Deformation toe ( hallux )


1. Causes deformation toes

2. Symptoms strain thumb

3. Diagnostics strain thumb

4. Treatment of the first toe deformation

5. Physiotherapy and medication

6. Surgery strain thumb

7. Postoperative rehabilitation

Valgus deformation of the first toe - is one of the most common foot ailments.Clinically it manifested as a deviation of the big toe of the foot inward and education at its base a kind of painful build-up.For what in common the disease is called "bumps or pits" on the feet.At the same time on the plantar surface formed calluses and corns, different special tenderness.

As a result, we have not only a cosmetic problem in, to put it mildly, not aesthetic appearance of the foot but also orthopedic - problems with the selection of shoes and pain when walking.

causes of foot deformities

fingers Although consensus on account of the nature of the disease has not yet been formed, among the main reasons for the emergence and development of the finger strain d

octors are the following:

- genetic predisposition;

- flat;

- osteoporosis;

- disorders of the endocrine system.

important to remember that incorrectly matched shoes can also cause the appearance of the finger strain.Wearing shoes with narrow toes, high heels leads to the uneven load distribution on the foot (a large part of the burden falls on its front office), infringement of the foot nerves and eventually causes a deformation of the first toe.

Symptoms strain thumb

At the initial stage of deformation fingers point pain in it at certain movements or walking.Such pain may indicate the beginning of the intra-articular cartilage degeneration.There are problems with the selection of shoes.Over time, the strain is already determined and visually - the thumb changes its direction of growth at the base noticeable build-up.

The earliest signs of the finger strain - this is a serious reason to visit an orthopedic doctor.

Diagnostics strain thumb

ultimate diagnosis of valgus deformity of the fingers should be preceded by a full comprehensive examination of the patient.It will help to identify the causes of the disease, its stage of development and to choose the most effective treatment.

To diagnose the strain the thumb conduct X-ray examination of the foot in three dimensions.Such a study can not only determine the degree of deformation, but also to identify (or exclude) comorbidities: cysts, arthritis, avascular necrosis, osteoporosis, inflammation of the periosteum and other.

treatment deformation of the first toe

initial treatment deformation of the first toe - a selection of comfortable shoes.Wearing shoes with a wide toe, excluding friction and load, may suspend the progressive deformation.The same patient may be offered spacers orthopedic products - load distribution on the foot is changed by splinting the finger.

Physiotherapy and medication

Unfortunately, even the long-term physical therapy does not have the therapeutic efficacy.However, physical therapy and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

To avoid further deformation toes need to use special orthopedic devices -.. Individual insoles, proofreaders toes, insteps, interdigital rollers, etc. In the case of running deformation such products are only able to pay off some pain.

Surgery strain thumb

When conservative treatment measures deformation of toes are no longer effective, or if the patient's treatment to the doctor-orthopedist with advanced disease stage a decision on operative treatment.Surgery involves three main tasks:

1. Remove "build-up" of the big toe;

2. reconstruction of the thumb - the restoration of bones;

3. correct distribution of the periarticular muscles in order to avoid relapse.

Postoperative rehabilitation

On the full restoration of the foot and leg function takes an average of 3-4 weeks.An important factor in the successful flow of postoperative period is to comply with all the requirements and recommendations of the attending podiatrist.


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