Diverticulosis bowel - causes, symptoms , treatment


1. Causes diverticulum

2. Symptoms of colon diverticulosis

3. Treatment

Diverticulosis is a disease in which the intestinal walls are formed sacciformcavity - diverticula.They can be positioned in the esophagus, the stomach, at different segments of the colon.Initially usually appears diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon.Then diverticula spread to other sections of the intestine.

To date, the disease affected almost a quarter of the world's adult population.One-third of patients have diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon in 13% of diverticula struck by the descending colon department, the rest are located throughout the intestine.Women suffer from this disease more often than men.

prevalence of intestinal diverticular disease has increased significantly in recent years.Experts explain this fact change the quality of human nutrition, in which an increase in the consumption of refined products, an increase in life expectancy, improving the state of medicine and rising level of

diagnosis.We can say that diverticulosis - a disease of the civilized countries, in which the social level of the population is high.

Causes diverticulum

reasons bowel diverticulosis development until the end is unclear.In many cases, it arises from the fact that the walls of the colon degenerative changes appear.Under the influence of certain factors, places where they are located, bulge, and whereby the sack-formed cavity.

The cause of diverticulosis of the colon can become:

  • Age-conversion of the colon wall;
  • congenital or acquired weakness of the connective tissue sections of the intestine;
  • pathology of the nervous system, causing a mismatch of intestinal motility;
  • atherosclerosis with ischemic diseases;
  • high intracolonic pressures;
  • Lack of plant foods in the diet and an overabundance of refined and meat products;
  • gastrointestinal disease.

bowel Diverticulosis usually appears in people after 50 years.However, if there is a congenital weakness of the connective tissue and malnutrition can develop the disease at a younger age.

symptoms of diverticular disease of the colon

Symptoms of diverticulitis of the sigmoid colon can be a long time absent.The disease of this kind are often discovered by chance when a person spends any medical examination.

In the case where multiple diverticula affected intestine and bowel diverticulosis has no complications, the symptoms may be as follows:

- constant tingling pain in the lower abdomen;

- flatulence;

- bouts of severe abdominal cramps;

- frequent constipation or sometimes diarrhea;

- nausea, vomiting.

The majority of those who suffer from diverticulosis of the colon after bowel pain get better or go completely.A small percentage of patients following bowel movements are amplified.Loose stools in diverticulosis is rare and for no apparent reason.Diarrhea quickly.

complications of the disease may be adhesions, abscess, peritonitis, an inflammation of the walls of the diverticula (diverticulitis), parakishechnye infiltrates.In these cases, there are strong cutting pain in the abdomen and body temperature rises.Acute diverticulitis complicated process requires immediate treatment.


diverticulosis treatment is only necessary if the factors disturbing the patient.When complaints about the bad state of health are not available, and the clinical picture of the disease is expressed in flatulence, impermanence chair and weak passing pain, it is recommended bran containing vegetable diet.It normalizes the stools, eliminates flatulence and reduces the pain to a minimum.Furthermore, such a diet can slow the formation of new diverticula and to prevent the development of complications.

If you have complaints patients received sulfonamides, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, means for reducing the intestinal motor activity and laxatives for constipation.If there is severe intoxication, for the treatment of bowel diverticulosis need complex therapy.It includes the use of muscle relaxants, physical therapy, a diet with fat restriction.

In the absence of treatment of complications of diverticulosis is usually performed on an outpatient basis.In hospital patients get when conservative therapy has proved ineffective, or emergency surgery is required.External indications for it are acute abdomen, fever, intestinal bleeding, increasing intoxication, intestinal obstruction.

Choice diverticulosis surgical method of treatment depends on the individual case.This takes into account the type of complication, the degree of progression of the process, the nature of the inflammatory changes in the diverticula, the presence of phenomena of peritonitis and the presence of comorbidities.


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