Graves' disease - symptoms, treatment


1. Symptoms of diffuse toxic goiter

2. degrees of diffuse toxic goiter

3. Drug treatment of diffuse toxic goiter

4. Treatment with radioactive iodine

5. Thyroidectomy

Malnutrition, depression, neuroses, bad environment - all of which can trigger one of the diseases of the thyroid gland - diffuse toxic goiter.It is an autoimmune disease characterized by increased hormonal activity and enlargement of the thyroid gland.Meet Graves' disease may in adults and in children.However, the disease among middle-aged women, the most common.

Symptoms of diffuse toxic goiter

Most often the first symptom of diffuse toxic goiter is to change the behavior of the patient.If poisoning thyroid hormone occurs permanent internal stress, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, outbursts of anger, tearfulness.Man commits unmotivated and inconsistent actions, but he does not notice the changes.The world around him seems fussy, very unstable and changeable.

suffering from this disease are vul

nerable, touchy, tearful and prone to sudden mood swings.They complain about the intolerance of bright light, touch, loud noises, fatigue.Also in diffuse toxic goiter marked sleep disturbances, nightmares, frequent awakenings.After some time the patient gets hot, thin, very nervous, with formed goiter.

degrees of diffuse toxic goiter

There are 3 degrees of diffuse toxic goiter:

  • Easy for - weight loss of no more than 3-5 kg, the heart rate up to 100 per minute.
  • average degree - weight loss of 8-10 kg, tachycardia - 100-120 per minute.
  • Severe - secondary changes in the internal organs, dramatic weight loss, heart rate more than 120-140 beats per minute.

Drug treatment of diffuse toxic goiter

Patients under the age of 25 years are almost always prescribed medicines which inhibit thyroid function.Also, to reduce the symptoms of hyperthyroidism prescribed other medications - beta blockers.They block the effects of excessive amounts of thyroid hormones in the blood vessels, heart, nervous system, while not providing the thyroid direct effect.

Treatment with radioactive iodine

Radioactive iodine is taken usually in the form of capsules.Once in the body, it accumulates thyroid cells, resulting in their destruction and replacement by connective tissue.Thyreostatics canceled a few days before the start of the reception.In most cases of hyperthyroidism symptoms disappear within a few weeks after starting treatment.

treatment of diffuse toxic goiter with radioactive iodine is much more convenient and easier, however, for young people and children, this method is not recommended because of the possible harmful effects of radiation.


Thyroidectomy - surgery to remove the thyroid except for a small part of it.Surgical treatment is recommended that 80 percent of patients aged under 20 years who have a recurrence of hyperthyroidism after administration of drugs that inhibit thyroid function.Thyroidectomy is also shown:

  • if a large goiter size prevents the passage of food or pinches the trachea;
  • in the absence of long-term effects of drug therapy;
  • in severe thyrotoxicosis;
  • in the presence of atrial fibrillation;
  • in the development of complications.

remains enough of the thyroid to its normal functioning after thyroidectomy and treatment with radioactive iodine.Sometimes the gland becomes overactive again since lymphocytes still produces abnormal stimulating antibody.In other patients the contrary, there is a decrease of the remaining activity of the gland.


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