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Diarrhea (diarrhea) - stateinduced increase in fecal mass and the content of water, which leads to more frequent bowel movements.Norma defecation rate is 1-2 times a day for adults.Norma defecation rate for children under the age of 3 months are breastfed, is 5-40 times a week;for children aged from 3 months are breastfed, this rule is 5-20 bowel movements per week;for children aged 6 to 12 months - 5-28 bowel movements;for children aged from one to three - 4-21 times a week;for children over four years - 3-14 times a week.Diarrhea means by the excess of the rate of defecation rhythm.

Diarrhea in children

Diarrhea in children - a phenomenon by no means rare, as it is infants are the most susceptible to intestinal infections.The fact that the main cause of diarrhea in children is not yet fully formed protective function of the intestine (the local immune factors and gastric acidity), resulting in

some of the pathogens that pose no risk to adults, can provoke serious enough violation of an infant.

infections causing diarrhea in children often begins suddenly.The child has pain in the belly (baby cries and Sucitu feet).For diarrhea in children characterized by the occurrence of diarrhea in some cases with inclusions green, mucus, blood, and other impurities.In case of diarrhea symptoms in children should immediately call a doctor.

In this without a doctor's prescription should not be given to breastfed babies antibiotics, because some of them are suitable for adults with intestinal infections, absolutely contraindicated for diarrhea in children.Among such drugs can be identified chloramphenicol.Also with extreme caution in children with diarrhea should be taken to such drugs as Imodium and other symptomatic treatment.Before using these drugs need to be sure to get advice from a doctor.

symptoms of diarrhea

main symptom of diarrhea caused by a serious illness is excessive secretion of feces (more than 400 g per day).The structure is part of the normal feces 60-90% water.Diarrhea rate increases and the water content is more than 90%.The consequence of this symptom of diarrhea is not only uncomfortable, but also a significant loss of water (dehydration) and electrolytes (potassium, sodium, chloride, and magnesium).This fact contributes to a significant reduction in blood pressure that can lead to breakdown of cardiac rhythm (arrhythmia), fainting and other unpleasant complications.The risk of such symptoms of diarrhea is increased in the elderly, children and people suffering from severe diarrhea.

diarrhea also contributes to the loss of bicarbonate and metabolic acidosis, that is a violation of the acid-base balance.


cause of osmotic diarrhea form a delay in the intestines of some substances which are not entering into the bloodstream.These substances contribute to the accumulation of excess water in the stool, which ultimately leads to diarrhea.Among the major causes of diarrhea in the case of some products can be identified, such as beans or certain fruits;sorbitol, hexitol and mannitol, which are used as substitutes for sugar in some dietary products, chewing gum and candy.Lactase deficiency can also cause diarrhea.Lactase - enzyme contained in a specific amount in the small intestine and contributes to the transformation of milk sugar galactose and glucose, which are characterized by absorption into the bloodstream.The use of milk and dairy products, people suffering from lactose deficiency, gives rise to diarrhea, lactose because in this case is simply not digested.

can distinguish malabsorption syndrome characterized by inadequate absorption of certain substances Among the other causes of diarrhea.Thus fats that remain for a long time in the intestine, can cause diarrhea, secretory form and carbohydrates - cause osmotic diarrhea form.

Among the main causes of malabsorption can be isolated pancreatic insufficiency, celiac disease, side effects of surgical removal of cancer, enzyme deficiency portion of the small intestine, poor blood supply to the colon, and liver disease.

cause of diarrhea can also be accelerating the passage of food through the intestines.The fact that the indispensable condition of normal stool consistency is its delay in the colon for a specific period of time.Rapid elimination is characterized by excessive watery stool consistency, while excessive delay leads to its hardening and dryness.

accelerate the elimination of stool from the colon contribute to such causes diarrhea as taking certain medicines, as well as a number of diseases.Among the reasons for such effects can be identified diarrhea surgical removal of part of the colon, small intestine or stomach;excessive activity of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism);treatment of ulcers, suggesting the intersection of the vagus nerve;drugs such as antacids, laxatives and containing in its composition prostaglandins, magnesium, serotonin and caffeine;surgical anastomosis to bypass part of the intestine.

cause of diarrhea can be a rapid increase in the number of bacteria (overgrowth of intestinal bacteria, and the bacteria are not peculiar to the intestines).Further reduction in the number of intestinal bacteria involved in the digestion, may also cause diarrhea.

Treatment Treatment of diarrhea is based on elimination of the reasons that caused the symptom.If the reason was the consumption of certain foods or drugs, treatment of diarrhea may be in the elementary refusal of food or drugs cause diarrhea.The body repairs itself while.In some cases, treatment of diarrhea can be a simple or rejection of the coffee cola beverage containing caffeine in its composition.Drug treatment of diarrhea is based on the use of drugs such as loperamide (Imodium) or diphenoxylate.In some cases, methylcellulose and psyllium seed may reduce diarrhea.diarrhea treatment may also include the use of pectin, activated attapulgite and kaolin, which fix the chair.

Treatment of diarrhea in severe based on the intravenous administration of fluids and salts.

Adsorbents are an excellent remedy for diarrhea, contributing to the reduction of discomfort in the stomach, as well as the removal of toxins that have accumulated in the intestine.Smecta - the most common by far remedy for diarrhea, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the effective treatment of diarrhea.

Smecta - an effective remedy for diarrhea that can stop the diarrhea as soon as possible.A smectite sorbent which binds and removes bacteria, viruses and toxins.In addition, this remedy for diarrhea has shielding property, protects and helps to restore the intestinal mucosa.Such a remedy for diarrhea as smectite contributes not only to the elimination of the main symptoms, but also provides effective help to the body.


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