Diabetic foot - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment


1. diabetic foot syndrome: Forms, Causes, Symptoms

2. Treatment and prevention of diseases

3. Treatment of diabetic foot folk remedies

Diabetesdiabetes is one of the most widespread diseases on the planet.Every day the doctors fixed a number of cases of kidney failure, heart disease, visual impairment resulting from diabetes.One of these complications is a "diabetic foot".Every tenth patient suffers from diabetes and has a diabetic foot syndrome, and every second has a predisposition to the disease.

Diabetic foot syndrome - destructive, ulcerative and / or infection of the deep tissues of the foot, manifesting itself purulent necrotic processes, ulcer and bone-articular lesions.

diabetic foot syndrome: Forms, Causes, Symptoms

Causes of diabetic foot syndrome - Nervous system disorders (diabetic neuropathy), as well as violations of the lower limb blood flow due to their defeat ( "saccharification").

Based on the causes of the disease, identify the following form it:

1. Neuropathic (diagnosed in 60-70% of patients).It is characterized by damage to the nerves distal departments with relatively impaired blood flow.

Symptoms of diabetic foot with its neuropathic form:

  • observed increased or decreased sensitivity of the feet;very often it is associated with reduced sensitivity belated initiation of treatment of diabetic foot;
  • dysfunction develops muscles, ligaments, tendons - deformed foot, changing gait;shoes become uncomfortable and affects the skin, but the patient does not feel;
  • due to the uneven distribution of body load a person begins to limp and those portions of the soft tissues that are exposed to the greatest pressure, begin to inflame
  • sweat glands do not work - the skin becomes dry, on it are formed cracks
  • cracked skin, calluses, soft tissue inflammation leadsto the formation of ulcers, which are often infected with streptococci, staphylococci, coliform bacteria, etc.

In advanced cases, a Charcot arthropathy, foot bones broken.

2. ischemic form diagnosed in 5-10% of cases.It is characterized by impaired blood flow due to the main "saccharification" vessels and thus closing their lumen.

In ischemic form, the following diabetic foot symptoms:

  • skin of the foot and lower leg pale (or marble) and cold
  • capillary net shin extended
  • causes pain when walking, and in severe cases the pain is felt in the state of rest
  • forming painful ulcers on the edges of the foot and the heel, on the fingertips
  • pulse on the arteries of the lower extremities slightly detectable or not detectable.

3. neuroischemic (mixed) form detected in 20-30% of patients.It is characterized by the violation of the main lower limb blood flow to the background of diabetic neuropathy.

Treatment and prevention

Treatment of diabetic foot disease begins with prevention of its occurrence, it should be remembered every patient with diabetes mellitus.

Prevention should include control of blood glucose levels, regular foot care by their meticulous daily care, as well as the correct selection of shoes.

In addition, it is important to avoid even the appearance of minor injuries (cuts, cracks, scratches) of the lower extremities, because even minor damage to a patient with diabetes can cause diabetic foot syndrome.If the injury could not be avoided, it should be wiped with an antiseptic.When long non-healing wounds should consult a doctor.

Buy only comfortable, wide and soft shoes that do not compresses blood vessels.Do not walk barefoot, better put on cotton socks.

to improve blood flow is useful to stop doing gymnastics.

Every patient with diabetes should be remembered that:

  • when properly prevention in its power to reduce the risk of diabetic foot at least twice
  • when the first symptoms of diabetic foot should immediately resort to medical care.

Conservative treatment of diabetic foot include:

1. Drug treatment, in particular, the goal is to improve blood circulation and lymph drainage.

2. The treatment of ulcers, which consists in treating the affected places antiseptics, removing exterior suppurations, overlaying bandage.

3. Discharge of the foot with the help of orthopedic insoles and shoes, and in some cases with the help of crutches.

4. In the case of infection is carried out joining anti-bacterial treatment of the diabetic foot.In addition, it is advisable to take antibiotics in the preoperative period and followed in the case of amputation.

5. If severe pain and needed more pain therapy.

In addition, without a parallel treatment of diseases such as diabetic neuropathy, cardiac, venous and renal failure, impaired vision, immune deficiency, obesity is often impossible to completely and irreversibly cure diabetic foot.Even after the disappearance of symptoms of diabetic foot case of recurrence.

In 10% of cases, when conservative treatment of the disease impractical require surgery (angioplasty, stenting, bypass grafting and other forms of reconstructive surgery).It is carried out with a view to opening the vast festering, the recovery of the main flow of lower limb arteries.

In the event of significant infectious suppuration accompanied by extensive necrotic areas, shows the amputation of limbs.

Treatment of diabetic foot folk remedies Folk

treatment of diabetic foot should be used only in the early stages of the disease, and in the absence of the therapeutic effect is necessary to turn to traditional medicine.The most popular folk remedies for diabetic foot:

1. Honey is known for its healing, regenerating properties, it improves the blood circulation is good and so is able to eliminate some of the symptoms of diabetic foot.50 grams of eucalyptus pour 1 cup boiling water, boil in water bath 15 minutes, cool, strain, add 2-3 tablespoons of honey.This medicine may be used in the form of lotions and baths for feet.

2. Mix equal amounts (40 grams) of mustard seeds and chamomile flowers, add rosemary leaves (20 g), pour half a liter of water at room temperature, to insist night, moisten in the solution and put on wool socks on his feet.Mustard, as well as honey, improves blood circulation and has healing properties.

3. It is useful to wash decoction of the fruit of the wild cherry.To make it, you need to take a tablespoon of fruit, pour a glass of boiling water, boil 15 minutes, drain, rinse the affected area.

4. It has long been known and effective folk remedy for diabetic foot is considered sour.The fresh curd is necessary to wet cotton cloth and wrap the affected area.Change izmochennuyu curdled in the fabric as it dries.


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