Iodine deficiency in the body - symptoms , prevention of iodine deficiency


1. Symptoms

2. diagnosis of iodine deficiency

3. Treatment

4. iodine deficiency prevention

Iodine is directly involved inthyroid hormone synthesis, which contains nearly 80% of the total amount of the substance in the body.And most of the iodine contained in the hormones of the thyroid gland.daily iodine requirements for the size of the adult organism is 100-150 mcg.Pregnancy, lactation, as well as the period of intensive growth, recovering from surgeries or diseases increases the body's need for iodine.

Seafood, particularly seaweed, are a rich source of iodine.Saturation drinking water iodide (iodine form) depends on its content in the soil of the area.

It should be noted that the risk of iodine deficiency occurs in about 10% of the population.In many ways, this fact is due to the population living on a fairly high altitude, where the drinking water in its composition does not contain enough iodine.In some cases, iodine is added to sodium chloride (iodized salt).Sym


iodine deficiency in the body may be in various forms and thus contribute to the various symptoms.Among the main symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body can distinguish emotional failure, characterized by increased sleepiness, apathy, irritability, melancholy, forgetfulness, wanton bad mood.Among other symptoms of iodine deficiency can be isolated memory impairment, reduced attention and libido, the occurrence of headaches, and increased intracranial pressure.It should also be noted that factors such as regular stress and changing weather conditions could lead to a deficiency of iodine in the organism.Among

iodine deficiency symptoms in anemic form may note the decrease in hemoglobin in blood, which can lead to serious disease.

Among the cardiac symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body can be identified raising the lower pressure, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis.In this case, the standard treatment is usually not give proper results.

Other symptoms of iodine deficiency in the body can be identified swelling around the eyes, hands and face, muscle pain, weakness, lumbar and thoracic radiculitis.

Prolonged iodine deficiency in children is often accompanied by a delay in physical and mental development of the brain and the skeletal system.Iodine deficiency in the body during pregnancy may trigger the development of cretinism in the child and has a negative impact on the functioning of the internal organs of the child, as well as on the growth of its skeleton.

Lack of this element in the early stages can cause iodine deficiency symptoms such as regression of pregnancy and miscarriage.The lack of this element during lactation can cause a decrease in milk production.

diagnosis of iodine deficiency

One of the most reliable ways to make sure in the presence of iodine deficiency in itself is causing iodine mesh on the skin of the thigh or upper arm.If the grid will disappear completely within two hours from the time of application, it is possible to talk about the acute shortage of iodine in the body.If the grid does not disappear after a day, no lack of iodine.In addition, when the first manifestations of the main symptoms of iodine deficiency should promptly seek professional medical advice endocrinologist.


iodine deficiency treatment based on the use of iodine-containing drugs.Typically, doctors prescribe special medicines and supplements in the form of tablets or solutions.In many ways the treatment of iodine deficiency disorders depends on the size of the thyroid gland.Course length can vary from several months to several years.In some cases, also used inorganic iodine supplements such as Yodin, Jodomarin or Iodine-Active.It should be noted that there is some information about the shortcomings of these preparations related to the severity of side effects of a bright and complicated dosing.

prevention of iodine deficiency in

prevention of iodine directly involved proper nutrition deficiency.It can help you reduce the level of penetration of harmful chemicals through physiological barriers such as the skin, the gastrointestinal tract or lungs, as well as increase the overall resistance of the organism.In addition, proper nutrition enhances the release of toxins from the body and improve the antitoxic function of the liver and other organs.

Thus, in accordance with the basic guidelines for proper nutrition for the prevention of iodine deficiency in the diet must contain a sufficient number of high-grade protein, which acts as a protective agent under the influence of many harmful chemicals.

fat content in the diet should be reduced, because it is fat (mostly animal) rather slowly digested, thereby causing the formation of food bolus in the digestive tract, as well as an increase in digestive absorption of substances into it.

should be noted that fats and constitute an extra burden on the liver.For this reason, you should reduce the intake of foods containing refractory animal fats such as beef or mutton.

Proper nutrition in the prevention of iodine deficiency is also based on eating unrefined carbohydrates, which in its composition contains dietary fiber (pectin, cellulose, and others.).These fibers promote the excretion of harmful substances from the body.It is recommended to reduce the amount of salt, which promotes water retention than enhances the absorption of harmful substances.

prevention of iodine deficiency also is to provide the body with antioxidants.Antioxidants - are substances that prevent the formation and the development of free radicals, which include Vitamins C, A, B2, PP, B6, polyphenols, beta-carotene, selenium, and others.

The use of vitamin C strengthens the immune system, Vitamin E assimilation and the destruction of free radicals.


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