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dyshidrosis - a skin disease characterized by obstruction of the ducts of the sweat glandsfollowed by the appearance of small bubbles on the soles of the feet, the palms of the skin on the finger side surface.The disease is accompanied by itching.


dyshidrosis manifested in the form of true dyshydrosis feet, hands, or in the form of eczema disgidroticheskoy.

true dyshydrosis hand accompanied by the appearance of bubbles on the palms, which in the cavity containing a clear liquid.Due to the dense skin, which reliably covers the bubbles can be observed on the hands within 10 days.Since bubbles shrivel and disappear over time.If true dyshydrosis feet, hands, formation of new bubbles are not observed.Sheath individual bubbles in some cases it may burst, while clear liquid follows the skin surface.In place of the bursting of the bubble, the formation of surface erosion.skin that struck eros

ion, worried sick.dyshydrosis hand strikes back and inner side of the wrist.

disgidroticheskoy Cause of eczema can be transferred nervous shock, fear, stress, anxiety, poor diet, mental stress, exposure to chemicals.Disease can develop as a result of disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, endocrine system disorders, allergic reactions flow.The initial stage is the appearance of eczema disgidroticheskoy swelling and reddening a little, in the subsequent bubble formation process is observed.their education is carried out isolated groups.When the flow dyshydrosis hands, feet in the form of eczema amount of bubbles continuously increasing.The disease is very difficult to be treated.Dangerous sudden emergence of this form of exacerbations in the form of raising the temperature, increasing the lymph nodes under the arms, in the area of ​​the elbow.Patients concerned about itching.If ingested pathogens bubbles begin to develop inflammation, accompanied by the release of pus.The development of disease is observed for a period of one week to several months.

Treatment dyshydrosis

effective results in the fight against dyshydrosis feet, hands are observed in the application of complex treatment.The integrated approach provides for the passage of cryotherapy, laser therapy, acupuncture, electric sleep, magnetic therapy, paraffin treatment, electrophoresis.At the same time the patient has to take antihistamines, anti-inflammatory, hyposensitization drugs.In some cases, if dyshydrosis stop arms flows into the severe form, patients received glucocorticosteroid drugs in combination with taking diuretics.

small rash ointments it is recommended to handle that in its composition containing tar, sulfur, naphthalene, as well as mash, pastes indifferent.During exacerbations in order to facilitate disease state should make lotions with a solution of liquid Boorowa, amidopirina, lactate ethacridine, furatsilina.In this period it is not recommended for water treatment with the use of soaps, cosmetics.Affected skin should not come in contact with chemicals, snow, sun, rain, wind, synthetic, wool, fur.

During treatment dyshydrosis recommended to adhere to a special diet that excludes the consumption of salt, containing a large amount of sodium, retarding fluid in the body that leads to edema.Diet provides the restriction of use of carbohydrates as well as foods that can cause allergies.Among such products should be noted eggs, strawberries, citrus fruits, raspberries, coffee, milk, melons, tomatoes, chocolate, honey, porridge, smoked, spicy, spicy food.It is prohibited in dyshydrosis hand, stop drinking alcohol.Diet provides the use of dairy products, cereals, baked potatoes, vegetarian soups, fresh cucumbers, sunflower oil.

dyshydrosis Treatment folk remedies

When dyshydrosis hands, feet, traditional medicine recommends the following tips:

  • dyshydrosis Treatment folk remedies, which gives effective results, based on the use of a decoction of horseradish.Grated horseradish in the amount of 4 teaspoons poured 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for 2 hours.The resulting broth lubricated skin.
  • To remove the inflammation is recommended to rub the affected skin areas dyshydrosis decoction of the leaves of blackberry.To prepare the broth requires 100 grams of blackberry leaves pour 2 liters of boiling water, leave to draw.
  • on the affected skin lotion recommended infusion of lemon.To cook it you need one of lemon juice mixed with egg yolk, add 1 teaspoon of glycerin, 100 grams of cologne.
  • dyshydrosis folk remedies Treatment includes treatment of rashes sea buckthorn oil several times during the day.
  • Treating skin ointment can be prepared independently of the black currant.For its preparation is necessary to take the branch of a black currant, comminuted to a powder and 200 grams of butter, all mixed thoroughly.The mixture was stand in a water bath for about 5 minutes.
  • effective treatments are lotions dyshydrosis eucalyptus.0.5 liters of boiling water pour 4 tablespoons of eucalyptus, mixture boil, boil for an hour.The prepared broth to filter, used as a lotion.


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