Degeneration of the retina - the forms , symptoms, treatment


1. Types and symptoms of degeneration of the retina

2. retinal dystrophy Treatment eyes

eye Macular degeneration - a number of retinal diseases, which are caused by disturbances in the vascular system of the eyeand pathological lesions of cells, which are responsible for color perception and distance vision.

The disease often cause degradation or complete vision loss in people of all ages.In most cases the initial stage of macular degeneration occurs without any symptoms.However, the lack of timely treatment leads to serious complications - tear and retinal detachment.

There are many causes of retinal degeneration of the eye:

  • injuries and diseases of the eye;
  • complications of some diseases - hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney disease, liver;
  • complications of SARS or influenza;
  • genetic predisposition.

Types and symptoms of degeneration of the retina

retinal dystrophy are divided into acquired and hereditary.In turn, acquired dystrophy divided into peripheral

and central.

When peripheral retinal degeneration observed degenerative changes of the periphery of the retina.Usually the disease develops as a result of complications of eye injury, eye inflammation, myopia (nearsightedness).His deceit is that often the patient is not even aware of the disease, which has serious consequences.All the more so in the normal fundus examination to reveal her hard enough.

leading role in the emergence of peripheral retinal degeneration belongs to the disruption of the blood supply to peripheral parts of it.The deterioration of blood supply contributes to metabolic disorders in the retina and the formation of local areas with thinning of the retina.As a result of physical activity (carrying heavy loads, acceleration, vibration, diving, climbing to a height of) the gap may appear in the thinning area.

Sometimes symptoms of macular degeneration of the species - the appearance of floating before my eyes, "flies", "lightning", "flashes".

peripheral chorioretinal dystrophy are divided into (PHRD) and vitreohorioretinalnye (PVHRD).

chorioretinal dystrophy characterized by retinal degenerative lesions of the choroid and retina.When vitreohorioretinalnoy dystrophy affects the retina and the vitreous body of the eye.

Besides the common symptoms of peripheral chorioretinal dystrophy with retinal degeneration in a patient can rapidly deteriorate vision, a great spot to appear before my eyes.This is a dangerous disease can cause complete loss of central vision (the central portion of the visible space).This peripheral vision (carried out by the peripheral parts of the retina) is usually kept in the normal range.Central vision is responsible for the clarity of perception of surrounding objects.Therefore, people with retinal dystrophy, this type of eyes can not read, manage transport.

pigment retinal dystrophy - type of inherited degeneration of the peripheral nature.The disease belongs to the most common hereditary disease of the retina.

This type of dystrophy is characterized by lesions of the eye retina cells.Dystrophic processes develop in both eyes at the same time.The first symptom of this type of macular degeneration is the night blindness, so-called "night blindness".Man badly oriented in poor light or at dusk.Further development of the disease leads to a gradual narrowing of the visual field.

retinal pigment degeneration sometimes begins in childhood.But the first symptoms may appear in the second half of life.After the emergence of the first complaints for several years may be a normal picture of the fundus.Subsequently, there are dark brown pigment deposits ( "bone corpuscles").Their number gradually increased, they become large and merge with each other and are distributed over the retina, closer to the center of the fundus.Gradual progression of degeneration of the retina leading to an increasing narrowing of the field of vision, twilight vision deterioration.There is vasoconstriction, pallor of the optic nerve atrophy (reduction in weight and volume) of the optic nerve.The patient may develop retinal detachment, cataract.The gradual fall of 40-60 years can to lead to blindness.

retinal dystrophy Treatment eyes

treatment of retinal dystrophy eye method is selected depending on the type of disease, the causes of its development,

The most commonly used method of modern medicine - laser coagulation.During this procedure, a specialist works on the retina of the eye laser.It is as if "welds" it to the tissues of the eye.As a result, the retina has no possibility to exfoliate.This method of treatment of retinal dystrophies on an outpatient basis and is well tolerated.The formation of adhesions after lazerokoagulyatsii takes a little time.Therefore, after the procedure is necessary to comply with gentle treatment, which eliminates physical stress, sudden movements.

Special treatment is applied when the pigment dystrophy.In this case, use stimulating treatments - magnetic stimulation and electrical stimulation.The purpose of these procedures - "shake up" the affected retina, resulting in some of the surviving photoreceptors could perform the function of the victims.Thus, in most cases it is possible to suspend the development of dystrophy retinal pigment form.Sometimes doctors spend vazorekonstruktivnuyu operation, during which sought to improve the blood supply to the retina.


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