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1. Causes

2. Symptoms of roseola

3. Diagnosis of the disease

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5. Preventive measures

roseola - an acute infectious disease that usually affects young children.Age period, where you can catch this disease - from four months to two years.Symptoms of roseola is often confused with the symptoms of an allergic reaction, or rubella SARS, therefore, the correct diagnosis is sometimes quite difficult.

The disease is known by other names - sudden rash, baby fever, psevdokrasnuha and sixth disease.


main cause of roseola is the causative agent of herpes sixth and seventh types.These viruses in the adult generation cause of chronic fatigue syndrome, and in children - roseola.When the virus enters the body of a child, it causes damage to the skin and tissue, infects mononuclear cells and enters with immune cell factors in the reaction, causing the appearance of skin rash (exanthema).Since the other instigators of the infection has not yet been de

tected, the above-mentioned reason roseola is by far the main and sole.

roseola widespread among kids, but the infection mechanism is still not fully understood.Most likely, the virus that causes roseola, is transmitted by airborne droplets.Regarding the incubation period, it is five to fifteen days.

Most often, children suffer from roseola in the autumn and spring seasons.

Symptoms of roseola

This disease begins with a sharp rise in body temperature - 39-40.5 degrees.Catarrhal changes, runny nose, vomiting, coughing and changes in stool is not observed.Hyperthermia (high body temperature) is kept at a high level up to three to five days.Antipyretics little help.The critical temperature drop falls on the fourth day.After ten to twenty hours of stabilization appear papular spotty pink rash that spread throughout the body.The rash persists for several days.There are cases when the rashes disappear after a few hours.After the rise of body temperature rise of rash no longer observed.Rash goes without peeling and stains in three to seven days.

characteristic symptom of roseola - the early eruptions occur on the trunk, then move on to the face, neck, arms and legs.The most severe rash seen on the trunk kids.

Additional symptoms of roseola: lethargy, loss of appetite, irritability, increased ear and cervical lymph nodes, leukopenia (reduction in white blood cell count), lymphocytosis (increased level of lymphocytes in the blood), as well as enlargement of the liver and spleen.


disease addition to assessing symptoms and external examination, doctors have resorted to blood tests and serological diagnosis.

When setting roseola diagnosis must be able to distinguish from non-polio enterovirus infections, drug rash, erythema infectious diseases, otitis media, sepsis, meningitis, measles, rubella, and bacterial pneumonia.

Treatment of roseola

At the present time, specific treatment of roseola still does not exist.In order to somewhat alleviate the condition the baby, when body temperature rise is used antipyretics - paracetamol or Nurofen.Also, care should be taken in order not to happen dehydration.To do this, the child needs to provide abundant drinking.

children with immunosuppression (suppression of the immune system due to recent myocardial stress or illness) symptomatic treatment roseola complement appointment foscarnet and acyclovir.

If antipyretics do not do any good, then the child's need to urgently see a doctor, because the kids can go into convulsions.

Preventive measures

Since the main cause of roseola is infected by a virus, the preventive measures are only limited contact with the healthy baby allegedly infected children.

If parents believe that their child has roseola, they are required to isolate their child (as with any other contact infection) until complete recovery.


This article is available exclusively in the educational purposes and is not research material or professional medical advice.

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