition.

main symptoms of spinal dorsopathies are:

  • constant pain, back pain, pain, and stress on the affected side in the muscles of the back, forearms, neck, limbs;
  • feeling aches and numbness in the limbs, disturbance of sensitivity, a great weakness in the muscle wasting (weight reduction) of the muscles of arms and legs;
  • increase in the intensity of pain during exercise, sudden movements, sneezing, coughing;
  • limited mobility, muscle cramps;
  • local soft tissue changes.

dorsopathies cervical spine

dorsopathies cervical spine disease doctors call civilization.The development of the disease associated with the human bipedal locomotion.As a result, a plurality of different loads on the spine there are pathological changes in cartilage and intervertebral discs.

The cervical spine is the most mobile, and so his muscles get tired much faster than the rest of the muscle corset back.Because of this, the cervical intervertebral discs wear out quickly.The development of cervical dorsopathies contributes to another feature of the cervical spine.In this area of ​​the spine in addition to a channel for the spinal cord passes and passage of the vertebral artery.Getting into the cranial cavity, the artery supplies blood to the brain.When dorsopathies cervical spine spazmiruyutsya artery, reducing blood flow to the brain.Vertebral artery braid sympathetic nerve fibers, one of whose functions is the transmission of pain signals.When cervical dorsopathies irritated nerve fibers, and the brain perceives a lot of pain impulses.The person suffers from headaches, sleep disorders, increased muscle fatigue, weakness.

In addition, symptoms of cervical dorsopathies are tinnitus, pain and discomfort in the arms, weakness of the hands, numbness of fingers, pain in the shoulder, shoulder blade, heart, vision impairment, hearing loss, vertigo, fluctuations in blood pressure.

If as a result of cervical dorsopathies damaged nerves that serve the shoulder joint, there is a reduction of its mobility.

Lumbar dorsopathies

Lumbar dorsopathies - the most common type of spinal dorsopathies.

lumbar spine - the most vulnerable in functional terms.The loin is experiencing the greatest mechanical load, it holds the bulk of the mass of the human body.In this part of the spine is a large muscle mass.The sciatic nerve is the largest, it originates from the lumbar sacral plexus.

When dorsopathies lumbar intervertebral discs compress the massive body of the vertebrae and displace them to the side or backwards.Over time, it violated the integrity of the outer fibrous shell disc.It is broken and out flows gelatinous substance (disc herniation).As a result of dorsopathies lumbar spinal nerve roots are compressed, they inflamed.It may impair the operation of the internal organs.

The main symptom of this type of dorsopathies - pain.In addition, there are unpleasant sensations in the skin, such as numbness, burning, "pins and needles", a decrease in sensitivity.Most patients suffer from dorsopathy limiting the mobility of the lower limbs.


Treatment Treatment of spinal dorsopathies carried out taking into account the form of the disease.It includes pharmacological, non-pharmacological treatment and surgery.

In the acute period dorsopathies prescribed bed rest for 5-7 days.Sometimes to limit patient mobility in the spine used Immobilizing splints (removable device for fixing parts of the body).But they can not be too long, as they can cause muscle wasting.

dorsopathies important component of therapy in the acute period of pain relievers are medicines.Besides warming up ointments prescribed analgesics.

Good results in the treatment of dorsopathies demonstrates the use of physiotherapy.Most often used ultraviolet irradiation of the affected area, interference therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound.

Patients dorsopathy shown massage, physiotherapy, mud therapy, radon baths, reflexology, hirudotherapy.

dorsopathies refers to chronic diseases.Therefore, patients should be constantly observed by a doctor periodically undergo a spa treatment and a healthy lifestyle.


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