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significant deformation of joints,which includes primary degeneration and changes in the surface of the articular cartilage, called osteoarthrosis.This degenerative-dystrophic pathology is considered to be the most common disease of the joints.Among patients with various diseases of the joints for more than 65% is suffering from deforming osteoarthritis.The illness occurs in 5-10% of the population most susceptible to it the elderly over 45 years.

Causes The main cause of deforming osteoarthritis is excessive mechanical stress on the cartilage.In other words, the joint can not resist the pressure and it begins degeneration and destruction.

factors that trigger the development of osteoarthritis:

1. Chronic overload and microtrauma of the cartilage of the joints:

  • reinforced exercise, especially the profession with an overload of muscles and join
  • neuropathy occurring in various diseases, such as diabetes.Normal operation of the joint depends on the development and periarticular muscle tone.Proprioceptive impulses is disrupted, there is a decrease in muscle tone, resulting in increased load on the joint and begins deforming osteoarthritis;
  • obesity.First of all, it concerns the deforming osteoarthritis of the knee, which occurs due to the stress of excess weight.

2. The lesions of the musculoskeletal system:

  • dysplasia - the lack of proper support due to insufficient development of the joint surfaces, accompanied by subluxation, violation of microcirculation, degenerative changes in the cartilage;
  • surgery or joint injuries;
  • arthritis, gonorrheal arthritis except that does not lead to degradation;
  • errors of metabolism in gout, ochronosis, hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease.

3. Hereditary predisposition and age:

  • genetic factors (ethnicity, collagen gene mutation - Stickler syndrome, hereditary pathology of joints, Heberden's nodes);
  • age-related changes of the cartilage.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis deforming

Patients with osteoarthritis complain of pain.Due to the fact that there are no blood vessels and nerves in the cartilage, the occurrence of pain associated with pathological changes in cartilage structures close to (bone venous stasis, microfractures, synovitis).When deforming osteoarthritis of the knee joint or other cartilage department starts to progress, reflex muscle spasm and chronic pain leads to the formation of muscle-tendon contractures.

Types of pain:

  • constant pain associated with fibrosis, reflex spasm of the muscle-tendon contractures or reactive synovitis;
  • night pain, usually due to increased intraosseous venous pressure.This is typical of ischemic disorders in the absence of osteophytes;
  • mechanical rhythm of pain, observed with a decrease in the amortization of the joint capacity.The pain bothers the patient during movements, amplified by the evening wanes alone.Morning stiffness is a sign of prolonged inflammation;
  • pain while driving, there is a short time.It is caused by the friction of damaged articular surfaces;
  • pain during specific movements or in a certain position, is found in lesions of periarticular tissues and stretching of the capsule;
  • sudden pain that occurs suddenly and unexpectedly.By the presence of osteophyte in soft tissue or joint blockade.

diagnosis of osteoarthritis

Before prescribe treatment deforming osteoarthritis, the doctor determines the degree of joint disease:

  • 1 degree - Mobility limitation observed in one direction and it is insignificant;
  • 2 degree - joint mobility limitations are significant, hear the crunch of the motion;
  • 3 degree - the visible deformity of the joints, and severely restricting movement.A substantial disappearance of the cartilage tissue.

deforming definite diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the knee is not possible without an X-ray.Additional diagnostics can be:

  • laboratory data;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • arthroscopy;
  • bone scan;
  • ultrasound (for the hip and shoulder joints).

treatment deforming osteoarthritis

Methods of treatment deforming osteoarthritis divided into several conditional groups:

1. Drug-free treatment - physiotherapy, HLS, joint exercises and national treatment of osteoarthritis.Physical therapy, including magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, ozokerite.

2. Drug treatment.Based on the basic therapy, the appointment of non-steroidal analgesics.

3. Surgical treatment is indicated in cases of intense pain.

People's treatment of osteoarthritis should be under the supervision of a doctor.This method of therapy is quite effective, but brings visible results after a long period.People's treatment of osteoarthritis involves the use of natural resources.This herbal tea from elder flower, nettle leaves, marigold, juniper, hypericum, mint, violets, and a string of other plants.Locally as anti-inflammatory and analgesic use honey, red pepper, castor oil.


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